Monday, September 3, 2012


“Today is life-the only life
you are sure of. Make the
most of today. Get interested
in something. Shake yourself
awake. Develop a hobby.
Let the winds of enthusiasm
sweep through you. Live today
with gusto.

~ Dale Carnegie

 I like
to bake,
to can,
to garden,
to knit,
to read,
to run,
to paint,
to draw,
to make buttons,
[giveaway is still open]
to homeschool,
to watch old movies,
to love,
to laugh,
to daydream.
Now, can I find
a few more minutes
in my day for another

How about you,
what do you like to


  1. I love this quote from Dale Carnegie. He is one of my favorite authors..."How to Win Friends and Influence People" is required reading in our family! I see from your list that you and I like many, many of the same things. Many days, I am hard pressed to find a few minutes to allow myself to do the things I like to do, but I find that I am happier and healtheir when I do! Enjoy your week. Can't wait to see the fruits of your newest hobby! (I like to embroidery too, but haven't done it for years.)

  2. There are never enough hours in the day for all the things I would love to be doing. I love that quote. Being creative helps us to grow in all dimensions. That herb sampler looks lovely - what are you making?

  3. Tracey,

    You know me I love to knit,crochet,cook,I also like to do embroidery...but I really like meeting new friends and as you know I cherish your friendship!!!

    I hope you share with us your sampler of Herbs


    A Knitters Notebook

  4. You and I would be good friends! I love love love this list! and that herb sampler looks delightful!

  5. I like to do a lot of those same things! Right now, homeschooling is taking most of my time, so no new hobbies for me. It's hard enough to keep up with the ones I already have :)

  6. I love all that, but can hardly find the time to do any of it. I know I know make the time!

  7. Oh goodness! All of the above. I have to say that I don't get as many opportunities to do the things that I love with two babes running around the house, but we are starting to get to a place where they will play with each other for a chunk of time and I can sit down. Although, by the time that happens I am typically just looking for a place to sit and not do :-)

  8. I love to do (almost) all of those things too!! I learned to embroider this past spring and I LOVE IT!!! You will too I'm sure! :-) (And I haven't forgotten....I will be sending you the American Chop Suey recipe!)

  9. As a fellow list maker I love this post :) I love to do many of the activities you listed and I always try to keep count of my many blessings. Great quote!!

  10. Take that run thing off the list, and we have a lot in common. Great list!

  11. i also have many hobbies and things i love to do. sometimes i love to do nothing though, i suppose that would fall into the category of daydreaming.
    right now i'm spending a lot of time with family, another thing i love doing.

  12. everything on your list except: run, paint, draw, make buttons. add bake, write, wash dishes by hand to my list ;-)

  13. Read, knit, bake, cook, homeschool, go for walks, listen to the sounds of the waves at the beach, blog.

  14. oh,yes!!!! love to embroider, too!!!!

  15. I'm fortunate in this life that I can flit to whatever catches my imagination, whether for an hour or a life time.
    I'm open to new ventures.

  16. I love that Dale Carnegie quote!

    A few things I like to do:
    sit on my front porch in the sunshine
    bake yummy desserts for my family
    warm my hands on a cup of tea