Wednesday, March 28, 2012


"It is not from ourselves
 that we learn to be better
than we are.”

~Wendell Berry

Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Joining with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

I must start by giving a huge
thank you to Karen for her
Cinder Block Cowl pattern,
I love it! Except for using
a smaller needle [ I used a
size 6] I followed the pattern
exactly as written with no
problems, I think that's
a first for me. I still have
to block it, but I really
don't think it needs much.
What the cowl needs is some
cooler weather and not the 87
degrees that is headed my
way so I can wear it!

Preparing to go on
my needles now
is a pattern I was
introduced to by another
blogger friend, Stacy.
The Scarf By Many Names
looks like another fun
knit to try and I will
get to practice knitting
short rows. I am still
trying to decide what
yarn to use because I  
would really like to knit
just one thing I could use
now, unlike all my other
knit items that need
cooler weather to be
worn and enjoyed. I know,
the weather thing again,
but geesh, is it too
much to ask for just one
knit item I can wear?

On my night stand this
week is a book I bought
my husband for Valentine's
Bringing It to the Table. As
a family who is now making
a living from what they 
can grow on their land,  
I want all the information
about agriculture I can
get. I have always been
a huge fan of Wendell
Berry's and so far I am
really enjoying this

I hope you have a lovely
Yarn Along day and I can't
wait to visit and see what
you have been up to this week.


  1. Your cowl looks great, and comfortable. And are those blackberries that are growing already? So exciting!

  2. what a cozy cowl, it looks lovely on you! Its less fun knitting when the weathers too hot to wear what you knit but just think how nice it will be to pull it out next winter:)

  3. It looks fabulous!!!! The only reason I blocked my cowl is that I wanted it a little longer so I stretched it out :) I think you are a master knitter right now :)

  4. The cowl looks great - shame the weather is a bit warm for it - although I think I'll take the good weather!

  5. That book sounds awesome! I will have to put it on my ever growing list of books to read. I am still trying to make it through all the library books I got a few weeks ago! And the cowl is lovely! I knit myself a cowl last year, and it is something that I use all the time, I love it :-)

  6. Gorgeous new cowl - hope you get at least one cool day to wear it before the season changes to all hot.

    Enjoy your reading and the new project.

  7. You look great. I'll have to check out that book, it sounds interesting.

  8. Your cowl is wonderful and it looks great on you! That book looks interesting. I can;t wait to read what you think about it!

  9. hi tracey i love the basketweave ! very pretty ...

  10. Beautiful cowl! Our weather has definitely moved out of knitwear too- so unusual for the season. I'll hope for a few more cowl weather days for you!

  11. Beautiful cowl on a beautiful lady. I'd love to hear more about your food growing. Mark's grandchildren just call me Kate but Rhonnie has been calling me grandma. Seems to fit.

  12. Oh, Tracey! The cowl looks absolutely wonderful!! (You do look like you are ready to burst out into giggles---look at me wearing a cowl in 80 degree weather!!!) And you whipped that up is NO TIME AT ALL!!!!! In between all the gardening and planting and family parties---amazing woman!

  13. The cowl came out gorgeous! You knit so fast. It's awesome!!

  14. the cowl is a triumph! So fun to have created something inspired purely via the medium of blogging ;0)

  15. Beautiful photos of flowers and berries. Such a lovely photo of you wearing your new cowl, it is gorgeous! I saw the scarf over on Stacy's blog, it does look like a fun knit.
    Have a wonderful Yarn Along.
    xo xo

  16. Lovely photos and a beautiful cowl. I was just thinking today that I should get my act in gear and knit a cowl!

  17. The cowl looks so warm and cozy.I have been wanting too this whole year- never got around to it. Lovely "green" images so delightful to the warmer season it's way.

  18. It looks great on you, Tracey!

  19. I always love your photos! And the cowl looks fabulous! Nice and cozy and needing some cool weather to be enjoyed :)

  20. That cowl is gorgeous! Love the simplicity of the white yarn!! It looks great on you!

  21. I LOVE the look on your face...too cute! The cowl is gorgeous. We've had a little cold snap with frost warnings the other night, so I get to wear my makes me happy, ya know?

  22. Looks great. I really am loving cowls but the weather is changing here that cowls are too warm to wear...I suppose knitting ahead for next year is a good thing. I love that field with the red foliage - what are those plants/weeds?

  23. Oh, you can tell just by the picture how soft the cowl is! It looks luscious!

  24. Thank you for the link to the scarf pattern, Tracey! I saw someone wearing this the other day and I was totally coveting it. I need to practice short rows too, so this might be a perfect project for me. :) The cowl is just wonderful!

  25. That sounds like an awesome book. I swear, I need a farm! lol. Love the cowl -- you look great in it!

  26. Beautiful cowl! I'm picturing you during winter wearing it all snuggly ;)

    Perhaps you need a nice, lace weight shawl? Something light weight?

  27. Hi Tracey, lovely to see a picture of you! Beautiful Cowl, thanks for popping over x M

  28. I'm in the same boat weather wise. I'm debating my next project (always, right?) and heard someone recommend a linen-hemp blend as great for summer but I cannot remember who. There's always classic cotton, I suppose. Or we can just start knitting pillows and doilys! lol!

  29. If you find a good hot weather knit, let me know! i seem to gravitate toward socks until it gets so hot that you rarely leave ac. I need more information. You are a self-sustaining farm? The book sounds fascinating and informative.

  30. That book looks fun and you did a spectacular job on that cowl (and so quickly too)! I get it about the weather. Thankfully we are back to normal (33 degrees for lows and about 50's or so for highs).
    I love the color yarn you used too. Happy Yarn Along!

  31. Fantastic ~ very cute look adorable in it. I peeked a the upcoming project and it looks cute too...I actually took a potato chip scarf knitting class. They are really neat to make. I love the one you linked to.

  32. i love WB but haven't picked that book up yet. not sure why so i'll be anxiously awaiting your review!

    and i love the cowl and seeing your beautiful face :)

  33. Your cowl is lovely and it looks wonderful on you. Will have to check out that book, sounds right up my alley.

  34. How frustrating to knit and not have the weather to wear it. It looks great for the photo! I just googled your book. I love some of the quotes that came up. I think he would make an interesting read.

  35. It's a gorgeous cowl. I hate it when the weather doesn't co-operate with your crafting desires LOL I find myself sitting there wanting to make summer dresses in winter, and knit winter woolies in summer. Annoying!

  36. The cowl looks beautiful on you, Tracey. Wow, 87 degrees! That's amazing. I hope it cools off a bit soon. Thanks for the mention-- I look forward to seeing the yarn you select for the scarf.

  37. Oh wow, your blog header is just gorgeous! They're cherry blossoms, right?

  38. Love the cowl - you won't be wearing it for a while though.

  39. i really like that pattern you knitted!
    all these blossoms are gorgeous! i can't believe you've already got blackberries, wow!!

  40. you look beautiful! what a gorgeous knit!

  41. Lovely to see you modelling!

  42. That Potato Chip Scarf looks like a hoot to knit, Tracey.

  43. what fun!! you need to come here tracey, it's cold!! yay for knitting karens scarf! :)

  44. Tracey, what a gorgeous photo of you. You certainly have a lovely sparkle in your eye. Jacinta