Tuesday, January 17, 2012


"Love pushes a knitter's needles-
my needles- to create the best
we can for our family. And we
click on, anxious to see their
enchantment with what we have
created just for them."
~ Michelle Edwards in
A knitter's Home Companion

Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Joining with Ginny
I finished knitting the socks
I have been working on for
my son along with a pair of
fingerless gloves and as soon
as they are done blocking  I
will take a few pictures to
show you. I am very pleased
with how they turned out and
just hope he likes them.

After knitting with all that
brown I thought it would be
fun to use something with a
little color. I pulled an iridescent
tweed stripe from my stash
and cast on this lush-ious swirl cowl
for my daughter in-law's mother.
It's hard sometimes getting older
and going through all the changes
that come with middle age,
[as I know all too well]  so I
thought she might like a little
surprise to brighten her day.
The color of the yarn is really
radiant and since she is a beautiful
and bright soul, I thought
this would look perfect on her.
Sometimes it's just nice to receive
something just because, you know?

I am still [slowly] reading
and loving it!

What have you been up to
this week?


  1. You are such a beautiful and bright soul yourself - and so thoughtful! I think she'll love it - the colours are beautiful!

  2. Great pattern choice for the color! Or should I say great color choice for the pattern. Whatever. Great.

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Wow, that yarn is absolutely stunning! I love the way you have photographed it too :)

  4. She is going to love it and think of you every time she wears it. I love the yarn and the pattern together! Looking forward to seeing your finished projects :)

  5. That yarn is gorgeous! And what a lovely gift :) We always called those gifts for no reason "happy happys" because sometimes it is really nice just to get a gift for the joy of it - or to give one.

  6. How wonderful this yarn is, so bright and beautiful!

  7. that cowl looks awesome! i made myself a zigzag one last year, and I wear it everyday :-) Great gift!

  8. Gorgeous yarn! What a beautiful gift. :)

  9. Beautiful, jewel-like colors...it is lovely!

  10. Such lovely yarn! It will be a beautiful gift.

  11. That's such a beautiful quote, I will have to hunt in the local bookshops and library for 'The Knitters Home Companion' it sounds like a fantastic read. I love the richness and saturated colour of your yarn, it's sure to brighten your daughters-in-laws mother's day and warm her heart.........knitting a gift for someone is a wonderful way to show you care and you're thinking of them.

  12. What a beautiful thoughtful thing to do!! She's going to love that cowl!! It's gorgeous!! (Outstanding pictures--as always!!!)

  13. Love all those colors! You are such a sweet sweet person, she is going to love that cowl!

  14. it's wonderful that you give so much thought into what colour and yarn to choose for the person you're knitting for. so that quote is absolutely fitting. love it!

  15. That yarn is just simply gorgeous, love the colours in it.

  16. Beautiful yarn and such a thoughtful gift! She will love it.

  17. Yes. I think sometimes the 'just because' presents are the best to both receive and give. Unexpected little joys. The yarn looks soft and fuzzy, and the color glows.

  18. I'm sure that DIL's mom will appreciate that cowl.

    Beautiful job, Tracey!

  19. Tracey,

    I can't wait to see the finger-less gloves and socks...I know that they will be great! Your knitting is so beautiful...
    I also love the colors that you chose for the cowl. Hand-made gifts are the Best!!

    Blessings to you,


  20. You're right, it's nice to receive gifts just because. No specific reason needed. That color is gorgeous -- is that Noro?

  21. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

  22. Tracy, I am sure she will never forget that you made her this cowl. I can imagine her surprise. The yarn is lovely and I look forward to seeing your progress.

  23. oh you lovely person you. how thoughtful and beautiful this is. i think knitting for another is the most loving gesture, i am sure she will be thrilled.
    and i love the color of your kitchen chairs!

  24. What a beautiful blend of colours. Such a lovely idea to give an out of the blue present. Who needs a special occasion!

  25. That yarn you've chosen is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished product. You've inspired me to make some things for a few special friends, just because!

  26. What a beautiful gift - that color is just amazing.

  27. Love that yarn. I am very into bright colors right now (or the need for bright colors). What a wonderful gift!

  28. What a thoughtful gesture, I am sure it will brighten her day. The yarn is gorgeous and so are you pictures.

    I am currently knitting for someone else too, only he asked me to knit of for him :)

  29. Oh that color is delicious! Love it! The pattern is cool too.

  30. Wow...I'm knitting a neck warmer for a friend....must try socks soon!xxx

  31. That yarn is like a beautiful jewel--sounds like the intended recipient is a jewel as well. Nicely done!

  32. That yarn is very enchanting indeed!
    Just-because-presents are just the same, I definitely need to keep remembering that!

  33. Ah I love the shade of your yarn. I wish I could knit one too. I am not knitting this week sadly, but I am quilting a bunch!

  34. What beautiful colors! Congratulations on finishing the socks and gloves.

  35. The yarn is so bright and pretty! How thoughtful of you to make a gift for her "just because." I love that quote from the Knitter's Home Companion.

  36. I love those colors, friend! I am sure that she will love it!

  37. That yarn is radiant! I love the rainbow swirl look. Also, I am very interested in this book - is it worth owning or shall I get it from the library?

  38. I loved the Knitter's Home Companion and want to knit everything out of it!

  39. Lovely colors for the cowl! They look perfect for dreary winter.