Sunday, April 15, 2012


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“We need the tonic of wildness,

to wade sometimes in marshes

where the bittern and the

meadow-hen lurk, and hear

 the booming of the snipe;

to smell the whispering sedge

where only some wilder and

more solitary fowl builds her

 nest, and the mink crawls

with its belly close to the ground.”

Henry David Thoreau

This weekend has been
a lazy one. I have
enjoyed laying in the
hammock [a gift to my
husband] reading, accidentally
getting a little sun burnt -oops!
Spent a few peaceful hours
down at the marsh, sitting
in my favorite spot just
listening to the wildlife as
they went about their day,
walking thru the pluff mud
enjoying the fiddler crabs
as they ran about.
Enjoyed another new recipe
for dinner and really, you
should try's that good.
Today will be spent casting on
a new knitting project, looking
over my school notes since
sadly spring break is over,
looking forward to seeing the
wee one after a week of her
being in Columbia, SC with her mom
and dad. My son in-law graduated
from boot camp and is now
officially an E3 in the US Army,
still not sure how I feel about all
of that, although I am so proud
that at 33 years old he was able
to do it! How has your weekend
been? I am joining with Amanda
for her weekending posts.
[when I can get
back into her site].


  1. Beautiful images Tracey- you live in such a lovely and different place than I, and I enjoy experienceing that thru your images.
    -the crab...weee, too cute.
    Are you a fellow herbivoire- that recipe has got my mouth watering.

  2. Your weekend sounds wonderful.
    Love the Thoreau quote...
    I love wildness. Your marshes look beautiful.
    Much love

  3. Love the quote Tracey. Your weekend sounds very tranquil and lovely. Your marsh is so exquisite. Thanks for the recipe - will definitely try it out! And congrats for your son's accomplishment!

  4. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing your weekend, and have a great week ahead!

  5. So glad that you have a hammock! I love my swing out back. Your weekend sounds heavenly!

  6. yum yum---and you snuck in that Pimento cheese recipe yesterday---I ALMOST missed it.....but now I'm lusting PC!!! Looks so good!
    Lovely calm weekend for you! Yeah!!! Congrats to boot camp grad!!!

  7. Lovely photos of your marshes. Enjoy your special time with the little one.

  8. Wonder !
    So happy your time was soo enjoyable.

    We've had rain since Thursday evening. Almost five inches of the wet stuff since.

    This should certainly green things up and watch 'em grow now !


  9. That salad looks amazing. A-MAZE-ING... as the teen would say. I am adding it to my MUST MAKE list for dinners.

    Sounds like a splendid weekend, friend!

  10. I can always count on you for some beautiful photos of the south! Thank you!! That moss gets me every time... missing SC and such a different landscape. Wish I could visit, take a swing in your hammock (props to your husband!), and enjoy some tea during a chat! Now that sounds like a lovely weekend, indeed!

  11. Gorgeous! How bad are the Mosquitos? By the way, thanks for mentioning Dukes mayonnaise! Best stuff ever!

  12. oh i like the sound of this tracey, a long slow weekend. i love your marsh, and those crabs!

  13. What a lovely weekend! Tsk tsk on the sunburn! I promised myself this would be the year of no sunburns and today while I was pinning back our climbing roses wouldn't you know it, burned to a crisp! Ugh! Congrats to your son-in-law. 33 and should be very proud indeed. As a military wife I just want you to know how appreciative we are of his service and that your daughter will be well taken care of! The bonds I have made with these woman run so deep. Enjoy your week!

  14. That recipe does sound delicious. Mmmm.

    Your last photo is stunning. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. :) xoR

  15. Sounds like a nice weekend. At this point even the sunburn sounds good. I am so ready for summer ( or at least spring). Enjoy the little one....they grow up so fast.

  16. Beautiful weekend. I could just picture enjoying the days with you. The marsh.. the final picture.. I see it and I hear the wind tinkling in bottles dangling from a tree.

    Congratulations to your son-in-law!

    Have a wonderful week, Tracey!

  17. Glad that tour hammock is getting good use...even if it is your husband's :). Congtrats for your sil. I hope you're not too sad over their upcoming changes as a family. Thanks for the has all the stuff I like.

  18. We have a little marshy area that we pass on our daily walks and we just started hearing some peepers there. Love to hear those sounds of nature.

  19. Sounds like a well spent weekend. That crab is very cute indeed. Jacinta

  20. You must be so proud of your son :-) Lazy weekends are always nice!

  21. hammock. oh there is a way to spend an afternoon...hammock, relaxing!

  22. i love that little crab guy!
    too bad you got sun-burnt, but i did notice an early burn makes for a better tan later... if it's just a slight burn. :)

  23. what a gorgeous series of photos! Looks like in spite of a burn you had fun...

  24. "We need the tonic of wildness"
    So true!
    I love hammocks, There is almost know better way to spend a sunny day than in reading a hammock :)
    So glad you had a peaceful weekend.

  25. I love hammocks! When we were first looking at houses that is the first thing my husband said he wants to get. I think he forgot about it! A good idea for Father's Day! :-)

  26. beautiful photos. I wish I was there with you looking at the crab.
    my three year old is obsessed with crabs. no idea why. pretty cute.
    big hugs tracey!

  27. E3?! Big stuff. Proud mama, indeed. I love looking by the marshes and listening. It looks like a magical place - all that moss and mud. Cool pictures.