Wednesday, February 20, 2013


"She's wearing this backpack with
 yarn coming out of it, so she can
 knit while she's standing. And
 she's just knitting and looking at

~Where'd You Go Bernadette?
   by Maria Semple

First I want to say thank you for
all the prayers being said for my
son -in-love, John. I passed all the
comments to my daughter, Erin,
so she can tell him. It really means
so much to these young men and
women who are overseas to know
they are being thought of and

Knitting this week has been very
soothing. I made my first ever
gauge swatch and actually got the
right gauge so I  immediately cast
on Tiny Tea Leaves to give to
Emerson [my favorite person in
the whole world] for Easter. I have
completed the yoke, which requires
a lot of needle size changing [oy]
and am now on the body. Easter
is so early this year so I am trying
to make sure I finish in time and
I am hoping it's cold enough to
actually wear a sweater.  As you
can see in the photos my blueberry
bushes are already loading with
blooms so I need it cold, but not
so cold that it destroys my chances
of fruit, that has happened in the
past and it was painful.

I forgot to bring my book outside
with me, but I am reading
Where'd You Go Bernadette?
and I love it! Amazon has quite
a list of reviews so I won't bother
to repeat them, but I do want to
tell you I have laughed so hard
that I nearly had tea come out
my nose. Oh, and Bernadette is
a knitter which makes me love
her all the more.
Now, I am just keeping my
fingers crossed that the ending
is a good as the first half of
the book.

Joining with Ginny.


  1. What a beautiful colour that cardi will be. What yarn are you using?

    1. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to put that in. The yarn is Bamboo Ewe in Twilight.

  2. I just grabbed that book from the library. I love that she is a knitter and I will be careful of what I am drinking! Love that color for the sweater. I made little Miss A one and the yoke was a bit of a hassle, but the rest is smooth sailing. Have a wonder filled day, Tracey. Hoping ofr a bit of cool, but not too much to hurt your berries.

  3. love the color! It is so saturated and she is going to look beautiful in her new sweater :) Now another book to add to the list...

  4. Oh that colour is gorgeous, and the blooms, so jealous up here, we are still covered in a very heavy blanket of snow.

  5. What a beautiful color! It will look gorgeous on the little one! I have Tiny Tea Leaves in my queue to make for Ree one of these days (Why didn't I think of using that for her Easter sweater this year? Sheesh). I have no doubt that we'll need sweaters on Easter this year though!

  6. Tracey--that little blondie of yours is going to look absolutely precious in her blueberry tea-leaves (of course, she looks pretty darn precious in every picture I've ever seen of her!!!) gotta go order the book----meant to last week.

  7. I've been on the go the last few days, so didn't get to comment, but I'd like to add my well-wishes for your son-in-law as well.

    New cardi looks so cute!

  8. Beautiful knitting, as always!
    I can't get over your blueberries being so advanced already - I'd say you're a good couple of months ahead of mine, which is only just starting to bud.

  9. Good to know you like Where'd you go Bernadette... my friend gave it to me and I have been looking forward to read it soon.

    A Tea Leaves or even Tiny Tea Leaves will h a v e to be on my needles at some point... the blue yarn you chose for the one you're making is gorgeous!!

  10. The tiny tea leaves is going to be so beautiful! You picked a wonderful colored yarn for it!

  11. Another book for the to read queue. That yarn is simply gorgeous. It would look stunning on my blue eyed babe.

  12. Beautiful color of yarn-you're really talented (and beautiful, of course)! I hope the book has a good ending, too.

  13. What a beautiful colour. And so perfect in your outdoor knitting spot!

  14. i heart tiny tea leaves!! I just finished one in a sky blue color a couple months ago for my little gal. I love it!

  15. your tiny tea leaves looks lovely. and the book is on my list....thanks for the recommend.

  16. That blue is gorgeous and it will look so beautiful on your favorite person. I love the quote. I'm forever pulling out some yarn when we are somewhere waiting...drives the family nuts, which makes it all that much more fun ;)

  17. I can just picture Bernadette with her rucksack...sounds an interesting book. Love the yarn too, have fun knitting...must go and get on with mine now...

  18. I made my 2010 Rhinebeck Hat in that yarn, so I know how much of a gorgeous color it is in person. Can't wait to see the Tiny Tea Leaves when you're done.

    I'll be keeping your son-in-love in my prayers, as well as his unit. Please thank him for his service for me when you see him next.

  19. The pattern is so fun and the color so striking, looks like a lovely way to spend a spring day- knitting outside.

  20. Love,love the color you are using on your sweater...what a nice Easter gift!! I will have to keep your book in mind sounds like a great summer read....

    Love to you....

  21. love that blue! it is going to be one beautiful sweater. :)
    the quote is from your book, which sounds amazing. must get to the library and see if they have a copy. i am in need of a good read.

  22. cute cute cute! she is going to be precious in her new blueberry cardi!

  23. The sweater looks perfect for Easter, very sweet.

  24. she will be precious in that sweater!

  25. Wishing you a prosperous blueberry year! That blueberry colored sweater is just lovely so far. :)

    P.S. I like the idea of a backpack with yarn :)

  26. what a beautiful sweater!

    {i see you're playing with DOF :) yay for you!}

  27. My Kate wore her Tiny Tea Leaves for Easter last year! It's a perfect pattern for that. I love the color you chose.

  28. Beautiful knitting. And it looks like spring. I wish you could email me some spring weather ;-) Where I live (Sweden) it's just snow, snow, snow everywhere.

  29. Cute! I love that color! Bring on Springtime.

  30. Look at all that spring time popping out around you! It looks just wonderful.
    I am off to find a copy of that book. It sounds like just what is needed for the winter doldrums :)

  31. Gorgeous color!!! And your knitting looks amazing. I see spring in your corner of the world Tracey!!!
    Hugs and have a great weekend!!

  32. You have so much fun with your camera, Tracy. I didn't know this land was yours. So cool that you have blueberry bushes! Tis lil' cardi has such a great start. I know I am so behind on everyone's blog.