Wednesday, April 4, 2012


If you have an apple and I
have an apple and we
exchange these apples
 then you and I will still
each have one apple. But if
you have an idea and I
 have an idea and we
exchange these ideas,
then each of us will have
two ideas.

~George Bernard Shaw

Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Joining with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

I have been having a
blast knitting the
Corkscrew Scarf.The
pattern is very easy to
follow so it is a wonderful
project that can be set
down and picked back
up with ease. I picked up
some inexpensive yarn,
Lion Brand Tweed in
Prism to practice with
and I must say that I like
how the colors are working
out. Next I want to find
some really colorful silk
to use as I plan on making
several of these and giving
them to everyone I know.

I am still very slowing reading
Wendell Berry and really
enjoying the book. I have
also been reading a lot of
Beatrix Potter to the
wee one from a book
given to my children
from my parents. I must
say it is a lot of fun to
read the same stories to
my granddaughter that
I read to her mother
and uncles.
What's on your needles
this week?


  1. That skein of yarn looks like a colorful Easter egg. I enjoy reading stories to my kiddos that have notations inside the cover from my mom recording when she read them to me.

  2. Lovely photos! I Love to see the blossoms as spring has not sprung here yet. The colors in your scarf are quite beautiful.

  3. so pretty ! i love the apple / idea line ! x

  4. That scarf looks awesome! I think I might need to try something like that :-) And I am just starting a Wendell Berry book myself.

  5. I've been making this scarf as well but left it out and it became a ... not so pretty creation after little 1 year old added his expertise. Bah! Now I wanna start it again!

  6. I love that George Bernard Shaw quote :)

    The scarf is looking fab :)

  7. We love Beatrix Potter, what perfect reading material for Easter week. Your scarf is turning out beautifully!

  8. Gorgeous scarf and such lovely pics! My Lola would love that Beatrix Potter book.

  9. Love your quote this morning :) And your pictures are always so artistic and beautiful, love them!

    Your scarf looks amazing, and I think I will add it to my knitting list, thanks.

    Enjoy your day.

  10. I love the quote at the beginning and your yarn is such beautiful colours and looks very snuggly and soft.

  11. Cute scarf. I love the colors.

  12. I love your photos :) They are always so interesting and seeing those blooms makes me so happy.

  13. Lovely scarf, such a gorgeous colour.

  14. This post reminds me how much I miss reading to little ones. Your scarf is beautiful! Sounds like a great pattern.

  15. The scarf is gorgeous! I love the colors. Now I want to make one! :-) I love the pictures of the flowers. So springy!

  16. You always make your projects look like art! Great colors on the scarf. I've been fascinated by the corkscrew pattern and may have to try it one day. We have a book of Beatrix Potter and I read her stories to my daughter.
    Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

  17. Isn't that quote exactly what yarnalong is all about?? You are amazing how you find just the perfect fit. Love the scarf---Easter is really in the air! Have a wonderful yarnalong day!

  18. Your links aren't working for me. :/ It could totally be user error on my part (still working on that morning coffee). I saw your scarf and thought - I wonder if I could do that with lace and make some funky doll hair... hmmmm... you've sparked something now. (:

    1. Melissa, it wasn't you, it was me, but the links are fixed now. :)

  19. Oh I love that corkscrew scarf! It really looks very pretty with the yarn you chose.

  20. Love the corkscrew scarf! We are two peas in a pod reading our books slowly :)

  21. Beautiful qoute today. Your scarf is fun!

  22. Your scarf is looking beautiful! And your picture! Oh my, just gorgeous! Beatrix Potter was a fav at our house as well.

  23. The quote is beautiful and so is your scarf, I just love the colourway.
    xo xo

  24. I love the scarf...the colors are coming together so nice...we also enjoy Beatrix Potter in our home...such sweet stories....


  25. The scarf looks great, I love the colours. Looking forward to seeing more of them!
    Oh, and the quote is wonderful!!

  26. I love the yarn you used for that scarf. Such pretty Easter pictures!

  27. The pictures are so lovely. I loooong for flowers in the trees...It's snowing right now here!

  28. The pictures are so lovely. I loooong for flowers in the trees...It's snowing right now here!

  29. What a delight that the scarf pattern is both fun to knit and makes such a beautiful piece! I can't wait to see it in the silk!

  30. beatrix potter is always good reading. always.

  31. I love how those colors work so perfectly with that pattern.
    super adorable.

  32. Very pretty scarf you are creating. So good when the pattern is clever and easy to create the spirals.
    Enjoy your blossoms.

  33. Yes, I think that would be awfully fun to read to a grandchild the same book. Does she like it more/less than your kids did? Love how you stuffed the ball of yarn on that branch! :)

  34. so so pretty tracey, you are the best friend to make these for others too! i LOVE beatrix potter, so sweet to read to the little one. xxx

  35. Beautiful scarf... and colors!! Love the bunny vases~ so festive.
    And the Beatrix Potter takes me back.... I had mini books that I carried everywhere with me as a child.

  36. Such sweet seasonal photos Tracey! Your scarf looks amazing x

  37. Gorgeous photos and oh my that scarf is so fun!!!

  38. Wendell Berry is one of my very favorite people in the whole world. I used to read his poetry aloud while my soon-to-be husband and I floated in a canoe down Ozark waterways. :) Fond memories!

  39. Absolutely love the scarf. I could make a couple for my nieces. Thanks for the link. Also love the Shaw quote. So true. We are big Potter fans. I loved them as a child and I'm so pleased that all my children really enjoy them. Hoping to take them up to visit her house soon.

  40. That corkscrew is so pretty, Tracey!

  41. I love love love it! Beautiful! And those trees!!

  42. I really, really, need to read some Wendell Berry. Summer reading I suppose...

  43. The photos are beautiful! I can't believe the sun! and the apple blossoms! AND the yarn colors are wonderful...

  44. My friend just knit a scarf like that and it looks like so much fun - I love the yarn your chose (and especially the photos you took of it). My youngest is enjoying "bunny Potter" and I tell ya, I never tire of reading it. I love it so much more than Pooh.

  45. Fun twisty scarf! We love Beatrix Potter here. My first grader has been reading quite a lot of those stories! Happy Easter to you!

  46. I used this very same Tweed yarn for a scarf for my older brother this past Christmas.
    Beautiful coloring in Woodlands colorway - with aqua pops ! ! !
    Am I going to have to give this pattern a try?

  47. Such a lovely scarf! Reminds of a wind chime.