Wednesday, June 26, 2013


In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. 
My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts
and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the
flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful. ~

Abram L. Urban



I know you must be so bored visiting
here and seeing the same knitting project
from a few weeks ago, but this is the
project that is now consuming all of
my free time, of which there is little
right now. I have put aside the blanket
and am now just concentrating on
finishing this shawl. I am on my
first round of Chart D and it is taking
me forever to knit! I know, it's all
about the process so I am trying not
to be impatient when I have so many
other things that need my attention
right now [bushels of tomatoes that
won't wait to be canned].
I have been able to read a little at
night before falling asleep and I just
finished The SiIver Star. I can not
express how disappointed I was in
this book. I went back and read a
few of the reviews on Amazon and
there was one that summed it up read like a disappointing
Youth Fiction book. I am sorry I
wasted my time and money on
this book and hope this isn't a trend
of what's to come from this author.
Joining Ginny and all the other


  1. Oh I do like that yarn Tracey. Such a beautiful rich colour. And a beautiful carved basket! My dad was a wood turner in his later life and I am drawn to lovely timber crafts.

  2. How could we be bored with such beautiful photographs? I love how you do your yarn along posts. Hoping to join in next week xxx

  3. Love that yarn basket!

  4. Oh goodness! Not bored, no. Especially with how many weeks in a row I show the same projects :-) I need something easy like a pot holder next week ;-) I am in love with that knitting basket, and the green yarn.

  5. I'm not bored at all, big projects take a lot of time!! did you make that basket the knitting is in?? it's beautiful! I'm sorry the book was not good, I hate when that happens...

  6. Bored? Oh, my --- never!!! The LOG is coming along nicely, and is the perfect project to be featured in the garden. Such lovely photos!!!! GREAT wooden basket!!! Love your style!

  7. I love seeing your photographs. They're always so very alive and vivid.

    Sorry you didn't like the book. It's always a terrible feeling to read through something and come out the other side disappointed.

  8. Beautiful photos Tracey. And I never get bored of your knitting projects either, so there! Sorry to hear about the book though. There is nothing worse spending time on a bad read :(. I am just finishing up And the Mountains Echoed by the same person who wrote Kite Runner. It was okay.
    I think we both deserve to read something awesome next to make up for it!!

  9. Beautiful pics and I love that yarn bowl! Thanks for stopping by! I am putting LOG in my queu.

  10. Yes, the process. While that's true, when we are really excited about a project it's just hard to be 'in' the moment. I understand your eager knitting.

    And disappoint from a book is so... disappointing. Thanks for the heads up.

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. I love watching shawls grow over several weeks! I think it gives the proper perspective on exactly how much time these beauties take. :)

  12. I love your knitting basket, it is amazing! How are you canning your tomatoes? Are you making sauce/salsa or just putting them up whole?

    1. I have been making pasta sauce, plain sauce, salsa and just tomatoes quartered in jars and then pressure cooked. Today is a day off so I can catch up on everything else that is coming in, then back at tomatoes tomorrow.

  13. love that wooden basket for your knitting, beautiful. it is such a bummer to read a bad book. i use to plow through even the worst books, but now i just toss them aside, life is just too short for a bad book. lol

  14. Mmmm...canning tomatoes. I haven't been involved in that process in years. I remember my grandmothers doing it...and enjoy the goodness that came out of those mason jars. Definitely worth the effort.

  15. Beautiful flowers. :) And I love the little wooden bowl/basket you keep your knitting in--how neat!

  16. love the yarn; such a lively green!

  17. i love your basket!

    also, i have enjoyed walls in the past but i've heard some very discouraging remarks about her new book and now hearing it from you, too. i think i shall steer clear!

  18. Oh boo, on the disappointing book. That is why I can't bring myself to buy books anymore unless I know I'll read it again in the future. I love free at the library and from my mum who buys all the books, LOL.
    I love it when you take close shots of the flowers and plants. I feel like an insect getting up close and personal.
    I won't tire of seeing that terrific, mossy green. It's so full of life and of a mysterious, waiting woods.

  19. Oh no! I am sorry she disappointed. I hope it was just a fluke. Her other work has been quite good. And what a beautiful project. It is hard sometimes to enjoy the process when you just want to see a finished product!

  20. Love your flower and pics and no I am not bored with your knits. Your wooden bowel is beautiful ! I bought 2 of those in norther Wyoming but never thought to use them as basket--great idea!!

  21. As one who has knit the same four inches for the past month I can say I am honestly not bored in the least with your knitting ;) what a lovely project though And your photos really lift my heart. Every time. ~ Paula

  22. Lovely pictures and beautiful knitting with flowers and that gorgeous basket.
    Your shwal is beautiful already.
    Enjoy the knitting.

  23. Love those lace cap hydrangea, I am never bored with your photography or your knitting and that wooden basket is quite special. Wish more people would give honest book reviews, save us all time and money.

  24. Oh I am just enjoying those beautiful shots you took. That yarn is so pretty and your shawl will be gorgeous! I am never bored with your knitting sweet Tracey-you are such an inspiration!