Monday, February 18, 2013


The great gift of family life is
to be intimately acquainted
with people you might never
even introduce yourself to,
had life not done it for you. 

~Kendall Hailey


This weekend was-

A cold front blowing in and
hearing the upper part of the
state received snow...we didn't :(

Hauling in a lot of fire wood
to keep the wood burning stove

Knitting, knitting, knitting,

Sushi and homemade sourdough
cinnamon rolls

Walking on the beach bundled
under layers of hand knits, listening
to just the sound of the ocean.

Saying goodbye to  my one and
only son in love as he heads to
a scary place as part of his military
job. If you have the time, can you
say a little prayer for him and all
the others who's job it is to protect
us ? It would be greatly appreciated.

{photos taken last month during
 a family dinner}.
Joining Amanda..


  1. Hugs, my friend. How very hard to have him leave. My thoughts are with him, your daughter, grandbaby and you. Dave took the kiddos to the beach this weekend too. Very chilly!

  2. Great pictures-I hope the time flies and John is home safe and sound before we know it!.

  3. I will add him to my prayer list, his first name? Take care Tracey, I know your heart is heavy!!! I love listening to the ocean, there is no other sound like it!

  4. More prayers headed his way from here.....

    love the picture of Erin and John--she looks so much like you! She's beautiful. What a lovely family.

  5. This pinched my heart a bit- please tell him how much we appreciate his service and bravery- and I wish and pray for you that time flies and he will be home quicker than 2 shakes of a lambs tail. Beautiful familia you have!
    (so when you are talking cold front Tracey does that mean you all have to actually pants that day and not shorts? hehe)

  6. Beautiful photos Tracey, truly. And much love and prayers to your son and all who serve and protect this country. We would be nothing without them...

  7. OH! Such beautiful photos! Thoughts and prayers with your son, his comrades, you and their families. They do so much for us.

  8. sending prayers right this moment and will keep you all on the list....lovely photos of your beautiful family! was thinking of you yesterday...are you still whole 30-ing?

    hope you are good!

  9. Love and prayers to you and your son's family Tracey. What a beautiful family they are! Have a great week!

  10. Oh Tracey. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. How difficult it must be to say goodbye (I'm crying as I type and I don't even know him). Those are absolutely stunning photographs that you took of your family and I must say that your daughter looks so much like you! Beautiful!

  11. Hugs Tracey. Can't even imagine how difficult this must be. Prayers sent today and every day.

    Beautiful photos.

  12. sourdough cinnamon rolls. that sounds really fun.
    wishing your son safety on his journey.

  13. beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. and, yes, holding him in my heart for you and his family for a safe return.

  14. oh tracey, i'm praying and trying not to cry, please take care of yourself, thank goodess you have your knitting now to soothe your soul. such beautiful beatiful photos, your daughter is the image of you. sending hugs and love. lori

  15. What a beautiful picture of your daughter and her family. Best of luck to both of them. It will be hard for her to be both mom and dad while he is gone. But know that we appreciate the sacrifices that they are making for our country!

  16. ((hug)) such beautiful pictures of your family. keeping your son in my thoughts.

  17. Sending good thoughts for your son's safety--what a beautiful little family he has to come home to.

  18. Such beautiful photos - your daughter is cookie-cutter YOU! And your grandbaby looks a perfect mix of her parents. Beautiful.

    Sending love and prayers...

  19. Wishing your lovely SIL safe return, and good thought to everyone on both sides...wish it could all stop, can't help thinking of all the mums worldwide. At first I thought you were together this weekend but it's nice have such happy photographic memories to keep you going. Meantime you have found the best kind of therapy in baking,knitting and the calm of nature.
    Thinking of you...chin up...hugs across the sea


  20. Wow. Look at that strapping son (in love) of yours.
    What I try to remember about those in the military, is that it is the life they have chosen. He is doing what he feels is right.
    Safe thoughts.
    Much Love Tracey.

  21. awww, tracey. i know your mama heart must be torn between bursting with pride and bursting into tears. will keep him in my prayers!

  22. Wow Tracey your daughter looks so much like you!! Beautiful ladies! I've added your son in love to my prayer list and will remember him each time I say my morning & evening prayers. (And of course prayer time during the day). Thank you so much for the sacrifice that your family is doing of having him over seas to protect us.

  23. Beautiful ohana you have. I hope your son stays safe along with his crew.

  24. Saying prayers for him, your family, all of the brave soldiers, and their families. There are no words to express my gratitude for all that they do. xoxo