Sunday, April 1, 2012


Strawberries are the angels
 of the earth, innocent and
 sweet with green leafy
  wings reaching heavenward.

  ~Terri Guillemets

This weekend has been
a sleep over while the
wee one's mom was out
of town so really there
hasn't been much sleep.
Oh, to have the energy
of a three year old!
A ride to an old family
friend's strawberry patch
for a little berry picking
since the rabbits ate every
one of my plants. Picking
way too many strawberries,
stocking up on some Gullah
Gold, jam and pie making
[minus the food dye], watching
Tangled, reading a lot of
books and doing 'crafts'
[a nice way of saying there
was paint, wood, paper and
glue everywhere! ].
The wee one left last night
so this morning has been
quiet. I have lingered
over my coffee, deep
conditioned my hair with
honey, evoo and grapeseed
oil and worked on my
menu planning. Later there
will be knitting, maybe
a little reading and a
nap, oh yes a nap. Tomorrow
they are predicting temperatures
to reach 91 degrees so I
think summer has arrived in
the April! It
will be a good day to
stay in and catch up on
my house loving that has
been sorely neglected. I
hope your weekend has
been all you wanted!
Joining with amanda
for her weekending


  1. mmm...strawberries! and a sweet little girl to share them with. sounds like a great weekend tracey - hope you get some rest today :)

  2. I can't believe you have strawberries already- man, did I pick the wrong place to live in US! We still have snow on the ground for crying out LOUD! I can smell the summery sweetnes thru your images and what a little cuteypatuty.
    Happy Sunday Tracey

  3. shes so adorable tracey, i bet she loved the strawberry picking. you are such a good olie! oh my goodness it's so hot there. we have had an extra cold spring, today its in the low 50's, 40 in the shade, the wind feels like its blowing straight from alaska. brrr! did you make your conditioner? i think i need some of that too!

  4. Wonderful! What a weekend! I hope to make pies like that this summer... Kiss those sweet cheeks for me!

    1. PS I haven't picked strawberries in years... I am allergic to the plants but not the berries. Go figure!

  5. Oh yes!

  6. We love going strawberry picking! That place looks awesome, too!
    Love the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees...reminds me of my grandmothers place in South Carolina.
    And that pie.... go ahead and cut me slice. I'll be over in a few. :) Looks delish!
    Happy Weekend, Tracey!
    Now go take a much deserved nap.

  7. I hope you squeezed in that nap! She is getting so big :) It has been quite chilly here so I cannot imagine 91 degrees. This weather has been nuts!

  8. We reached at record high
    here in mid-MO
    the record set in 1890
    our high was something like
    93 degrees F
    IN MARCH ! ! ! ! ! ! !


  9. oh, yeah--we hit 90 today, too! But we don't have the strawberries yet to show for the heat wave! Yummy stuff coming out of your kitchen--and such an adorable helper!! She's absolutely precious!

    Hope you get to squeeze in that nap! (I'm always soooooo very excited to see them come....but then, I'm usually ready to see them be happy in their own house!!)

  10. A nap sounds wonderful! Those berries look delicious.

  11. A great weekend for you all. I hope this week brings you some well needed rest. Your photos are great! Katie x

  12. sweet weekend.
    sounds like it was so fun and also a little tiring.
    they do that to you, don't they.
    you are the worlds best nana (grandma, grammy) I am knowing that for SURE.
    lots of love to you sweet lady,

  13. that all sounds wonderful! i am especially intrigued by the hair conditioner and am going to give it a try! darling girl you have there, and I know her parents are grateful for your loving care!

  14. That pie looks amazing. My mouth is watering. I love strawberries! Ah, the energy of a 3 year old, I am so there with you. Jairah is quite the busy boy. Your grand daughter is so very sweet. Jacinta x

  15. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Those strawberries look amazing! Hope you were able to get that nap and knitting in.

  16. Those strawberries look sooooo good.So tiring this being a granma, but oh so wonderful.

  17. Oh it sounds like a PERFECT weekend!!! The strawberries look so beautiful! (And I love the quote at the top of your post). I so wish I had had grandparents to spend weekends like this with. Thankfully my parents are those kind of grandparents so my daughter is blessed!!

  18. Oh those strawberries make my mouth water! We have a little bit to wait until they're ready here. I'll dream about yours in the mean time! :)

  19. nice!! i sure would've not minded spending the weekend with you :)

  20. I always amazing how different your weather is from ours! Strawberries already?! Yum! We think our weather is getting balmy at a mere 52 degrees!

  21. Strawberries ~ yum! And that picture of that sweet little girl with the strawberry ~ scrumptious. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Those strawberries look so delicious, and that pie..yum. We will have to wait until June for strawberries here.