Wednesday, October 3, 2012


In creating, the only hard
thing is to begin: a grass
blade's no easier to make
than an oak.

~James Russell Lowell

 I learned a lesson this
week that I will not soon
forget, when you have
had only three hours of
sleep in 48 hours, do not
knit or have any liquids 
near you project. I made several
errors in my Sunday Sweater
then spilled an iced tea latte
all over my yarn leaving it
a wet, sopping mess...
I frogged the whole thing, but
I didn't cry so I am pretty
proud of myself.

To over come the trauma
from the whole ordeal, I
took myself to the LYS and
bought some new needles
before casting on a new
sweater. Susanne's Ebony needles
are made from wood salvaged
from a piano manufacturer.
The needles were a little rough 
at first so I rubbed a little
spoon oil on them, buffed well
and now they not only feel great 
in my hands, they knit like a dream.

I cast on another Sunday Sweater
using yarn from my stash in the
color Beach Glass. Things are
going much, much better now,
I've had some sleep, and
am keeping all drinks away
from my knitting.

For reading I am still soothing
my soul with Universal Father.

Much love,

Joining with Ginny.


  1. Sorry to hear about your knitting mishap, but love the story of your new needles and the colour of the yarn is just beautiful.

  2. I will knit keeping in mind your hard learned lessons. Never ever drink staining liquids with little sleep :) I hope you can wash the wool/yarn and get the stains out. If not maybe you will be into overdyeing some yarn. Good luck on the second attempt and only drink water !!!!

  3. What amazing photographs Tracey. I love the one with the dew or raindrop on the branch...beautiful. It's such a shame about your accident but glad you've recovered.

    Love the needles what a fantastic idea to use piano keys...

    Happy re-knitting.

    Ps thank you so much for your kind feed back about the shop...I really appreciate it.

  4. So sorry to hear about the frogging you had to do, but I am glad it turned out well.
    I adore the colour of your sweater.

  5. I am so sorry you learned that lesson. But it's funny, I had a dream last night that involved my Littler Guy dumping a bucket of water into my knitting basket and project while I was knitting. It was one of those terrible, slow-motion, can't do anything kinds of dreams.
    But I'm glad it all turned out well with new needles and happy knitting :) What an interesting source for needles!

  6. Piano needles! That is too cool. (:

  7. See, I was thinking "What lovely photos she always has..." and I was going to post something along those lines, and then I read what you wrote. What an awful lesson to learn... I'm always anxious about drinks around my knitting (she says, sitting next to an end table with a cup of coffee on it, above THREE baskets with knitting in them...). Julia (or Asher; I can't remember which) once spilled a drink on a finished-and-waiting-to-be-blocked sweater I made as a gift for a friend's baby. Thankfully I was able to save it, but boy was I ever upset right when it happened!

    Your new needles are lovely! xo

  8. Ohhhh, Tracey!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your knitting accident. You're very brave because I would have cried.

    Wow! You learn something new everyday. I had no idea that there was something called Spoon Oil. I've been using (food-grade) mineral oil on my wooden spoons/cutting board. I'll have to look into that.

  9. Oh no! I hope you've gotten some rest by now.

    Those needles are so cool!

  10. I would have cried. You are a brave woman.

    I love those needles. What a great idea!

  11. Oh that yarn is beautiful - looking forward to seeing your completed Sunday Sweater. Hope you get some rest.

  12. Hope you are finding rest this week. It is amazing what lack of sleep can do to you. My hubby says that sometimes that was the worst part of his training over any of the physical stuff! I love that beach glass yarn, beautiful beautiful :)

  13. Those needles look so special, I've never seen black ones! I'm sure they'll bring you more good luck this time round!

  14. sorry about the first sweater. you must get sleep.
    i do love a nice set of needles. i got myself a lovely pair of rainbow looking wooden needles from knit picks, the are like butter to work with and so lovely.

  15. I would have cried like a baby...torrents of tears. It would have been pathetic. I guess it was supposed to be that beautiful blue.

  16. Way to make lemonade when life handed you lemons. What a lovely idea, too, to buff up the needles that were a little rough to begin with. That sort of positive spirit must serve you well in all sorts of ways! Beautiful photographs, too -- so glad I stopped by from the Yarn Along!

  17. Oh love that color! So as for the no sleep, I've learned not the best time to try and be meticulous...

  18. Oh, no! Glad you could make the best out of the situation. I think there would definitely have been tears if I'd done the same.

  19. So, how about I cry for you? That had to be heart stopping! Glad your super-hero tear ducts were working for you and that you had the where-with-all to press through and begin again. Lovely.

    Blessings ,Debbie

  20. so sorry to hear about your frogging. I am proud of you for not crying- I would have!!

  21. 48th hours and three of them sleeping? Wow... Glad to hear you're better now! I love love love the colour of your knitting, and those needles made of pianopieces look great!

  22. Oh my....I hope you're able to get some good sleep soon. The color of your yarn is beautiful and your needles look luxurious. Keeping you in my prayers!

  23. Oh dear! I know that can happen, such a pretty color of your new sweater. :)

  24. Poor you ... it sounds like you handled your mishap beautifully and hope you're enjoying knitting the cardigan again.

  25. I'd be crying! And cursing like a sailor! Good for you for doing neither!

  26. I will keep your knitting lesson in mind. I tried knitting on Tuesday morning after no sleep Monday night, I quickly decided against it and put the needles down.

    Your yarn is a lovely colour.

  27. Sorry about the unravelling, it does look like you recovered well from the mishap.
    That sure is pretty yarn you are knitting with and those needles sound divine.
    Enjoy your sleep.

  28. Oh no! I'm sorry about the drink vs. yarn show down! Was that yarn ruined, or salvageable? I believe the term is "over dyed"? ;) Those needles are gorgeous, I'll have to try to find some!

  29. Oh my goodness, I don't think I could even attempt to do anything on that little amount of sleep!

  30. That yarn is gorgeous and I love those needles. It's awesome that they are so beautifully recycled!

  31. So sorry to hear about the frogged sweater! And if you didn't cry, you should be proud of yourself. I'm so intrigued by your ebony needles!

  32. oh my, I would have cried my eyes out. you are strong.

  33. Such a beautiful yarn colour. And what a dreadful lesson!