Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Beautiful and graceful,
varied and enchanting,
 small but approachable,
butterflies lead you to
 the sunny side of life.
 And everyone deserves
 a little sunshine.

~Jeffrey Glassberg

The temperatures are going
to be in the 70's today which
will make a nice change from
the 80's we have been experiencing.
Dinner is already prepared, left
over grilled chicken for them 
and some toasted tofu for me along
with a side dish  containing my new
favorite grain. The basket is packed
with plenty of snacks, the water bottles
are filled, school books are stacked
and of course my knitting is loaded. We
are outside today, chasing butterflies
and enjoying the sunshine!
I hope you find time to enjoy
a little sunshine in your day!


  1. Chase some for me, too!!!!! (My goodness you are organized!!! so early and your to-do list has checks on it already!)

  2. It is cold up here! I'm thinking quinoa today for dinner....just because I'm in the mood. Have fun chasing the butterflies and knitting :)

  3. Love this time of year. The butterflies are everywhere; they're such a joy to watch. Have fun!

  4. Pretty butterfly! I love your new header too!

  5. Sounds lovely...chasing butterflies.
    70 degrees- I am levitating!

  6. We're having some cooler weather - frost warning last night, but it's supposed to warm up this weekend. Things are starting to really look like spring though. Especially after the rainy weekend. Go chase some more for me :)

  7. oh...I love chasing butterflies

  8. It was 30 degrees this morning when I got in the car. Thirty! But I know warmer weather will return soon. Beautiful butterfly and sunshine! :)

  9. oh, we also have out butterflies flying around! but i didn't take a picture of one yet.
    we're just about to head out to take a walk around the lake. keep enjoying the weather!

  10. Oh enjoy your sunshine.We are also enjoying beautiful days , cooler days but summery all the same. I heard some one yesterday say that it was so nice to finally be getting some summer and yet we are in Autumn. Our summer was much cooler and wetter than usual, fine by me!

  11. Oh sounds great to me! Hope you had fun.

  12. I love hearing about your sunshine-y days, Tracey! Ours will be here before we know it. I'm curious to learn more about your new faro addiction...

  13. Thanks for sharing these recipes Tracey your picnic sounded wonderful. We're having a lovely spring here too 22 degrees yesterday...I've started to sow my spring seeds and just rescued a red butterfly not dissimilar to your photo from a cobweb in the garden shed...I put it to rest on a leaf in the garden and hoped it was ok...thankfully when I returned it had flown away...a happy sunny moment...

    Have a good week Deb