Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Joining with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

I finished my Life Is Good Kerchief
and now have cast on a little
summer cardi, Allegoro Loose Knit Cardi.
I am using AslanTrends Class yarn and
while I think it will be fine for my
humid climate, the yarn does not
have the give that wool does so
knitting with it is a little slow. I am just
hoping it will soften when it's washed as
it feels a little stiff right now and
there is no way I could wear it as is.

In anticipation of the new movie,
Raven, the fourteen year old and
I have been reading a few of
Edgar Allen Poe's works. It's been
a few years, but I still remember
reading The Tell Tale Heart when
I was in middle school. On the
Kindle I just down loaded 
The Feast Nearby while I want
for an order from Amazon to
arrive.  It looks like a light
read and that is just what I
need at the end of the day.

I wanted to say thank you
to Melissa from Wild Faerie Caps 
for hosting a lovely giveaway.
I won a crochet cozy in a
lovely colored yarn and am
already putting it to great use.


  1. That cardi looks so comfortable! And the color is so pretty. I always tend to go for greens and purples, but this yarn color is something I think I need to work with :-)

  2. Loving the colour of your cardi, should be lovely for summer. Happy knitting!

  3. Oh I love the color you're using for your cardi! And the pattern is pretty neat, too.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Raven. I think Steve and I might make it a date night movie!

  4. what a super colour, especially in contrast with those lovely greens.

  5. I love the yarn for your cardi! It looks so cheerful and soft.
    I feel so out of the pop culture loop - I hadn't heard about the Raven movie. It looks really good. Thanks!

  6. That looks like a great little cardi. I love the color you're using!

  7. i do so love the color you's going to be the perfect little summer sweater! Raven, huh? EAP is one of my favorites.....guess I better start looking for the Raven to hit our little downtown theatre--it wil NEVER make the Cinemark showing here!!!

  8. Gosh you have so many projects going and done!! Love the color of the yarn and the scarf you just finished is fantastic :) I need to see about Raven....

  9. That is such a cheerful color! And your photography makes me believe I could actually pull it form my screen and start knitting! You will have to tell us your thoughts on the Poe movie. I love Poe(being from a native from MD and all) and I do love watching John Cusack on screen--such a great combo, don't you think?

  10. your knitting looks beautiful amongst all that gorgeous greenery. I hope it softens up with a wash

  11. Ohh the color of the cardi is lovely! I love all the green in your pictures. I haven't gotten my yarn along post up...I forgot to take pictures of my knitting!!

  12. I love the color of your yarn. It is so pretty and I love it photograghed agains the green. It really makes the color pop.

  13. As always...gorgeous photos. That cardi is most certainly going to be stunning!

  14. That yarn colour is lovely. How vibrant is the green foliage in your pictures. Gorgeous! Jacinta

  15. You're too sweet, Tracey. *mwuah!* (:

    Also, I'm with every one else - Raven? Really? And with John Cusack? Oh, I am so there. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! (:

  16. Your cardi is going to be beautiful!

  17. I am LOVING the color of that yarn for your cardi! It is so spring! I am actually looking forward to "The Raven" as well. The Hubs even wants to go see it because it's based Edgar Allen Poe and not just slasher movie - which we both hate.

  18. Theresa your knits are lovely...the papaya? color is one of my favorite...I bet the kercheif will look lovey- so beautiful and fresh amongst all the greens! The 4th image is like an image from "Country Living"...swoon.

  19. That going to be one pretty cardi!

    Poe! You go girl! I remember reading a few of his short stories when I was in school, too.

  20. Such gorgeous shots and what greenery. Lovely yarn - it will look beautiful with your colouring xxx

  21. i didn't know they were making the raven into a movie! woot! must go investigate.

    and yes, melissa is a sweetheart, isn't she? enjoy your cozy!

  22. i'm curious about the raven too, how exciting to be reading together in preparation. your sweater is in such a pretty color tracey, i do hope it softens up for you. have a lovely day my friend.
    love melissas cozy!

  23. What yummy yarn! Nestled in the leaves that way, it looks like a delicious piece of fruit. It's been so long since I've read any Poe. Probably since high school. ;)

  24. that crochet cozy is really pretty!
    i had to read poe in high school. i think taking it apart and analyzing every single word killed it for me.

  25. I love the story your photos tell. :)
    Your yarn looks beautiful. I hope it loosens up for you!

  26. The summer cardi sounds perfect! I remember seeing some Edgar Allen Poe plays in Jr. High...didn't know there was a movie coming out. Maybe a bit to creepy for my age of kids?

  27. the summer cardi is sweet. I LOVED the Tell Tale Heart, I may have to bring that one out for my kiddos, creepy yes, but soooo good.

  28. I do enjoy myself some Poe. Your knits look so pretty already; that color is amazing. Love the shots too. I had forgotten all about those little fronds too. Happy yarn along!

  29. It looks lovely, hard to tell that the feel is not good from a photo. I gather the content is cotton & rayon so I think it really should soften with washing. I am a voracious reader myself and love the classics. I appreciate your mix of nature and crafts in your beautiful photos.

  30. That yarn is lovely! I really enjoy Poe... but he gives me shivers every single time.

  31. I love how your knitting is peaking out! Cotton can be troublesome in that way but you're right - a nice soak & block will do wonders.

  32. Just saw the preview for Raven... we'll be seeing it. My husband and I are both Poe fans. Just this last Christmas he bought the complete tales and poems book with the silver sides... it's a beautiful book! I still remember 'The Cask of Amontillado' from my school days!
    Beautiful yarn color... great for this season and will look nice with some southern sun-kissed skin!

  33. Your pictures are always so delightful! And your knitting is beautiful! I tried to pick up that skill back in college...I became an avid crocheter instead. So anytime I see beautiful knitting I'm in awe.

  34. The color of the yarn is so luscious!
    I think it's time to stop reading all these beautiful blogs and start knitting something!:)
    Thanks for inspiration!

  35. Gorgeous colour to knit - hope it works out fine.
    Those stories sure do keep the imagination alive.
    Enjoy the colourful cosy.

  36. I love the color you are using in your knitting so beautiful!! I can tell you keep yourself very busy.....your a real inspiration to


  37. Such vibrant greens, and knitting ... great combination!

  38. I remember our Dad reading Edgar Allen Poe to us kids.
    The stuff for imaginations to run WILD ! ! ! ! !
    You know how much I love any pink at all, Tracey.
    Lazy Summer Daze Ahead