Wednesday, September 5, 2012


If the sight of the blue skies
fills you with joy, if a blade
of grass springing up in the
fields has power to move you,
if the simple things of nature
have a message that you understand,
rejoice, for your soul is alive. 

~Eleonora Duse

 It has been a very good knitting week...
I am so happy to have cast on two
projects that have been on the back
burner for months.
First up is an Annabel Cardigan
using the yarn my daughter gave
me for Mother's Day [in May!].
I purposely held off on this cardigan
until now so I would have something
special to knit when my daughter
and her family moved. I do wish
I had known just how easy the
Annabel was to knit because I really
think it would make an awesome
first pattern for a new knitter. It
really is a wonderfully easy pattern.

I have also cast on a long time project
that I love, The Wonder Blanket. It
is a great way to use up all those little
bits of yarn and I find myself knitting
it for longer periods of time just so I
can see the color switch.

I am still reading Seven and just found
out it is Bloom's Book Club book so
there is a whole community reading
it. I am so thrilled to be able to watch
the author, Jen Hatmaker,  discuss
each chapter and how Jesus worked
in her heart. I am finding this book
to be life changing, in more ways
than one and I  am gearing up to live
my own version of Seven. It really is
exciting to see how the future will
unfold and where I will be lead,
my soul is alive!

There is still one more day to enter my
button giveaway if you would like.

Joining with Ginny.


  1. Lovely words and beautiful photos, as ever. Your basket on a sunny quilt = just perfect!

  2. One of my favourite quotes :) I am adding your book to my wish list and have added the Annabel to my much inspiration from you this morning Tracey, thank you!

  3. Great WIPs (so nice to see your Wonder Blanket among all that beauty)!

  4. I do enjoy your posts, Tracey!
    I cast an on an annabel cardi last year but I fell out of love with the yarn I chose somewhere around finishing the shoulder shaping. Perhaps I ought to revisit it with better yarn.

  5. What an unbelievable picture of the dragonfly!! I have a pile of yarn all ready to cast on for the wonder blanket this fall!

  6. The book sounds so interesting!! And thanks for the blog link, I am going to scour it later today :) Glad you found a project to knit while your heart is a little empty. That is what I do when the kids go-fill my day with new projects! I'm glad you like the new cowl pattern :)

  7. Your cardigan seems like a symmetrical sister to the one I'm knitting. (:

  8. I really enjoyed Seven as well. And thanks for the link on the annabel, it sounds like something I could manage!

  9. I can't wait to read that! I might not be able to hold out till I get it through the library and may just have to pick it up while we're away ;-)

  10. Such beautiful photos, thank you for sharing :)

  11. I love the look of your Wonder Blanket, and the magic ball you wound!

  12. Great projects! I know the sweater is going to be gorgeous. And that blanket is going to be so colorful! I love the idea behind that.

  13. I want to knit a sweater...Your pattern looks fairly easy?? I still have the fear of it being such a big project..

    I can't wait to see it finished I bet it will look great on you!!

    I also love your Wonder Blanket...great idea!!


  14. You're projects are lovely, Tracey!

  15. Your book sounds really fascinating!
    I love the look of the Annabel and the wonder blanket:)

  16. Your cardi is going to be lovely and I really like the colourway of your wool. That is such a wonderful idea for using up left over pieces of wool, for the blanket

    Thank you for this book link Tracey, it sounds wonderful.

    Enjoy the rest of your week dear friend.

    xo xo

  17. we read 7 for book club right after it was released so i'll be curious to hear what you think of it.

    can't wait to see a finished annabel!

  18. Annabel looks like a really pretty but simple sweater. I was reading the pattern from Ravelry, and wow! My eyes were hurting, lol. I may give it a try after the Holidays....knit something pretty like that for myself. The Wonder blanket is super cute. Would make a great lap cover.

  19. Great colour for the cardigan, and as always, GORGEOUS photos!!

  20. hello going to go get 7 at the library...thanx for the recommendation!

  21. I love the colour of your yarn for your cardigan. And such a great idea about the wonder blanket. I have a few little 'wonder' projects in the works and love how the little scraps of yarn bring back memories of those other projects..