Monday, March 25, 2013


Life is what we make it,
always has been, always
will be. 

~Grandma Moses
The peach trees are
starting to bloom and
the fig tree is awaking,
but the temperature took
a nose dive and didn't even
reach 60 degrees today.
With Emerson's daddy overseas,
and her mom having to go out
of town for a work conference,
I have been keeping company
with my favorite person.
Why is it that I always forget
how much energy little people
have? It is endless I tell you,
Today we bundled up
against the cold and the 35 mile
an hour winds and went for
a stroll.
We saw horses
running across the
and lots of deer tracks
in the wet marsh sand,

and while we were a little
bummed that we weren't getting
any snow that others were,
we laughed when
we spotted snowflakes
on a cedar tree.

Stranding is so much
easier than I thought,
and way more fun than
I ever imagined,
although it does use
more yarn that I had
planned. I was a little
concerned I wasn't
got to have enough
to finish, but I just
made it.
And because it seems it's
something I always do, I
have already cast on another
one, this time in green.
And not to be left out,
Emerson has her own needles
and yarn. She was sitting beside
me this morning, working away,
looked up at me, smiled and
said, " Olie, we can just knit
and knit all day". 
She melts my heart!


  1. Awesome Tracey! I am so happy for you that Emerson is visiting. She is beautiful! And sure to be a champion knitter, what with her great tutor and all.

  2. Wow she is knitting already - wonderful - there is nothing quite so much worth doing as hanging out with the grands...

  3. Oh, her needles are cu-ute! She is a little beauty. You did fantastic w/the stranding! Good for you on making another. That horse in the sky was super cool.

  4. oh my goodness. what a sweetheart. you make grandparenting amazing! <3

  5. oh this was all so charming and so lovely dear tracey, your precious little buddy, your beautiful knit, i'm so proud of you! snowflakes on the cedar and emerson giggling, too cute! i'm sure you melt her heart too. xxx

  6. Oh how wonderful to have such a knitting buddy! I had one yesterday too as daughter #2 finally asked to learn. Thinking of your son in law. My nephew's regiment went out two weeks ago xxx

  7. What a little treasure she is! There was a moment last year - a fleeting few minutes - when my mum, my girl and I sat on one sofa and worked on our individual projects. It was a very precious moment indeed.

  8. Aaaah, she is too cute. Love her knitting needles.

  9. I adore your snowflake hat!!! Don't get snow? Make some of your own! Perfect!!! And how lucky to have such a willing knitting buddy. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!!!

  10. The hat is so pretty...I love it when you just almost run out of yarn...and don't have a lot to add to the stash...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  11. I am so excited that she's knitting! She is beautiful and she seems to be growing so quickly now that she lives hours away. Glad you got to spend time with her :) Psst: send some spring our way!

  12. Oh goodness- she is a cutie, I can see why she must be your favorite person Tracy- I bet she really enjoys spending time with you. Love the horses in the sky that you have flying above....and to see a beautiful snowflake (hat) in Florida- what a treat!(a beauty)

  13. Oh my goodness, such a sweet knitting buddy you have!

  14. Oh, Ollie!!! How flipping awesome! I know you are in heaven. Enjoy it my dear!

  15. Your the best mom and grandma ever, I bet. (:

    Yesterday was such perfect weather down here. It really felt like spring - breezy and crisp. Yay! (:

    Also! Yes - stranding! It's so lovely and fun, isn't it?

  16. Wow. That quote just blew me right out of my seat this morning.
    Thank you. Just simple, straight to the point and couldn't be more true.

    I love your little one. And I do know how tiring it is to keep up that that age group. Just pray to your chosen God for strength. ; )

  17. They certainly do have A LOT of energy don't they. Oma and Papa take care of C overnight on Sundays and by the time I pick her up on Mondays, Papa is ready for a nap!

  18. what a sweetie! i can only imagine the combined energy of her and my nacho together - they'd be unstoppable :)

  19. lovely...not surprised she melts your heart and what a nice name...I haven't heard of that before. I love the hat and the horses in the sky. I've just been looking at your lovely buttons over on Karen's cardigan. They look perfect. Enjoy the lovely spring.

  20. You've gotta' love a youngster who knits :D

    I like the hat! That kind of two colour stranding is fun to do isn't it, and so striking to look at :)

  21. Nature walks, knitting, and crafty little people... Some of my very favorite things. She is adorable! So wonderful for her to be able to spend time with you!

  22. That girl is just the cutest! I love, love, love it that she knits with you! Looks like such a lovely day you had together! And your hat looks amazing!

  23. What a sweetie you have! I melt when I see pictures of her beautiful smile.

  24. looks like you are having a lovely time with your little one! and i so love that she is knitting too!
    happy spring days to you and yours!

  25. What a cutie pie she is, and oh yes, the energy of littles is boundless. Love the rich moss green yarn you started for your new project. I'm so desperate for warm weather and to be free of layers of jackets and warm things. Glad you had fun on your walk :)

  26. Aaaw, she's such a darling!!
    The leftover from that hat is not much at all, amazing that you finished it. Sometimes things just do work out right :)