Monday, December 12, 2011


A baby is God's opinion
 that the world should go

~Carl Sandburg

First I would like to say
welcome and thank you
for coming.
Today is the
day of Amanda's
 The coffee and
tea are on the sideboard and
the dining room table is
set with an array of goodies
so please help yourself.
Once you have a plate 
I thought we could all
sit in the living room.
Amanda, you have the rocking
chair Okay? I think it
will be most comfortable
for you and also easy
to get up if you need
to. I have you a corsage
for your wrist if you
would like to put it on.
After all, you are the
guest of honor.
I really am not one
for baby shower games so
I hope you won't mind
if we get right to the
gifts and I'll be happy
to start things off.
First, as many of you know
I was to have another
grandchild, but that wasn't
meant to be. I did however
make a little knit vest,
which was inspired by Amanda,
and I would like to give
it to the Caboose. I still need
to sew the buttons on, but
that won't take but a minute.

Next, I have a few burp rags
that I decorated with a little
retro material. Just so you
know, in my head I am a
seamstress, in reality, not
so much, but I did make
these with love if that counts.

There is also a little denim
bag since I don't thing you can
ever have too many bags.

I loved knitting Ginny's hat
so much that of course I
needed to do one for this
little one too.

[picture taken earlier as it is cloudy outside today]
With Christmas right around
the corner I do have a little
something else, but I would
like to keep that a surprise
Amanda okay? You will just
have to wait until the box
arrives! :)
Amanda, I wish you an
easy labor, a quick recovery,
and lots of love as you
welcome this new life into
your family.
Now, who would like to
go next? I didn't figure
out how to work the linky
thing so I thought everyone
could just leave a link
to their post in the comment
section. If you need Amanda's
address you can contact
either me or Amanda.
Thank you all for coming
and I hope you have
enjoyed yourselves.


  1. This is an adorable idea and so well done....hats off to Tracey and to Amanda for her new little one that is coming into this world! I am not yet prepared with a gift but am sending lots of good thoughts your way! Tracey, if you will leave Amanda's address on my blog, I would love to send something her way to welcome her babe into the world.

  2. What a beautiful post!!!
    A perfect baby shower if ever there was one :)
    I love the little vest and hat, and the retro fabric on the burp rags and bag!

  3. What a fun party!! Here is my little gift for the baby:

  4. Happy Baby shower Amanda! and thanks Tracey, everything looks marvelous!!

  5. Beautifully done, Tracey! I wish I could join in, but I jumped the gun and sent my gift a few months ago. I've never been very good at holding on to gifts for the appropriate day. (:

    Congrats to Amanda! And hats off to Tracey for being such a great friend!

  6. Love the spread and the no-games party. How sweet. What a sweet creamy hat. Thank, you Tracey!

    I was a little late to the party, so no handmades, but a few little gifts are still offered to Amanda.

  7. I've been looking forward to this day all week, Tracey. What a truly lovely shower (one of the best I've ever been to).

  8. OOOOOO why did I eat so much???? Everything looked so yummy!!!
    I just love all your gifts--all so practical and thoughtful!
    I have just one to add...

    Please let me know where to send it! Such a grand idea! I've had a ball (and I'm not much for the games, either...bring on the good stuff!!)

  9. oh this was so beautiful! i love that you did this for amanda. please join me over at my place, as i share in the festivities.

  10. Ok, the food looks delicious -- wish I was there! Beautiful idea! Your gifts are all so sweet.

  11. Oh my what a wonderful shower! I love that you are giving the vest you made for your own sweet grandchild to the Caboose. The other gifts are just gorgeous too! When do you sleep? I say it all the time; you are so tenderhearted!
    Good luck Amanda, wishing you a gloriously just-right birth and sending lots of love to you and your family!

  12. You are lovely hostess Tracey! Seeing as I don't have a gift, I won't stay for the cheesecake, but I would like to have everyone join me in prayer before I leave!

    Father we just thank you for this precious life that is bundled safe and growing strong. We thank you that you are the creator of life and that you are the one who numbers our days. You chose this time in history to bless this particular family with this particular child that will become the man or woman that you need in this particular time. We thank you for Amanda's faith and her love for you. We pray that this child will grow to be a strong saint, led by your Spirit and strong in faith. Amen.

    Love to you Amanda!

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. SO beautiful! Wow! Maybe I should have another baby just so I can have Tracey host the shower!
    I don't have a material gift, but I do want to send a lot of love and many sweet thoughts for the birth and the entering of a new little soul.

  14. aren't you the sweetest? the food was fab, the company amazing, the thoughtfulness so touching. i cannot wait to see all these little goodies being used by the caboose. the burp cloths and vest and wee hat...squee!!! so very excited tracey. xo.

  15. the shrimp! all so perfect! i am without a camera and MY computer...this is from the ipad which is strange and new for blogging so forgive me! amanda, i am sending love and good wishes and pure baby joy your way! all of you, one day one our kids will meet each other, somewhere (a cafe in paris, a college auditorium, a ski slope, an internship in the big apple), somehow (wow he's cute, funny, obnoxious, charming....), and they will root out this funny connection and i will rest easy knowing that there are so many great kids out there because i knew all these great women through this bizarre and wonderful blogland. cheers to you all and the good and important work you are doing.

    if we were all at tracey's i would hug you all and we would laugh and maybe even cry over the wonder of new life and children and connections!

  16. oh tracey, here i am! i was hurrying to get here. i see you saved some food for me! thank you so much. what a lovely shower this is, i love all your gifts, what a lot of work and love you've put into them all. the little vest is adorable and the diapers are such a good idea. and the hat, so cute!
    i love how you made this happen, its so very special. here is my gift to amanda:


  17. i'm late for another shower?? why does this always happen to me? wow, everything looks so good! phew, i'm glad i sort of made it in time even though you did remind us...
    thank you to tracey for this very sweet idea, and of course all the best and warm hugs to amanda and her family!!!

  18. What sweet Idea! I don't have a material gift either but I am so excited to meet your little one Amanda! I wish you the best birth yet, a peaceful entry into the world for your little Caboose, and a glorious recovery for mama. Blessings to you all!

  19. That little vest and the hat are adorable. What a fun idea to have an online baby shower. Yum, the food looks delicious. Congrats to Amanda!

  20. What a beautiful idea Tracey. Congratulations Amanda!

  21. Well done Tracey - right from the heart. Best wishes to Amanda and safe arrival of her new little miracle.

  22. This is my first baby shower and I'm late! But: Better late than never... :)

    Thank you to Tracey, and all that you need for a wonderful birthing experience to Amanda!

  23. ooooh, what a sweet and lovely idea! i love reading Amanda's blog. i just "met" her this year. i would love to contribute something to the baby shower and her something special for the Caboose all the way from Germany. It would be great if you could send me her postal address!

    you're the sweetest Tracey! xx and hugs

  24. Hope there's still some food left for me! What a spread! I was hoping to have a little something for the wee Caboose but looks like I'm going to be a little late. Such a lovely idea, Tracey. All the very best wishes to you, Amanda! (Do you mind sending me Amanda's address, Tracey? Thanks!)

  25. I usually find shower's boring. This one was cool, but oh the food. ...

  26. This is best baby shower from my views.I am going to choose. Thanking for giving these ideas.