Thursday, April 12, 2012


The only thing that separates
 us from the animals is our
ability to accessorize. 

~Robert Harling, Steel Magnolias

It's been a week of cleaning
out in my home, taking things
TO the thrift store to drop off,
not daring to go inside so I
wouldn't be tempted.
Yesterday I made a trip
to the dump to drop off a
few bags and noticed a
little box sitting beside
the office where people
leave items that they think
someone might want. Inside
the box were five pairs of
white leather gloves, the
kind women wore in the
40's and 50's whenever
they went out in public
or maybe to church on
Sunday morning.
I am not sure why I
brought them home,
the only gloves I wear
are gardening gloves and
half the time I forget those.
Gloves are no longer
considered a necessary
accessory and to be
honest I don't really
pay attention to fashion
rules anyway.
Oh well, maybe I can
donate them to a school
drama club or something.

Joining up with Cory.



  1. Now that is quite the find! A drama club would be the perfect home :)

  2. Those are lovely. I'd have to keep at least one pair for myself.

  3. Exquiste...a little piece of history.

  4. I bet one little person would love to have a pair in her dress-up box!!! And then Olie will need another pair to wear when they play dress up together. What a find!!

  5. Those are beautiful. If a pair fit you, hold onto that pair, if for no other reason to preserve a little bit of history. Besides, you never know when some odd event might come up and you suddenly need to accessorize dahling.

  6. Some things just tug at our sentimental side.
    These are lovely and invoke lovely daydreams.

  7. I think you should hold onto them for your grand baby. such dress up fun!
    neat that commenters are now going to give you 100 uses for old, vintage leather gloves. : )

  8. Good idea about the drama club! What a find; and free to boot.

  9. I think they would be a hit in a dress up box! What a fun thrifty find :)

  10. What a lucky find! You brought them home with you because they called to you like a postcard from another era. I've heard that siren song myself. ;)

  11. Gorgeous, what an amazing find! I think you should start wearing them! Make a fashion statement :)

  12. the drama club is good idea...or a dress up box for sure! i needed gloves mightily on my vision quest this morning...i should have had you teleport them. and you are invited to the next nekkid's not what it sounds like, for sure!

  13. I think you should find a willing little gal and have a tea party wearing these beauties. That would be fun!! (I love the buttons!)

  14. Such a great rescue. They will be gratefully received by a drama club I'm sure.

  15. I have a very similar pair that were my grandmother's. They are so gorgeous!

  16. Oh I love those buttons :) I can see them sitting on an entrance table, along with a pretty hat, ready to head out for afternoon tea!

  17. The gloves are so beautiful, it looks like you need to have a Great Gatsby party (wait, that's the 30s) or something elegant with bone china. You brought them home because you value beauty -- and that's enough of a reason to love 'em.

  18. I am thinking these would be great in a dress up would love them.

    They are beautiful!

  19. A wonderful find! I do still wear gloves quite a bit - I have Raynauds and even in the warmth, sometimes my hands are very cold.

    I like Kelly's tea party idea :)

  20. Those gloves are amazing! They look so soft-what luck!