Friday, March 15, 2013


Ride the energy of
your own unique spirit. 

~ Gabrielle Roth

 Daylight savings time
has knocked me for a
loop and I am still  trying
to adjust.
 I saw my eagles this week.
Yes, I consider them mine
and I love them. I know
the photo isn't that great, but
by the time I ran inside to grab
the camera and ran back, they
were already heading to the
 I've baked oatcakes twice
this week, they add just
the right touch along side
a cup of tea.
I'm enjoying participating in another
round of Love Notes and sharing
a little of myself with a complete
I watched as the guys
did some major cleaning
up, it's been a long time
in coming and now there
will be a new spot for
my strawberry plants.

But most of my week has been spent on
the couch napping and knitting. I am
so thrilled to finally understand how
to read charts. I knit from left to right
so it took a little research and some
switching of stitches, but now I
am on a roll.

I hope your week was everything you
wanted. We are suppose to be in the
high 70's over the weekend and I
am looking forward to laying in
the hammock and soaking up some
sunshine. Have a great one.


  1. I am knitting a square for my ravelry swap group and it is chart work. I call it a dry run for thecback of the Sylvi. I'll havevto give those oatcakes a try!

  2. Sounds like a lovely week....those oatmeal cookies look sooooo good. Now I know what I'll be doing tomorrow...baking cookies!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. You are so clever to be following a graph. They've always scared me just the thought of them that I've never given the time

  4. I am looking forward to those temperatures too :)

  5. Between Day Light Savings and the hubs being gone, I haven't had a decent nights sleep. I'm envious of your couch napping. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Mmm. Sounds like heaven. No hammock here for at least another month. But the temp. gauge did dance around the 62 mark the other day! Erin began clearing the beds and planted some spinach and lettuce. We'll see.

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Oatcakes - yes!

  8. Love the knitting photo and look at us, both with birds in our posts, we must be thinking the same stuff. I have been tired from the time change. But getting used to it! Have a lovely weekend :)

  9. those oat cakes look wonderful. and yeah on the chart knitting, i have yet to figure that out, maybe that will be my next thing to tackle... for right now it is still socks. lol
    have a lovely weekend in the hammock in the wonderful weather.

  10. I am so glad you shared the oatcake recipe! Thank you! I will be making them this afternoon to go along with the 4 o'clock up of coffee I'm finding I "need" thanks to the time change :) Love your eagles, love the thought of new strawberry plants and I am triple loving the picture of your art supplies :) Happy Friday sweet friend!

  11. More strawberry plants sound like a wonderful thing! Have a relaxing and warm weekend :)

  12. Had to tell you, I just made the oat cakes! So yummy! I altered the recipe a bit but I'll be sure to link back to you and orangette when I share them on the blog next week! It had been ages since I had visited her blog, I forgot how much I adore her and her writing!

  13. Sweet post. Thanks for adding the recipe for the oatcakes. I am ALL over that.
    And are those bald eagles? The real deal?
    I hope you are feeling well, sweetie.

  14. fresh picked strawberries!! yummmmmmm.

    it looks like you've really nailed the chart! way to go....!!!!
    70 degrees here today, too......i'm heading to highs of 40. (poor timing!)

  15. A quiet week with oatcakes, napping and knitting - I want one of those weeks too! Minus the being thrown for a loop. I don't especially like loops. The time change does the same thing to me, but luckily I get to come here and enjoy beautiful images of happy things.


  16. I must check when out British Summertime feigns - next weekend I think.
    Dear Tracy, I will think of you in your hammock in the sunshine and wish you a refreshing and peaceful weekend.

  17. Congratulations on following a chart, I still need to figure that out, when I see them I'm a little daunted. How wonderful to be planting a bed of strawberries soon.
    Happy Spring Tracey:)

  18. Love the look of those oatcakes - must give them a run. Enjoy that hammock. That chart looks ambitious but hey you have mastered it. My strawberries have been miserable this year and the best have gone to the birds. Look forward to some tips to improve my small crop.

  19. I am happy you had a quiet week. Mine was good, but had a bug. Soldiered on because of PTA duties and that's what warrior mums do. The weekend was the best for rest and guilty pleasures.

  20. Oooh charts and eagles-marvelous. DST still has me batty. I probably won't git right until it changes back. ;)