Sunday, September 30, 2012


The butterfly counts not
months but moments,
and has time enough. 

~Rabindranath Tagore


 A weekend of...

*attending the fall Friends
 of the Library book sale.
 I picked up a few books,
 but it was really kind of
 disappointing this year.

*Lunch at a retro sandwich
 shop with my fifteen year
 old and just enjoying watching
 him eat; teenage boy's can
 inhale a LOT of food.

*Double scoops of coffee ice cream
 while browsing the downtown

*A quick stop at my LYS for
 new needles.

*Trying not to be totally grossed
 out as I cooked Rachel's Bone Broth.
 It's kind of spooky to lift the lid
 on a pot and see chicken feet floating
 around! [It's for my guy's].

*Making a double batch of
 Heather's Breakfast Blend
 [It's for me!].

*Trying not to cry as I frogged
 my Sunday Sweater. There was
 a mistake, an effort at fixing
 the mistake, then a terrible
 accident with a glass of iced chia
 tea latte. It was a slow and
 painful death.

*Casting on another Sunday Sweater,
 this time using Stitch Nation's Bamboo Ewe
 in Beach Glass [because it was in my
 stash and I needed to immediately cast on
 again to remove the trauma of the above
 mentioned accident.]

*Listening to the thunder and rain half
 of the night and loving it.

* Watching butterflies group together for
   a little drink and some sun [ we've
   been so dry]

*Enjoying all the little moments that make
 up my days because they make my life
 and I don't want to miss anything.

*The Grits Spoon giveaway is still open.

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  1. Oh man! So sorry about your sweater. Isn't that just the worst feeling??
    Love your photos!

  2. Oh no! I can only imagine...I would have had tears rolling down my cheeks.

    Here is my weekend.

  3. beautiful butterflies! and i can feel your pain with the sweater. i've been there, done that. the good news: you can always cast on again :)

  4. I, too, had to sadly frog my Sunday Sweater the first time I cast on.... Glad you were able to re-cast on immediately...that does make one feel better. I hope this time goes easier. I can't wait to see photos of it! Such beautiful photos and a lovely weekend.

  5. sounds like a lot of fun, having lunch with your boy is the best part! i'm sorry about your sweater though tracey, good that you cast right back on! and a rain storm! i can hardly wait! beautiful butterflies! happy sunday :)

  6. sounds like a lovely weekend EXCEPT the sweater part! so very sorry! and yes those boys can eat, can't they!!!! such beautiful pictures! have a lovely week my dear!

  7. bummer about the sweater. :(
    are you in a migratory path for the butterflies???? I've never seen so many together drinking! so pretty!!!

  8. You have such a can-do attitude...I don't know if I could cast back on a sweater I frogged so quickly. It's inspiring. Love all the butterfly photos. They are amazing, aren't they?

  9. Coffee ice cream -- my favorite! And how I love thunder. We only hear it once or maybe twice a year out here -- enjoy that sound for me.

  10. Wow, your pictures are stunning Tracey. Sorry about the sweater, not fun. Hope you enjoyed the lovely lunch with your son...I hope mine will eat out with me when he is that old :)

  11. I am so sad you had to rip out. I gasped! But I also admire you're re cast on happiness. Awesome butterflies, we rarely see them around here. And yes. Boys can eat a lot! I wish I could eat that much :) (without gaining weight)

  12. Oh sorry to hear about the cardi. My daughter's definition of love is cooking her man chicken noodle soup from scratch.. she's also a vegetarian. I wouldn't mind a bit of that rain down this way.

  13. Such beautiful butterflies! I love this post!

  14. What amazing photographs Tracey...I love butterflies...(dragon flies too). Your weekend sounds so full of fun things. Sorry about the's frustrating but you are such a quick knitter I'm sure you'll soon make up time.

    Have a good week

  15. Love those butterflys! Sounds like a delightful weekend Tracey! We had lots of rain around here.

  16. Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear about your sweater incident. Yes, teenage boys do have a way of eating a lot – I'm learning this first hand! I make bone broth a lot but I've only once tried it with the feet and I have to agree it was a little startling to see the feet floating around. The butterflies are beautiful – what a gift it must have been to see them up close!

  17. I am so sorry to hear about your sweater. Oh man. Chicken feet! That pre-cooked stage would be perfect for Halloween. Good luck with your next sweater and congrats on the new needles. Where'd you find the feet?

  18. your photos are lovely. so sorry about your sweater. i had to restart a project that i am working on. it's not as large as a sweater but still frustrating. good luck with your new sweater.

  19. Oh I am so sorry about your sweater :-( I would have cried. And probably not re-cast on and sulked about it for days :-( I love the butterflies!! So pretty!

  20. Oh no, I would have cried over that sweater accident! I hope the new one will go smoothly now!
    And those butterfly pictures; beautiful!

  21. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh THAT QUOTE!!!!!!!!!

    chicken feet and frogging a sweater. oh my.
    but that quote makes it all better, no?

  22. so many butterflies in one picture, how beautiful!
    sorry about your sweater accident :(

  23. So sorry about your sweater! That totally sucks! LOVE your butterflies!