Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The naked earth is warm with Spring,
And with green grass and bursting trees
Leans to the sun's kiss glorying,
And quivers in the sunny breeze.

~Julian Grenfell

I know officially spring doesn't
begin until next week, but all
around me there are signs that
it's already here.

Fruit trees are blooming
all over my yard. Wild jasmine
[South Carolina's state flower]
grows along the sides of long, county
roads and the tops of trees, filling
the air with it's sweet scent.

I sent my husband to the feed store
for chicken scratch and he came
home with little ones who now
are living in my bathtub until
they are big enough for the great

Seedlings are ready to go in the
ground. According to the old timers
you need to have your plants in
the ground by Easter Sunday if you
want to have a good crop.
The tomatoes that have been growing
all winter in the green house are
ready to eat and are being consumed
as fast as they ripen. Oh, they have
been missed these winter months.

I am drinking quarts of nettle tea
sweetened with local honey to
try and keep my allergies  under
control as the yellow haze of
pollen settles on every surface.

Yes, spring is here in my world,
how about yours?


  1. WOW!...spring is really there already!...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. us too! i do love spring here in arizona. <3

  3. Nope not here yet, but soon. We have the earthy smell right now which from the rain will be a muddy smell. I hope your allergies behave themselves this year!!

  4. Oh yes, Spring is here. I've been amazed, actually, at how long Spring has been here. Usually it lasts a week or two and then we're sweltering. But it's been Spring-like for about a month with no signs of change! Yay! (:

  5. I sure hope it is, I will know when I get home next week :) I do know the sap is running and Justin is busy boiling the sap down...a sure sign of spring in our neck of the woods. I don't expect to see blossoms anytime soon, but I know they will be here in the coming months.

    Happy spring Tracey.

  6. Hi Tracey,

    Thanks so much for the sweet card! I tried to email you a couple times on Sunday but the message kept bouncing for some reason. I'm sorry mine is so late, but it is on the way!

    Love your Pi shawl, wow it is gorgeous!


  7. Love the little chicks in the tub...does that make them free-range...hehe.
    Here in Montucky we can safely plant after Memorial day or when the snow has melted off the mountains (which ever is first)...I could take a bite out of those tomatoes they looks fresh! Have yourself a sunshiny spring day :)

  8. We haven't quite gotten there yet. Around here, you don't plant until after Easter or you might not have any crops due to last minute freezes...or snows. I've started with my local honey as well. I can feel spring coming...mostly in my sinuses :)

  9. Beautiful! Spring is such a great time of year (besides the allergies) Hope your natural remedies work!

  10. Wow... it is so cold here, as if winter has returned (although I can just sense a change in nature).xxx

  11. ooh! baby chicks! i was thinking of you tracey while we were on the east coast, we were in your time zone! we saw snow fall and saw it thaw too, i love all the seasons!

  12. Spring is slowly coming along here in Virginia. No flowers yet, but the trees are beginning to have buds. We shall see what Arizona holds this weekend.

  13. i was surprised to see the ripe tomato, but the explanation you gave makes sense...
    you reminded me that i need to get started on my tomatoes, we love them too!
    and chicks, how cute! i don't remember, did you have some before?

  14. Thank you for your lovely photos of spring! The calendar says spring is next week, but we've had another snowfall here again today! March is funny like that though - one day it will snow and the next we'll wake up to spring! Those tomatoes look amazing!

  15. There is no denying that it's on its way! Your place is definitely further along (as always, hmph.) :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. and a beautiful spring it is!!!!

  17. We got a surprise snow storm yesterday and it was about 30 degrees. Today was 60 and the snow is gone! That is spring in Colorado.

  18. Spring is almost here too! Your pictures are just lovely and oh those little chicks are the sweetest! My boys would be in heaven to see a bathtub with chicks in it :) Happy Thursday to you!

  19. Spring is almost here too!! Yesterday Ree & I were outside for hours looking at all the signs! I cleaned out the breezeway so we'll have a place to sit that's "almost outside" on days when it's still a little chilly. I've been hearing the mourning doves call too. I love their call!

  20. awwww.... you know how much I am connecting with those pics! I don't think I could do chicks (or ducks) in the bathtub again though. Now I pay the extra money for pullets.

  21. It's coming. There are flowers blooming and we took a walk today, the first in months that I didn't have to fear falling every other step. Congrats on the chicks... super cute!

  22. Oh wow! Chicks for your land. How cool. What beautiful sites to be around in your world.