Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Long, beautiful,
gleaming, steaming,
flaxen, waxen...
I adore hair!

 ~James Rado
 and Gerome Ragni,
As much as I love
my well water for
tasting like just
plain water and not
a glass full of chemicals,
there is the drawback of
it being extremely hard.
Not only does this
do a number on my
skin, [think lots of
lotion even with all 
the humidity that goes
with living here],
it really does some
serious damage to 
 my hair.
Every so often it's nice
to take a little time and
give your hair a good,
deep conditioning. Not
wanting to use a lot 
of chemicals I did a little
computer research and
put together a treatment
from things in my kitchen.
I used 2 tablespoons raw
honey, 1 tablespoon grape
seed oil along with 1 tablespoon
extra virgin olive oil. I warmed
all the ingredients then mixed
well and applied all over my
hair [and the bathroom floor, ahem]. 
I wrapped my head with a plastic
cap and drank a few cups of
coffee. When I had had
enough coffee, I rinsed and
no pooedMy hair came out
soft and silky and I didn't
even mind having to scrub
the bathroom floor.
Next time I want to try
adding a little raw egg, a
salad dressing for hair!
HT: Lori


  1. This sounds so lovely Tracey, I would really like to go 'no poo', we did try it a few years ago with just bicarb and water but then I reverted back to shampoo. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe:)
    xo xo

  2. Sounds so lush. I bet your hair looks and feels amazing now. I have given up conditioners and other products but not shampoo, although I only wash my hair twice a week now. xxx

  3. Sounds interesting-I'll have to try it and see how it works.

  4. You have such beautiful long hair!!! What a treat for it!

  5. I bet your hair is soft and smells wonderful! Our water is hard here too (well water as well) and I have to use lotion every single day!!

  6. My mum would rinse her hair with beer to make it shiny!

  7. *laugh* My problem with your routine is that I'm not sure I could ever have enough coffee! (:

  8. Sounds very intriguing, the no poo method would certainly save some money around here, seems that everyone has a favorite shampoo in our shower...

  9. I have tried beer for some added shine and chamomile as a natural lightner.

  10. I don't know if you can get Lush products where you are, but they do a range of solid shampoos... One of which is designed for hard water :) I live in a hard water area and swear by the stuff!

  11. I grew up an well water and it does taste better, but it does do a number on your hair. My sister used to mash up an avocado and mix it with various items and put that on her hair. I'll have to ask her what else she used. Some people put mayo on their hair as well. I'm sure it looks gorgeous now!

  12. Sounds like a great treatment. We have very hard water. I have no poo'ed on and off for many years. Once I even did water only (that was a bit short lived).

  13. I love natural recipes for hair; they really are the best ones.

  14. thanx for the recipe my dear! we, too, have very hard water so I am on it!

  15. tracey! thank you, i'm doing it today!! we also have very hard water, i sometimes forget until we travel and the first thing i notice is the water and how it affects my hair, soft water=soft hair! thank you for doing the research, i can't wait!

  16. I tried going no poo in the fall but I could not get any success with it. I really wanted it to work but I ended up with crazy straw hair and serious build-up. Any tips?
    Your deep conditioning sounds lovely! :)

  17. Almost sounds good enough to eat... not the raw egg version! Nice tip Tracy, thanks.

    Blessings, Debbie

  18. Thanks for the recipe! We also have very hard well water and I have the same struggles. I tried no poo a couple of years ago, but didn't make it through the initial adjustment period. I should really give it another go. :)

  19. Sounds wonderful! We have hard water too. This sounds yummy!

  20. Great recipe. I generally don't have a problem with hard water, but I wonder if your conditioner would be good for my daughter who colours her hair. She started to go grey at just 16 (inherited it from her paternal grandmother) and colours her hair monthly, and it always looks a little dry.

  21. So super inspiring! I'm getting closer to all this kind of no-poo stuff. But I'm a little scared. I have long hair too....

    Also...please tell me all about your thoughts on hard water. We have really hard water here too and have had water softeners forever...but now I want to get rid of the water softening but our fear is that we will thin our plumbing with the hard water....would love your thoughts....

    1. meant we will RUIN our plumbing. duh.

  22. Ack! We have well water too. But ours doesn't taste very good at all. It also does a number on my laundry...extra dingy whites.

    I will try this; it's the perfect hair pampering for coming out of winter.

  23. I have the same kind of water here-
    thinking I ought to try this out tonight. :)

  24. WE have it pretty good here in our mid-MO town.
    Our water is not hard at all
    The only thing [not being from here] our water comes from - - - - the Missouri River - - - - -