Thursday, June 27, 2013


Ride the energy of your
own unique spirit. 

~ Gabrielle Roth

This week has been filled:

Saying goodbye to a dear friend,
and being thankful she is now
at peace. Cancer is a wicked,
wicked thing!
 Tomatoes... lots and
lots of tomatoes,
now all processed and
stored on shelves,
Cutting the first okra
pods and seeing evidence
that it's going to be a
good crop this year.
 Finally learning that
the mammoth plant the
has been voluntarily growing
behind the chicken coop is a
 Still pulling weeds, although
some of us just couldn't hang
and found a shady spot to rest,
 Needing a ladder to reach
the blueberries on my almost
twenty year old bushes.
Having a tornado head
right for my home, luckily
it died, only leaving us with
rain, hail, lightening, thunder,
and no power.
It was pretty scary there for
a few hours.
I hope you have a summer
weekend filled with laughter,
love, and a cool place to
rest.  Can you believe this
is the last weekend in June?!!!


  1. Time is racing by so fast, Tracey. Loving your images and glimpses into your life. So sorry about your friend - I am sure you were a comfort to her. Thank you for posting pictures of your canner :)
    have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Yes cancer is a wicked thing. So sorry for your loss. Great photos of your garden. seems like I've just finished preserving myself but know it will start all over again very shortly. Will be starting my tomatoes in a week or two.

  3. Cancer is the devil. You took some great pictures this week.

  4. So sorry to hear about your friend. Yes, cancer is indeed a wicked thing. I can't believe you're canning tomatoes already! We're just on strawberries and the first few pickings of peas. My tomato plants are small this year (lots of rainy, cloudy days) so we shall see how it goes but I'm thinking it's not going to be a big "tomato year". I'm glad the tornado passed you by and that you are all safe. Have a lovely weekend Tracey!

  5. I'm so sorry about your friend...Peace be with you...

  6. this summer is flying glad in the 'busy' you were able to grab your camera....great photos!!!!

  7. So sorry for your loss Tracey, hugs.

  8. That sounds like a very busy week. Hugs and iced tea to you, my friend.

  9. sorry you lost a friend to cancer, so sad but I'm sure she was comforted in your loving friendship. I'll be thinking of you this week. Our tomatoes are not even blooming yet!

  10. So sorry about your friend...Cancer is a wicked fiend. Love the look into your garden. Do you ever pickle you okra?

  11. Beautiful sorry about your friend. Thanks for stopping by my site!

  12. I am so sorry about your friend Tracey.
    Wonderful photos of your garden.
    Have a lovely weekend

  13. i'm so sorry about your friend tracey, i pray for a cure for cancer. xoxo

  14. So sorry to read about the loss of your friend. Sending you a hug. So glad the tornado died out! What a frightening thing to have to watch out for. Your tomatoes are wonderful. Can you take a pic of how they look canned? You use them for spaghetti and stew? How cool to grow a pumpkin! And amazing how you've been growing blueberries for 20 years.

  15. Cancer, an ugly thing that touches us all in one way or another, so sad about your friend. Great photos, and wow a pumpkin my favourite vegetable. Scary weather, thank goodness you are all safe, what have you in mind for those blueberries?

  16. Glad the tornado fizzled! That's A LOT of tomatoes! Sorry to hear about your friend! That's funny the dog under the squash...nice shady spot for him. Our big dog just heads to the basement to cool off!