Friday, February 15, 2013


If you want to be happy,

~Leo Tolstoy

In between rain drops I
noticed signs of spring
everywhere I turned,
the flowers are so pretty.
Not so pretty? My kitchen
garden and the muddy
pit it's turned in to.

I gave up popcorn and
am now addicted to
this., it's great right
out of the jar. I leave
the coconut out and
add pecans.

I made my first ever
gauge swatch, I usually
just wing it, to knit
my favorite person
an Easter Cardigan.

Collected eggs from
my girls that are huge...
double yoke's?

And finally saw my
first sunset in a week,
it was beautiful.

It's been  a pleasant
week here and I hope
the same for you where ever
you are in this world.
Have a great weekend,
and remember to laugh!



  1. that granola looks amazing! i will have to give that a go. :) and can i just say, you are a wonderful grandma.<3

  2. love the look of that granola.....and what about those eggs - massive! Bet those double yolks make beautiful cakes.

  3. Hi there Tracey,
    Ooh I'm loving that spring is in the air. February isn't my favourite month but as soon as I see those little signs of spring I get so excited.
    Thanks for sharing the grain free granola recipe I'm always on the look out for alternative breakfast recipes.
    Oh and what a lovely idea to knit for Easter. I don't think I'll be joining you as I'm still catching up on Christmas sock knitting and have had a few hiccups. But I can't stop thinking about lovely spring like colours for spring and summer like corn and new shoot green.
    Have an happy weekend...with lots of laughs for you and yours too. We're off to visit family so I'm there be lots of reminiscing which usually results in uncontrollable laughter.
    Bye for now,

  4. We love that granola recipe! Gauge swatches are so interesting. I have made a few, but tend to follow more of the Yarn Harlot's advice. She uses a sleeve as her swatch. Of course, this means I have to be comfortable ripping things out!

  5. Oh double yolks, always a lovely surprise when you crack them open..hope they are :) Glad to hear I am not the only one who skips the gauge swatch. The granola looks amazing, thanks for sharing. Happy weekend Tracey.

  6. Granola, YUM! Not sure I could give up popcorn though, I would just have to eat both :). Spring? Just when I was beginning to think the same, we had snowfall all day yesterday!!

    wishing you a beautiful weekend full of wonderful knitting!!

  7. you've been a lucky knitter if you've been winging it! Thanks for the granola link, I'm sharing this with my sister :) Have a great weekend Tracey!!

  8. Tracy, your images are beautiful! And somehow, looking at all of that mud makes me excited for spring to arrive here too, mud and all.

  9. What a beautiful spring! I'm jealous... All white here yet!

  10. So that granola looks yummy! All this rain?!?! I've thought about building a boat. Your favorite person will love that sweater. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. oh dear giving up popcorn? well your granola does look delicious! i hope the earth soaks up all the water soon and you revive your garden. well done on swatching!

  12. Tracey,
    I love feeling signs of spring. Double yolk eggs are always so fun to find.
    And thanks for the reminder: remember to laugh! :)


  13. Beautiful photos Tracey! You keep getting rain, we keep getting snow! ;)

  14. Sounds like a wonderful week! Hope your garden dries out soon. When do start planting?

  15. Beautiful photos... even the mud! But then mud is beautiful!
    Much love to you.x

  16. your poor would think it was april-showering.

    EGGS!! yikes! at first glance i thought they were shin guards!! (can you tell I spend too much time around little people and their sports??) they are huge!

    hope your weekend was grand!

  17.! The cardi is lovely Tracy- bet she will love it. Beautiful quote and images today...I think I will "be".

  18. It must have been nice to get some rain! We haven't had much here lately, but a couple of little storms are supposed to move in later this week. In the meantime, it is very springlike here, too.

    What a beautiful sunset and I love the color of that blue yarn. I think I have only done one or two gauge swatches in my life.

    I haven't started on your card yet, but I've been mulling around some ideas and look forward to creating it.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  19. That granola looks really good, I'll have to make a shopping list to get the ingredients next time I go to the farmer's market.

  20. I guess I always wing it when I knit. I've never knit a swatch to check my gauge. That granola sounds dee-lish. I'll have to try it the next time I make granola for my yogurt.

  21. Noooooooo! Not popcorn?! Oh well, that granola looks pretty tasty too.

  22. Can you share the granola recipe? It looks fantastic. I always find it amazing how hens have eggs coming out from their bodies. Beautiful pic of the sunset.