Sunday, January 15, 2012


weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the comments. Linking with Amanda .

I woke early on Saturday,
hurried to complete all those
pesky household chores,
built a fire in the woodstove
and sat in my favorite rocking
chair knitting until my birthday
gift socks were finished. I am
now working on a pair of
matching fingerless gloves to
complete the gift and then
just maybe I will be able to
cast on the cardigan I want
to knit for myself. :)

I had time to play in the
kitchen and am really enjoying
this soup. I am so glad
there are left overs to serve
for dinner again tonight, paired
with a salad it's perfect.

Sunday has been a quick
trip to the market, a long
walk in the sun, finding a 
great branch that I cut down
so I can make these.  Now
I am off to watch a movie
with my guys and maybe
take a nap!

I hope your weekend is everything
you hoped for and you are
having a great time.


  1. Fabulous weekend, Tracey. i'll just pop over with a tray of meringues and join you. xxx

  2. What a wonderful weekend. Saturday was spent tidying and cooking here. I am always amazed by how much time I can spend in the kitchen and how much I like it. Love those buttons and fantastic job on all the finishing.

  3. I wish we had a woodstove! The soup sounds so yummy and thanks for the link. I do want to watch Moneyball, will have to find it here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. That movie is on my to watch list. Looks so good! Your weekend sounds so perfect :)

  5. What a great weekend! I love branch buttons. I think they are just so simply perfect. Have a lovely evening.


  6. Ooh, that soup looks divine and those buttons are so cute! Sounds like a lovely weekend.
    Funny story- when we were in Kansas earlier this month, we came across whatever those are in your photo (what are they? I claim alien life, husband claims tree seed). We'd never seen one, so we took it home, only to forget about it and put it through the wash cycle with the rest of the suitcase contents. Came out perfectly fine! Which increases my theory of alien life form. :)

  7. That sounds like a very productive yet calm weekend. Moneyball is on my list- let me know how it is! xx -SB

  8. Tracey! Had a funny thing where I couldn't post comments to blogger blogs for a few days. Strange! Anyway, lovely post...those buttons are adorable...please show us how yours turn out!

  9. love your weekend my friend, i haven't followed the links yet, but i'm looking forward to seeing what else you have been up to. well done on the knitting! i do hope you get to your cardigan soon.
    i hope your week is just as wonderful. xox

  10. I loved reading about your weekend, Tracey. The branch buttons are so natural and wonderful. Did you watch Moneyball and did you like it? I haven't seen it but have heard all of the great reviews. Hope you have a wonderful week.


    PS. I wrote a post today inspired by you.

  11. soup and a walk and some knitting and some sun sound just-so-perfectly-lovely. thanks for sharing your words, so inspirational, so simple-such perfect prose.

  12. Thanks for the recipe link. The soup sounds delicious.

    Those buttons are adorable. I've never worked with wood, but wish I had more time for more hobbies!

  13. Funny! I just set my husband to work making me branch buttons... I also have him researching how to make antler buttons. We have a collection of antler shed and see no reason why one of them couldn't lend itself to the knitty mama in the home. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  14. Thank you my wise friend!

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. Those buttons are ingenius! I love them! What a beautiful weekend. I can't imagine anything more relaxing than sitting back in a rocking chair beside the woodstove with a pile of knitting in my hands:)...Sigh :)

  16. what a great weekend!!! mine was spent watching data transfer from Dell to Mac; and now I'm struggling to figure out MAC. Not intuitive like everyone says!!! (Of course, I'm an old dog--and not a very computer literate one at that).

  17. love wooden buttons! how was moneyball? it's in the queue ;-)

  18. Sounds absolutely those buttons.
    Much love

  19. Love the seed pods and can't remember the name of them!? I think your definition of household chores is perfect: pesky! Sounds like you had a good weekend.

  20. What great buttons - they would look perfect on a chuncky jumper or just sewn on a hat - great idea.

  21. Sounds like my kind of weekend. The buttons look great. We had quite a social weekend which is a bit rare for us, but just loved it.

  22. let us know how "money ball" is!
    love love those buttons. wanting to see when you are finished.
    and I find chores pesky too sometimes.
    i so need to be doing some now.

  23. Making your own buttons! I'm excited. I've been wanting to try that.

    Way to attack that knitting. :)

  24. Sounds like a lovely weekend, Tracey! Can't wait to see how the buttons turn out. What a great project!

  25. OH those buttons look wonderful!!! Know your little granddaughter will love them. And did you enjoy the movie? I saw it in the theater and I did enjoy it well. Yay for getting to that cardigan soon!! Your weekend sounded like it was a good mix of productive and relaxed, perfect!

  26. these thingies on the photo are so pretty to look at but wait till you step on them :)
    my weekend was very nice as well, glad to hear yours was too.