Tuesday, July 16, 2013


."..And of these one and all
I weave the song of myself"

~ Walt Whitman
 Leaves of Grass


For the last three days I
have not done much except
knit. This morning around
9:30 a.m. I finally finished
immediately blocked it and
then took it for a photo shoot.
Can I  tell you how much
I love this shawl? I do. It
is truthfully the most beautiful
item I have ever knit and
now I just have to wait for
the temperatures to fall out
of the 90's and the humidity
to drop below 2,000 %[ oh yes,
that is what it feels like]  so I
can wear it. Or else I may just
turn the a/c down and wrap myself
up in it.;)
The pattern was super easy
as long as you pay attention
to what row you are suppose
to be knitting..ahem. Now
I am back to working on my
other Leaves of Grass, although
this one may be a long time
If you have never knit with
charts before I would highly
recommend trying out one of
Jared Flood's patterns, they are
well written, such a joy
to knit and if I can follow a
chart I know you can. Really,
charts are easier than written
patterns so go ahead and
try one then let me know
what you think.
Oh, and the figs are finally
ready . It's been a great
day here and I hope
yours was too. 


  1. I LOVE it, Tracey!! Well done and I'm so glad you decided to give it a try ~ now you know you can knit anything :)

    Proud of you! Melissa

  2. Hooray! It's done. Gorgeous shawl and fantastic color.

  3. You are so clever, this look wonderful. I bet you can't wait to wrap yourself up in it. A baby would look wonderful wrapped in this too.

  4. Oh my goodness...it is beautiful, and it looks lovely on you.

  5. Oh, Tracey! It's so beautiful! I simply adore the picture of you leaning on the fence. (:

  6. oh tracey! it's beautiful! you have a leaves of grass! i am so happy you tried and made it, and it is so lovely. i told you it was a simple knit, but with spectacular results. enjoy this treasure my friend!

  7. Tracey! it turned out beautifully, that green is perfect! here is to some chilly nights so you can wrap yourself up in your beautiful shawl. :)

  8. Well, the temp is in the mid 60s here, so you just have to come over and sit here with your shawl. It is just breathtakingly beautiful - well done lady xxx

  9. you are definitely a master knitter! I love the photos and you look so very happy in them :) The shawl is a work of art may you get your wish of cooler temps soon and send some chill up to me!!

  10. That is just gorgeous! Well done, you!

  11. Oh, Tracey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It truly was a labor of love.....and worth every single tiny stitch!!!!!! (and endless row on chart E!!!) b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

  12. Eveything looks so gorgeous, your shawl, the color of the yarn, the tree, everything.

  13. Oh my goodness - that is SO beautiful!!!

  14. Beautiful! Your knitting is getting better with each project.......p.s. your hair is so pretty:)

  15. Tracey, it is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing your beautiful shawl.

  16. Stunning! I say drop the AC and wear it to your hearts content!

  17. wow! how beautiful! lovely pictures! what a treasure! :)

  18. Stunning - both the shawl and the photos.

  19. that shawl is almost as beautiful as you.

  20. Beautiful, just beautiful Tracey (you and the shawl!) How perfect is that green? That it matches the grass so well, wow! Great color choice! Have a lovely day!!

  21. Tracey! It's stunning. What an accomplishment. I'm so proud of you!

  22. Applause!!! I am so happy you have your leave of grass done. It is beautiful! I am so happy for you. It is such a rewarding project isn't it?!

  23. Such a beautiful shawl! I love it! Great job. Don't know if I told you already, but I had to take my old blog private and am trying to let all my "blogging friends" know. I have started anew and am no longer posting to the old blog. Please feel free to visit, comment and follow if you would like. Have a great week!

  24. Gorgeous! The shawl is nice too!

  25. Gasp! It's gorgeous Tracey – absolutely gorgeous!

  26. Congratulations on finishing! Absolutely gorgeous (and the 2nd to last picture I LOVE!!).

  27. Oh my it is so, so lovely. I have long admired this pattern but am yet to think about starting one.
    Congratulations on finishing.
    Have a beautiful week.

  28. Beautiful!!! I love it!

  29. Gorgeous.
    Lovely knit in a perfect colour.
    Enjoy admiring it until the weather cooperates.

  30. Oh wow! Your shawl is beautiful. Truly a work of art:)

  31. The first word that popped into my mind while looking at your shawl photos was WOW! It's absolutely lovely. And the color is simply perfect too. Happy knitting!

  32. Stunning. And beautiful. Oh, yes...and the shawl, too! xoxo