Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We have to walk in a way that we
only print peace and serenity on
the Earth. Walk as if you are
kissing the Earth with your feet. 

~Thich Nhat Hanh

I have a new knit on my
needles that I am thoroughly
enjoying. I cast on Stria,
although I have named my
scarf Marsh Grass because
the colors remind me of
the marsh behind my home
during early spring. The chart
is easy to follow and it is
fun to watch the pattern
unfold as I knit each row.
I now understand the great appeal
in chart reading, it is so much
faster than having to read
words. Knitting just continues
to delight me in so many ways!
When I have not been immersed
in income tax instructions I have
been reading  Freedom, another
book that has been waiting on my
shelf. While it hasn't been a book
to grip my attention and not want
to put down, the story has moved
along to where I want to know
what happens, so each night
I read a few dozen of pages before
falling asleep.  
What have you been up to this week?
Joining with Ginny and all the Yarn Alongers.


  1. as always, beautiful photos. :) that basket is rockin'!what a great way to take your knitting everywhere, and the WIP is lovely. i am very impressed, i am totally intimidated by charts. they look terrifying! lol i might just have to add that to my ever growing list of things to just DO!

  2. Nice quote, even nicer knitting loving those beachy colours.

  3. Nice quote, even nicer knitting loving those beachy colours.

  4. Those colours are beautifully soft; what gorgeous photos as usual! I too love those patterns where the texture reveals itself row after row (and in the evening you can't resist the lure of "just one more row"! Right?)

  5. I was going to say the same, lovely quote and loving your photos!

  6. beautiful scarf and just love your knitting basket!

  7. I love your knitting basket, what a great idea!

  8. Pretty scarf!
    Love your knitting basket.

  9. I haven't tried chart knitting before! The scarf is lovely :-) And I really like your basket!

  10. what a beautiful part of the world....although I must admit, I see marsh, and I feel mosquitoes!!! Love stria.......such pretty colors. So glad you are 'hooked' on charts!!!

  11. love the basket you are knitting from!! Your scarf/shawl is looking so lovely and look at the sunny skies you have! We are getting some sun but not nearly enough for me these days.

  12. I love seeing your photographs. It's so beautiful where you live- such a great combination of the south and the beach. I think I know where my mythical vacation ought to be. (:

  13. The most stunning photograps as ususal. I am practising chart reading in preparation of the back of my Sylvi.

  14. I'm envious of your sunshine! The knitting basket is a wonderful idea. :)

  15. Ugh...taxes. I am procrastinating so bad with that. Your scarf is gorgeous! Just think.. you'll be able to wear all your woolens in cold weather in October! I'm starting to countdown to SAFF already. Pathetic, yes?

  16. The pictures look great! I love the basket!

  17. Lovely colours and beautiful texture in your scarf.
    Charts for cables still leave me very confused.
    Enjoy your pretty marsh grass.

  18. And here I thought the basket was for soem caught fish or you were trappin' something, LOL! If only your yarn could talk! What adventures and beautiful scenery it would describe.

  19. I haven't tried chart knitting yet. I love how there is always the next step in knitting, something new and different to learn. It's enthralling!

  20. Lovely scarf! And the basket and sunshine? Practically perfect on every level :)

  21. what a great knitting it a fishermans? I like chart knitting too. The contrasting textures and colours of the scarf...I've just checked it over on Ravelry it will be amazing when finished.
    Enjoy your knitting.

  22. Great knitting basket. And your knitting looks fantastic.

  23. Your photos are really beautiful, Tracey. Sometimes I feel funny taking shots of my knitting. I prefer no one else to witness the act! I read Freedom a bit ago. I liked it, but felt it could be much shorter in length. Parts seemed to move quite slowly.