Sunday, October 7, 2012


Having a place to go - is a home. 
Having someone to love - is a family. 
Having both - is a blessing. 

~Donna Hedges

My weekend started Thursday
with the arrival of my favorite
person in the whole world.
We played, baked, colored,
read books, and more books,
me reading to her and her
reading to me. I watched
her write her name  and cut
out paper leaves without any
help. We gathered acorns to
'plant a forest' and had races
up and down the drive. I collected
as many hugs as I could and
when she left Friday afternoon
I cried.
Saturday was a very disappointing
trip to the thrift store and leaving
empty handed. I spent the
rest of the day knitting, knitting,
knitting. Except for the buttons
the Sunday Sweater I have been
working on is done! I am so
thrilled with how it turned out
and when it's done blocking
I will post pictures. The sweater
was a great pattern to knit
and I see myself cast on another
one soon.
Sunday has started off slow and
once again there are no plans
for the day, just letting the
moments flow. While the weather
outside is 86 degrees and humid,
tonight the temperatures are
suppose to be in the high 50's!
I know it won't last, but at least
for now I will enjoy weather that
actually feels like fall.
Joining with Amanda once again
for Weekending.


  1. oh yes! last night we made it into the 50s and today and tomorrow are supposed to be in the low 70s for a high...loving it!

    enjoy your time with your sweet girl :)

  2. oh. she left so quick?
    and then a disappointing trip to the thrift?
    damn it!!!!!

  3. I'm so glad you go to spend time (even though too quick!) time with the little one! Enjoy your Sunday afternoon. I can't wait to see the finished sweater! I need to make one for Ree!

  4. Oh - precious moments with that sweet girl. Hugs Tracey, enjoy the rest of your day xx

  5. oh--little people hugs!!! don't you feel Emerson has grown up since you last saw her!!!!? she's adorable and I'm sure was just as glad to see her Olie as you were to see/hug her!!!! You flew through that sweater!!! can't wait to see it. I have no doubt that you'll make you holiday goal.

  6. I am so happy for you that your bestie was visiting and I am so sad for you that she left so quickly....I hope you can see her again very very soon! Keep knitting, my friend, it will soothe your sad soul.

  7. I'm happy that you got to spend some time with your granddaughter but oh! how sad that she had to leave again. Glad you are finding soothing things to keep your heart occupied.

  8. Short but sweet, sounds like you soaked in as much of her as you could :), though I know it doesn't feel enough...Your sweater looks like its so beautiful (sneaked a peak on ravelry)! Can't wait for the pics! Hooray for lower temps! Enjoy Tracey!

  9. It's been so hot and humid down here, too. Whew.

    I can't wait to see your sweater! I wish I had a little girl in my life to knit one for. (:

  10. Sounds like a lovely visit with your favourite girl. Enjoy those lower temps.

  11. A short visit but a visit nonetheless. It was 80 degrees on TU and when I returned home on FR is was 35. I need to be knitting sweaters.

  12. Ah a short but sweet trip. The pear cobbler sounds scrumptious. I hope the trees grow big and strong.

  13. Dear Tracey.. it sounds like the most wonderful of long weekends with a visit from your favorite girl.
    You are a blessing

  14. I am sorry your girl had to leave so soon, but isn't it WONDERFUL that you had the time with her? I can't wait to see your Sunday Sweater... So EXCITED!

  15. Love your last picture, so very awesome autumn-y. And what an adorable little fairy -- she's darling and no doubt would get along swimmingly with my little herd of blondies.

  16. I am glad you had a good weekend...I am sure will see that sweet girl again real soon :)


  17. oh tracey, i am sorry, it is so hard. will you see her again soon? i love that you knit her ginnys sweater, i bet it's gorgeous. i'm so happy you have knitting now to bring you so much comfort and joy. sending hugs mama, granmama. xxx

  18. how beautiful you got to spend some time with her! but i know, it was way too short. it always is. are you guys using skype yet?

  19. The sweater looks great!! I'm glad you had a lovely, if brief, visit with your girl. I can only imagine how it feels when she leaves...had some of that today when the son left to go back to school.