Wednesday, July 10, 2013


You must not know too much, or be too precise
or scientific about birds and trees and flowers
and water-craft; a certain free margin, and
even vagueness - perhaps ignorance, credulity
- helps your enjoyment of these things... 
~Walt Whitman

 As you can see I am still knitting
along on my Leaves of Grass. I
only have 4060 stitches left on
Chart D and then I can begin the
border stitches which has 6960 stitches,
so really I'm almost done! ;)

There hasn't been as much free time
to knit as I had hoped, with the
garden, canning, cleaning out rooms
and putting plaster on walls I'm only
finding bits of knitting time during the
day.  My fingers are crossed that by
this time next week I will Finally have
a finished project to show you.

I am impatiently patiently waiting on
figs to ripen so I can enjoy them in
one of my favorite salad's. This is the
first time in thirty years that I haven't
picked figs on the 4th of July. All of
my fruit trees are so mixed up this year
and everything is coming in late.

I have been pouring over Ashley English's
book Home Dairy because my goal is to
have a milk goat and maybe a milk cow
on my property before the end of the year.
It's a great book and full of delicious looking

Joining Ginny at Small Things. for this
week's Yarn Along.



  1. I love that Walt Whitman quote Tracey...and the have a real love of dragonflies they bring back memories of my father.
    We are a month behind with our seasons too which is weird because each year previously they were getting earlier and earlier. Maybe things are going to get back into sink as nature re-adjusts it's rhythm.

    Oh I hope you get your desire for a milk wonderful to be able to milk your own cow. We have secret plans for a goat and bees. I long to make my own goats cheese and collect honey. We'll have to move first a little further from the city into the countryside...I'm exited at the prospect. I hope that we actually can do it. We plan to start looking this summer and see if it might be do-able.

    I'm just going to check out your fig salad now.
    Happy days

  2. Love how your are almost done with thousands of stitches, I LOVE that kind of knitting project :) Glad you are going to have time next week. Did you buy a goat yet? This will be a fun adventure in farming and self sufficiency! Can't wait!!!

  3. giggle....always say it's a BAD sign when I count the number of rows/stitches left to knit!!!! But, I SOOO know how you feel; I loved LOG, but at about that point, it's simply time to be DONE!!! Fingers crossed that you finish soon!

  4. A lovely post Tracey. Love the photos of all the green. We have figs here and I have never managed to see them ripen, either the birds get hold of them or the fruit wasp layes eggs in them. I am determined to keep trying though.

    Imagine a milk cow and a goat, that's very exciting indeed!

    I can't wait to see you new project.

    Take care:)

  5. Love the Dragonfly!
    We haven't seen any here yet...
    Sounds fun with your own milk goat. I'd love to have some animals, but we have no barn to put them in...

  6. a milk cow...YES! Because I need to live vicariously through that.

  7. A milk cow is a dream of mine and that Ashley English book is great, isn't it! Out of all the cheese making books I am pouring over these days hers is the simplest to follow. Love all of those greens!

  8. I love Ashley English books. When you count stitches like that it sure sounds like a lot left to knit. Good luck finishing by next week. It's hard to knit in the summer. There just seems to be no time.

  9. Can you imagine how many stitches you've knit to this point? Amazing!

    Love all the images of green, my most favorite colour indeed.

  10. Love your photos and the way you let them tell a story. The fig tree is fab!

  11. Besides all the wonderful pics and knitting I want to know where you found that straw bag! I have been looking for one for ages!

  12. Love the color! Lovely photographs!

  13. All your photos are AMAZING!! My favorites are the ones of the dragonfly!

  14. loooove figs! you'll have to think of me every time you enjoy one :)

  15. Im so excited to see your leaves of grass! What beautiful photos...

  16. You always take such beautiful photos! I love the shot you captured of the dragonfly.

  17. Ah yes, so close! At least I feel the knitting I need to do still to finish my cardigan is absolutely minimal!! :)

  18. You always find lovely quotes to start of your posts. You are clever.
    The macro shots of the dragonfly are so cool.

  19. Love that fig tree and the dragonfly. Our seasons seem to have played havoc with fruits here too. My fig tree refused to fruit after the first flush which was very disappointing and now its winter there are no leaves but two lone figs? Your own dairy would be such a treat.

  20. how exciting! your own dairy. i LOVE goats milk and cheese, heavenly.
    and almost 11,000 stitches to go... eeeek! lol good luck

  21. Home grown figs - you lucky lady!! Our fruit is all messed up over here, too. It was some winter, wasn't it?

    Good luck with finishing your Leaves of Grass :o)

  22. I absolutely love the shade of green you are using. It fits so perfectly with all the beautiful pictures you took.

    The dragonfly photos are fabulous. I am always taken back by the beauty that surrounds me if only I just look.

  23. That's the fullest/bushiest fig trees I remember having seen. Most of them look more scraggly, I thought that's just the way they always look.

  24. I LOVE the pictures of the dragon fly!!! Great capture! And yes, as soon as all our family know what the baby will be I will post it on my blog! Probably do what Ginny did, show you some gender specific yarn :-) And if I were you I'd stay away from Fault in our Stars for awhile. I was a mess reading it and I haven't experienced losing someone close to me in a long time, but know that I wouldn't be able to handle it if it was recent.

  25. Oh my, what wonderful year-end goals! Exciting! And you've been so busy with all the day to day of summer ~ plus plastering? You are a brave girl! :)

  26. Figs are.....perfect food. I have so many wonderful memories associated with them. I love "6960 stitches,so really I'm almost done!" Such optimism! So, any decision made about SAFF? You know we want you there!