Thursday, April 19, 2012


What I need is the dandelion
 in the spring. The bright yellow
that means rebirth instead of
 destruction. The promise that
 life can go on, no matter how
 bad our losses. That it can be
good again.”  

Suzanne Collins
We have been collecting
dandelions all week so
we can make syrup. It takes
about million flowers, but I
think we are just about there.
We are planning on using a
light honey as the sweetener
and serving the syrup over a
huge pancake breakfast and
maybe in a little tea. Have
you ever tried dandelion
I wish you a day filled with
only joy and happiness and
remember to hug those you


  1. Hello Tracey

    I haven't tried dandelion fact I hadn't even heard of it before reading this post. I've drunken a coffee substitute made from the roots and used the leaves in salad.

    How do you make the syrup? I'm sure It must be both delicious and health giving...and fortunately I have plenty of dandelions at hand...

    (I'm currently planning nettle salad or soup as soon as the rain stops...this is the best time of year for foraging)


  2. i have not tried it tracey. a pancake breakfast? do you have room for one more? i'll bring some fresh squeezed organic orange (from my trees) juice!

    your little sunshine helper is so precious. :)

  3. i never have. Let me know how it goes.Love your little helper

  4. I've never tried it. I hope you enjoy it. Jairah loves eating the flowers out of the garden though! Jacinta

  5. Thanks for sharing Tracey, I bet this is delish, looking forward to hearing how it turns out.

    What a lovely little helper you have :)

  6. I've never heard of it either! I hope you show us once it's done!

  7. I knew I was cultivating those dandelions for a good reason!!! What an adorable helper you have!!!

  8. I haven't had dandelion syrup, but I have had dandelion wine...and eaten dandelion greens...I guess I'd better go get the flowers before the Hubs mows the weeds :)

  9. I just saw dandelion syrup in a magazine the other day! So interesting. Cant wait to see how it turns out :)

  10. I've never had dandelion syrup, but around here there's a company that makes dandelion ice cream every spring - it's really, really good!

  11. I've never heard of dandelion syrup! We have about a million dandelions in our yard right now though!!

  12. Oh my what a sweet little toe her tosseled hair, she looks like a really good helper.
    Never heard of syrup before- but that would make grandfather in Sweden made Dandilion wine.

  13. I love sunny dandelions too...I can't wait to see your syrup...

    Have a lovely day!

  14. I have never tried it! I have a bazillion dandelions over here, you are welcome to come on over and pick them :)

  15. I have never tried it...but maybe I will now! thanks for sharing!

  16. No, I've never heard of Dandelion syrup, but I do know about the nutritional value of those amazing little flowers and it sounds delicious! We are planning on making Dandelion wine with ours.

  17. I've never had it, but this is the second time I've heard mention of it this season. So, it might be something for us to try! There are plenty of them right now. (Had to laugh because I was out in the front yard last night laying on my stomach taking pictures of dandelions in the awesome light. My neighbors were staring!) Thanks for the link!

  18. You do come up with the most incredible things - I have never heard of dandelion syrup. Although I do have some dandelion tea in the back of the cupboard. You have just prompted me to dig it out.

  19. It's very nice to know that those pesky little dandelions can turn into something so lovely.
    Speaking of lovely, The Dandelion Harvester is looking very efficient. Tracey, she's adorable. So huggable.

  20. Your dandelions look different from the ones we have around here. Are there regional variations? Hmmm.... I made dandelion syrup a couple of years ago and thought it was wonderful!

  21. I would love to try this, tasting and making.