Thursday, April 5, 2012


Fill your paper with the
breathings of your heart. 

~William Wordsworth

My grandparents {all but
one} and my father have 
all been gone for many,
many years, but I do
still have letters written
in their handwriting. Letters
on pretty paper, letters
that required a stamp and
a trip to the mail box, letters
that I consider one of my
 most prized possessions.
For years I have wanted a
writing box, you know,
like they had in the 'olden
days' when people would
write letters while traveling
on a train or ship.
 Once again I did not go
thrifting this week, but
my son and his wife did
and guess what they
found me? A writing
table! It's a simple little
pine box that could use a
coat of paint, but other
than that it's perfect.
With my daughter and
her family moving this
summer [we still don't
know where], I want to
start writing letters to
the wee one. Emails and
computers have their place,
but when I am gone I want
the wee one to have the
letters I have written in
my own handwriting, not
typed on a keyboard. I

want her to know my
Linking with the very
talented Cory for her
thrifting post.


  1. I love your heart behind this thrifty find! My mom instilled in us at a young age the appreciation for a hand written letter. It is something I hope to pass along to my boys. That writing table is simply wonderful!

  2. Beautiful. And I agree 100% on the value of written letters. Emails will never take the place of that, IMO.

  3. I agree with you on writing "real" letters! That would be a treasure for her. What a nifty box that you have there!!!

  4. I love this, because it reminds me of a very similar lap desk my father built me when I was a child. I used it constantly growing up!

  5. Very pretty-it would look great painted a fun, bright color.
    I'd love copies of some of the old letters-I don't have any.

  6. Such a sweet gift!! Handwritten letters are a lost art. I love that you want to write to your wee one.

  7. Oh so sweet! My grandmother was one of my pen pals growing up. I loved it. I know own the desk that she used when she wrote those letters. It's one of my greatest memories of her...that and her fig preserves...Yum!

  8. How wonderful that your kids went thrifting for you!! Treasure!! I know some of my most treasured things are my mom's recipes written by her. Penmanship really is becoming a lost art--makes those handwritten letters all the more precious!

  9. It's wonderful. How thoughtful of your son and his wife! I agree, nothing beats a letter that you can hold in your hand. Here is something to think about. My girls struggle to read the cards and letters that family sends because they aren't accustomed to having to figure out the individual nuances of someone's penmanship... I find this frustrating. They hand the card to me with a quizzical look on their face and I just read it. The are astounded.

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. I love the way you think. What a find!
    Handwritten letters are so wonderful. What a beautiful thing for your granddaughter to have...they are a rarity in this day and age.
    Kudos to your son and his wife!

  11. What a perfect find! I too have a special place in my heart for the handwritten. I loved getting letters in the mail when I was younger (still do) and I'll bet your wee ones will be no different!

  12. love the idea of writing letters to your grandchildren. so sweet tracey!

  13. How special is that- they found you one.
    I so agree letters are special....and I am sure "wee one" will treasure your letters as you treasure your grandparents words.

  14. nice find. Letters are so special, I'd forgotten that Tracey, thank you.

  15. I still love getting a handwritten letter, although it doesn't happen that much anymore. Love that you know have somewhere to keep your treasured letters.

    Such a wonderful idea with your wee one, those letters will be her treasure in years to come.

  16. Wonderful! I have a few people that I write letters to almost exclusively. It's an incredible feeling to put a piece of paper in the mail and know that you are sending them love. Your table is beautiful... show us again when you have it finished?

  17. Funnily enough I have all the letters anyone has ever sent me, somehow I cannot bring my self to throw them away - it would be like discarding a little part of someone. My daughter and my mother have a lovely little thing going - they write letters to each other in an exercise book and they post it back and forth to each other, that way all the letters that each of them has written is kept together in one place and can be re-read and not lost. This might be something your granddaughter may like too.

  18. A lovely, thoughtful gift.