Sunday, December 4, 2011


The more serious the illness,
the more important it is for
 you to fight back, mobilizing
all your resources-spiritual,
 emotional, intellectual, physical.

~Norman Cousins

weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the commentsJoining with Amanda for her weekending post.
Saturday was fine
a lovely day spent
in Charleston doing
a wee bit of shopping,
but by nightfall things
began to fall apart.
It started with just a 
little sniffle, then a strange
croupy sound in my
lungs and a prayer that
I am not getting pneumonia.
Today has seen a fever,
grapefruit seed extract,
elderberry drinks, pomegranate
seeds , hot tea with lemon
and a lot of naps.
I'm sick.


  1. OH NO!!!! All the well wishes you sent me, I am sending it right back to you (with prayers!). My cold went away lickety split and I am hoping when you read this you are feeling a little better. Take care, Tracey!

  2. bless your heart! if i were closer i’d be running over a batch of ginger lemon coconut milk bone broth. hunker down and let your people take of you! sending healing thoughts your way!

  3. Tracey wishing you well. I too, am quite unwell at the moment. Whatever I have come down with has gone straight to my lungs too. I have been taking olive leaf extract. There is too much to do this time of year to be sick! Stay warm and I hope you are being well looked after. Jacinta xx

  4. Oh I'm so sorry to hear you're under the weather, Tracey! :( If I was close by I'd come bring some tea. Get lots of rest and feel better soon!

  5. Oh no. Do take care and look after yourself !

  6. NOOOOOOO!!!! I'm so sorry. Here's hoping you're doing better by the time you read this.

  7. Oh, no! Get well soon, Tracey! I am sure the weapons you are using will beat this cold in no time.

  8. i really do wish we were neighbors, today i made a big pot of chicken soup for my daughter who is ill too. i am going to have to do the next best thing, sending you a virtual pot with lots of healing stirred in. just take good care there okay? and get well soon!

  9. Ohhhhh :( Feel better soon. It seems 'tis the season no matter where you are in the world. Get your nap on!
    Liking the sound of 'elderberry drinks'...

  10. Rest and dose yourself with all things good. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Hope you feel better.

  12. Praying that you start feeling better soon....


  13. Get well soon. Sending you healing

  14. I swear it's going around like wildfire-all four of mine have some degree of this. I hope you feel better soon! Get lots and lots of rest!

  15. Sending you feel better soon prayers. Hope you don't stay sick long... perhaps use the down time to knit??

  16. Tracey, I hope you are feeling better. Sending warm, healing thoughts your way.


  17. Oh, Tracey,
    I'm sending you my very Best of Wishes for a Speedy Recovery.

  18. Oh yuck! Hope you're on the mend very soon. Lots of nap and hot liquids will help.

  19. Feel better soon! Rest and drink tea...that will help :)

  20. Sounds like you are on the right track with the teas and hot drinks! Hope you are well soon!

  21. Hope you are feeling a little better by now Tracey. Sending healing thoughts. xxx

  22. Tracey, I hope it's not pneumonia. Feel better soon and get some rest!

  23. not fun! ever since i had pneumonia 8 years ago, even the smallest little thing seems to settle in my chest. i hope you are resting and well soon!

  24. I'm sorry. Unfortunately 'tis the season'. Thankfully, you seem to know what to do! I'm praying that it's nothing more than the simple creeping crud that's going around...

    Take care, Debbie

  25. So sorry you feel yucky. Sending thoughts of well feelings your way. Here's to a stitch better in the morning.

  26. Oh Tracey I hope you are feeling yourself again soon. Sounds like you have some wonderful natural remedies to see you well!
    Take care and lots of good rest friend :)

  27. Oh dear! Oh dear! I hope by now you're much improved. Just no fun to be sick any time, but especially this time of year. Wishing you well. xoxo

  28. Oh dear Tracey, I hope you are on the upswing by now! So not fun and these things never come at a good time do they. So inconsiderate these viruses, don't they know it's a busy month!!! I hope you have had lots of soup, lots of tea, lots of love, and lots of knitting. Miss "seeing" your sweet you around the blogosphere!