Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Joining with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

We are on spring break
this week and while I
am cleaning out every
closest and decluttering
every room in my home
I do need a simple little
project, something I can
work on for a few minutes
in between filling bags for
Goodwill,  I found that in
Life is Good.  This really
is a no brainer knit and
while I'm on break that
is exactly what I need.
I am using Berroco Boboli
in grays, blacks and
browns which I think
will make a nice kerchief
for one on my guy's.

With all the warm weather
we have been having
it has my taste buds 
craving something I 
don't eat very often,
Pimiento cheese with 
homemade mayonnaise
on freshly baked bread
and the best recipe I
know of is in the book
Being Dead is No Excuse.
I am not sure if it's
because I spent most
of my summers in 
Greenville, MS with my 
grandparents, but this
book makes me feel
like I am reading
a long letter from an
old relative. The book
is funny, the recipes
scream 'the south',
and regardless of where
you live, we all need
to know what to do
when hosting a funeral,
[ here in the south
food is the first thing
people think of when
someone passes away],
and if I can learn that
with humor then all the
better. :)
I just saw the book is
out of print which is a
shame. If you want a
copy of the pimiento cheese
recipe just let me know,
I will be glad to share!


  1. I love this wool! The book sounds interesting (and funny). Please share your recipe for pimiento cheese I do not know what to expect.

  2. Why am I hungry after reading this post??? I love your shawl and the pattern you chose. It looks like a very fun knit :)

  3. that book sounds funny! i am so loving your spring photos. i've been decluttering "light" for the last days, i'm still struggling with my allergies and will for a few weeks. but we're heading to the seaside on sunday for a week so i hope i'll be better. after that, i think i will be ready for spring cleaning and the final nesting phase :)) the life is good pattern looks interesting, a lot like the Rae i finished 2 weeks ago.
    have an awesome day!

  4. Love that yarn Good luck with your spring cleaning

  5. Lovely yarn you are using, it will be so nice! We are on spring break too--and also cleaning! I just finished vacuuming, and had to take a break to read some blogs!

  6. Your pictures are always so beautiful Tracey. Love the yarn you are knitting with. Have fun decluttering and cleaning :)

  7. Love the yarn you are using! I am so ready for spring to come here. We had a gorgeous week about a month ago and then back to chilly & damp. Although I have been doing some pretty good deep cleaning so when spring finally hits I'll be able to play outside with the little one guilt free!!

  8. I agree, your pictures are always so lovely! The book sounds funny :-) I have seen so many people mention homemade mayonnaise the past few weeks, it is making me want to try it out. Any good recipes you can share? We get fresh eggs delivered on Thursdays, so I am thinking tomorrow would be the best day to do it :-)

  9. Always the gorgeous photos! The book sounds great. I'll have to check around for it :) Good for you with your decluttering and cleaning, I need to do that too but finding the motivation (and time) is not working out for me ;-)

  10. I love that book-I need to dig it out and try that recipe.

  11. Oh it is time for a pimento cheese sandwich - yum! And egg salad. Those are my spring favs. I'm going to have to read that book...just to make sure I'm doing it right ;)

  12. I love the honeysuckle. It reminds me of when I was a child...during summer. The pattern looks good - a simple kerchief. Funny, I thought the yarn actually looked a little blue in the light. And Tracey, that book title alone would make me read it. So funny. Does it have a ham spread sandwich recipe too? My southern grandmother used to make that a lot.

  13. Your books sounds interesting- I hope my library has a copy. I love reading about recipes. I do love looking at your photos-the honeysuckle is beautiful! Your wool looks like it is playing hide and seek.

  14. That is interesting tittle for sure.Love the look and texture of the yarn I bet it will be beautiful.
    Have a lovely day Tracey

  15. Thank you for this post---I'm in New York, where it's decidedly less springy right now, so all of the colours and warm sunshine of your photos(and oh my gosh, honeysuckles! and beautiful yarn, too!) are brightening my day.

    And that book is so on my summer to-read list. I always like to read warm, Southern books in the summer, and recipes included?! An added plus. ;D

  16. Oh yes food is the first thing. It comes to the house, the fellowship hall, some days later if you are lucky. Love the knit you are making. You are simply awesome Tracey!

  17. oh, you are so right about the food good friend has her "death banana pudding"--an easy recipe that feeds the throngs that primariy gets taken to funerals. When her father recently passed away and she invited us to share the post funeral meal with her and her family, of course, I brought the "death pudding". It actually also helped to lighten the somber occasion!

    Need to find that book! Looks like a few good chuckles there! (as well as good recipes!)

  18. *Love* the wool! Good luck with your cleaning and decluttering. Stay motivated! :)

  19. That yarn is knitting up so pretty!

  20. I just love seeing the creativity behind your yarn along photos! Gorgeous!

  21. Once again I am 'taken into' your photos, Tracey.
    Your Boboli knit is going to be appreciated - - -
    next fall/winter. Should there be one.

  22. i love homemade pimento cheese!!! you are a woman after my own heart :)

  23. you need to be a photo stylist!!! your photography gets more beautiful and intuitive with every post! and woman, you are singing to the choir with the pimento cheese. love love love. my dad makes amazing p.c. and oh i miss it. oddly it doesn't taste as good in rockies as it does in georgia. weird huh? the book looks great and your knitting is gorgeous! tell mike happy birthday for me and i hope your week is lovely!

  24. Oh, Tracey, today's photos are just too beautiful. Especially the vine twined around the chain. Breathtaking.

  25. Oh, your pictures have me jealous for spring. It's still been cool around here. I will definitely be sharing my cheese making adventures. Hard cheese is looking challenging, but mozzarella was easy.

  26. Hmm, that sounds delicious! And quite an unexpected place to find a favourite recipe I imagine.
    Lovely photos, as always!

  27. Your knitting sounds a lot like my knitting this week. Simple and straight forward. Very nice! I WANT that recipe... please?

  28. Beautiful pics!! And I can't help but laugh at your book. I am on a mission to hunt it down! Happy Spring Break!

  29. what a funny book, it must be lovely. i've never had pimento cheese, i bet its good! sounds like you are having a wonderful week tracey, happy knitting! (and organizing!)

  30. Just the title of that book makes we want to buy it :D
    I love the natural colours in your yarn too, simple projects are always so therapeutic.
    ... and thank you so much for your kind words over at my place Tracey.
    You know you are welcome over to mine for tea anytime :)

  31. The books sounds very funny. The cheese recipe sounds interesting. Not really sure what pimento cheese is though. I always love seeing what you are knitting. Jacinta

  32. Beautiful photos, as always. I have to get a taste of Spring here as we had snow today.