Wednesday, December 7, 2011


"You are you,
Now isn't that

~ Dr. Seuss

....yes it is and I
am so thankful for
all the well wishes.
Thank you for being
I am finally feeling
'normal' and am trying
to reclaim my home
since for the last
few days it's belonged
to a group of guy's.
My guys did their best
and I am so thankful
for their loving support
and for them looking
out for each other,
but it's not how Momma
does it so I've got
some housework to do.

I did want to remind
you of the baby shower
that is scheduled for
Monday, I do hope
you all can come.


  1. Hope you are feeling stronger now Tracey. Don't rush into that housework too quickly. xx

  2. Glad you're feeling better. But do take time to convalesce. Mothers, I find, rush back into things a little too quickly.

  3. "You are you,
    Now isn't that
    - what a lovely quote! :)
    thank you for commenting on my blog and for telling me about Lori's blog too! :)
    glad you're feeling better and good luck with the housework :)

    happy Christmas! :)

  4. So glad you are feeling better! After a bout of sickness, being well enough to put your house back in order feels good, doesn't it?

  5. what a sweet quote.
    Happy to see you are feeling better! And kudos for NOT cleaning while you were sick! I can't never resist the temptation, and push myself further than I should have. Wishing you rest and comfort!

  6. I'm so glad you're feeling better Tracey! I know what you mean about the mess that you face when you become yourself again... even for all the good efforts.

    Thanks for the invite!

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Sending you a virtual pot of chicken soup. Take care of your sweet self and don't worry too much about the dust bunnies left behind. XO

  8. Yay! If you feel like cleaning you must be feeling better. (or the house is a disaster...)

  9. glad you're feeling better!
    you should be getting something in the mail any day now... :)
    i wonder what plant that is on your photo, it looks quite interesting.

  10. i feel your pain! when i was sick in october i think i jumped the gun and started the cleaning before i was ready because i just couldn't take the mess and disorder - don't overdo it!!!

  11. So glad you are on the mend! Don't overdo--I bet the housework will wait for you to feel 100%! (Guys just don't see a house the same way we do.)

  12. I would like to be at the baby shower. All I have to do is show up on Monday, yes?
    So glad you are better. Dang Winter colds. ; )


  13. So glad you're feeling better but take it easy while you healing! It's too tempting to jump back in too soon!

  14. I join with everyone else and glad you are up and around again. I will be at the baby shower in spirit.

  15. Happy that you're on the mend. And love that line from Dr Suess. Which book?

  16. Good to hear you're feeling better! Take is easy; clean houses are overrated.

  17. Glad you are getting well:0) This is a lovely post! ~ Barefoot Mama

  18. Hope you are taking it easy! I am glad you are feeling better! I will be thinking of all of your during the shower. I might be able to pop in while things are going on, but I will be meeting with my boss on Monday. You are too sweet!