Thursday, March 28, 2013


To be master of any branch of
knowledge, you must master
those which lie next to it; and
thus to know anything you
must know all.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
I have been working
very hard on my chart
reading and learning to
have the proper tension
with stranded knitting,
but it seems I am ready
to move on and learn
something else. It seems
I have developed a "Been
there, done that" kind of
I picked up this gorgeous
Araucania yarn when I
was at my local yarn
store and have been
browsing Ravelry for a
pattern. While poking
around this morning
I saw this and am now
wondering if I have
enough time to knit
an cute little outfit for
Miss Margret?

She is the sweetest,
most loving chicken,
lays the largest eggs
I have ever seen, but
she is also the most
daring of the girls.
To put it nicely, she
is the one who loves
to explore her world
and is quite nosey.
What do you think,
do you dress up your



  1. Oh you made me laugh this morning! If you dress her up I do hope you'll show us the pictures! Haha!

  2. Miss Margret looks like a beautiful "free range chick" to me :) You had me rolling at that chicky pattern- too funny. I would love to have chickens.

  3. Oh my goodness, Tracey! You made me snort!

  4. Oh, but of course! Miss Margret is so pretty ~ a new spring hat and dress would be lovely! Very good! :)

  5. Oh my goodness! She would look stunning! Wouldn't the other chickens be jealous? I know I would be ;)

  6. LOL! That is a hilarious thought. I say go for it! What a neat "yarn-bombing" that would be. Amazing how an egg comes out from a hen's body.

  7. I think those are just her colors, and she wold look simply marvelous in a hand-knit outfit :)

  8. Well I bet she will be the best dressed chicken in the area:)

  9. hee hee, chicken sweater! what a pretty girl she is!

  10. that is the funniest thing I've ever seen!!!!! Oh, yes, Miss Margret most definitely needs her Easter finery!!!!!! and the colors are so 'her'!!!

  11. Ahaha!!! That chicken outfit is something else! (I had better not show it to Emory or she will be trying to knit out chickens some sweaters!)

  12. What fun. I believe that chicken farmers used to put little spectacles on their chickens too.
    Happy Easter

  13. love that sweet (nosy) hen.
    I don't dress up my chickens. But I think a knit hat would be awesome! Go for it!

  14. She's beautiful!!! I think any chicken would be proud to wear you knits ;).

  15. oh my goodness, if you knit that up for your sweet chicken, you *must* post a pic!!!!!

  16. There is a pair of colorwork mitts in my WIPs

    Must make time in "my busy schedule"
    Snicker, snicker
    I do want to become comfortable with this technique


  17. That's funny, I had no idea how to even imagine what a chicken outfit would look like until I clicked the link!