Sunday, March 25, 2012


For a long time it had seemed
 to me that life was about to
 begin - real life. But there was
 always some obstacle in the way. 
Something to be got through first,
 some unfinished business, time
 still to be served, a debt to be paid.
  Then life would begin. At last
 it dawned on me that these
 obstacles were my life. 

~Fr. Alfred D'Souza

Weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the comments. Joining up with Amanda for her
weekending posts.

Saturday morning brought an end to
my procrastination and working a half
the day on my t*xes making me question
this self-employed lifestyle we live, but
thankfully it's only once a year.
Enjoyed a quiet evening with my best
friend, laughing just like we did when
we were 16 and finding it hard to
believe that 32 years have passed
since our first date and we have
been married almost 30 years! Waking
in the middle of the night to run
all over the house shutting windows
as the storm that Amanda drove
in made its way here.
Sunday has brought blue skies and
a cooler breeze. A birthday cake
has been baked, rolls are rising,
the grill is ready, horseshoes
are set up and the house has
been cleaned. Later this afternoon
all the children will arrive home
along with friends to celebrate
the birth of a dear friend. I
am enjoying this life I have to
live and I hope the same for you!


  1. Wonderful...much love to you.

  2. sounds like a fabulous weekend despite the storm. love the thought of all your children coming home!

  3. That life sounds wonderful!

  4. What a great quote. Life is wonderful here also, with all that, that brings. Sounds like a beautiful weekend you've had. Love Kate

  5. family all together!! wonderful!!!

  6. I hope you have a perfect celebration! A full house is a happy loved house :) Have fun!!

  7. Sounds so happy and wonderful - ours is too. xxx

  8. A wonderful weekend. I too love your new banner - blossoms are so exquisite, Katie xxx

  9. Sounds wonderful - I hope you are enjoying it.

  10. What a lovely blog, will add you to my reading list to get some wonderful inspiration.

  11. This is a beautiful post. We all need the reminder that the lives we live ARE beautiful (at least I needed the reminder!) I wouldn't change a bit of it! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  12. So glad everyone is home and you were able to enjoy a visit...we had thunderstorms ALL weekend.

  13. this is a truly lovely post that makes me grateful to be a reader! i can only imagine how blessed your children, husband, and friends must feel to have you! i can almost smell those rolls a risin'!

    and thanx for the idea of posting our meals for the whole week....will do! you're forcing me to 'organize' and i like it!

    have a good one, my dear!

  14. I love your quote this morning. It sums up the way my life has been going pretty perfectly. Your weekend sounds lovely... even the storm!

  15. Sounds like a fantastic weekend indeed my friend!

  16. Tracey...sounds peaceful and celebratory...topped off with a birthday party! What a wonderful weekend!

  17. Gorgy color and flowers Tracey!
    Beautiful post- I read it yesterday and did not have time to comment...your words stayed with me all day. I hope you had a a lovely weekend.

  18. Beautiful - enjoy the celebrations!

  19. Gorgeous photos, I hope you had a wonderful time!

  20. Fantastic weekend Tracey. 32 years, amazing. You will have to write a post about your secret. :) Enjoy the birthday party!

  21. Enjoy the beautiful celebrations! How wonderful to have everyone home!

  22. What a beautiful weekend. I understand the tax thing, but then the boss thing can be a downer. Love how long you all have been married and are still dear friends. Have a beautiful celebration!

  23. your love of life is what keeps me connected to your blog.
    thank you for sharing with us.
    it is clear that you are a wonderful soul, Tracey.
    We are also self-employed. What a ride! Up and down. Right now it's down. Oh well.

  24. It all sounds just beautiful... even the taxes to hear you tell it!

    Blessings, Debbie

  25. Wonderful weekend -- hope you and yours enjoyed the celebration!

  26. Sounds like a wonderful weekend Tracey! And your marriage, so inspiring!!! Taxes *ugg*, thank goodness only once year agreed!! And that's is the one good thing about storms, they bring in cooler weather! I was reading that FL is getting into the mid 80's, but with the storm the evenings are cooler. Here the weather is perfect, cool in the mornings, high 60's and low 70's, it's a bit strange not to have humidity, but I am not complaining! You'll just have to come out for a visit one day to see for yourself :), then I can take you to see those views!