Wednesday, December 14, 2011


~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Linking with Ginny
There is still a lot of late
night 'santa' knitting going
on in my home, but I do
see [finally] the end in sight.
scarf was completed in
about a day using Alpine Wool
in the color blueberry. It was
very easy to follow the
pattern, my only complaint
is while using size 13 needles
it felt like I was holding baseball
bats.  This scarf is on my gift
giving list so that is the reason
for the unclear pictures  [sorry].

There are still two more hats on
my needles and then I will
be done with hats! Really,
I am getting bored with them
so it will be nice to move on.
There has been a request for
headbands with flowers, so I hope
to cast this on soon.

I am very happy with my reading
this week. First, Jacqui sent
the wee one the most adorable
Christmas book, Little Grey
Rabbit's Christmas, which we
have already read three times
today; it has fast become a
favorite in my home. Next,
I am reading and loving,
The Knitter's Life List.
It deals with all things fiber
and I know I will be reading
and loving it for years to
come. There are lists of things
to try, information about yarns,
people in the know, styles,
it has it all and then some.
I think anyone who
loves knitting [all of us?]
would love this book.

I am very excited to see
what y'all have been up
to this week so Happy
yarn along and thank
you Ginny.


  1. May have felt like baseball bats, but I'll bet it wasn't for long!! I love the occasional quick knit with gorgeous yarn...

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. i really like your pictures. i just love a good kids book that you read over and over and still love.

  3. Little Grey Rabbit was always an absolute favourite of my sister and me when we were small :)
    And your santa knitting looks very interesting :)

  4. Lovely photos as usual. I must get myself the knitters book. It's sounds wonderful

  5. I know what you mean about large needles - they always seem so huge (especially if you use them after knitting a pair of socks - trust me!)

  6. I just finished a project on 13s and went back to 9s!

    Little Grey Rabbit sounds very sweet.

    Everything looks wonderful, Tracey.

  7. Oh! And thank you for sharing the headband pattern! I was wanting to make one for myself in the new year and this looks great!

  8. All of the projects look lovely! I do not knit well at night, too many mistakes :) It will not be long now for the secret knitting to be over with.

  9. Love all your projects and you get through them so quickly.

  10. My goodness! Your elfing has really taken off!! Great job. I adore that headband--and have just added it to my immediate to-do list; I think my daughter would love that in her stocking! (just when I thought I was done.....)

  11. I can imagine what knitting with size 13 needles was like. After knitting socks I started a cardigan with size 11 needles and they already feel huge to me.

  12. Love all the covert knitting projects this time of year. I have a small bag to knit on huge needles next. I am sure they will feel like bats after the small work I have done!

  13. I know what you mean about big needles, but they do have their advantages - like your knitting a scarf in a day? Great, Tracey. And that Knitter's Life List will go directly to my library list...thanks.

  14. They look lovely - I spend way to much time at night knitting when I should be sleeping, but, like you, I can see the end in sight.

  15. Love the first pic of the knitting needle - very artistic :)

  16. So glad it arrived safely. It is such a beautiful story. I think I need some extreme knitting projects for a change. Love the blueberry. xxx

  17. well done on the secret projects tracey! and the secret photos!
    i do know what you mean about those large needles, i rarely ever use anything over a size 6. but they sure are speedy.
    i have been WISHING for that book!! (i did buy it on my ipad, but i really dislike ebooks, i need this one for my library).
    love the little rabbit book too, i used to read it to my children, i want to go look for it now.
    have a wonderful day!

  18. Neat photos ~ I like the first one with the close-up of the knitting needle. You are not only a great knitter but a good photographer!

  19. I've never even heard of that knitting book but it sounds like something I should read. I know how it is to get tired of hats, as I did a bunch last year; hope you get all your Santa knitting done!

  20. Tracey,

    Your knitting is beautiful and so are your pictures....


  21. LOL about the size 13 needles feeling like baseball bats... i never heard of the Knitter's Life List. Might put it on my Amazon wish list!

  22. I know what you mean about the larger needles. :-)

    Good luck with the Christmas knitting.

  23. Haha, I used size 13 recently, too. I was relieved to follow it up with a project on smaller needles.
    Thanks for sharing about the Knitter's Life List!

  24. You're finishing your hats and I need to start mine! Just two quickies for my big girls' stockings. Your photos have been beautiful lately!

  25. the book looks lovely :) and I totally love the color of the yarn! it's awesome and makes me want to knit something in that hue some day soon :)

  26. It's funny that you talk about needles feeling like baseball bats. I have chosen a scarf pattern that uses size fives and after all my fine knitting of late even they seem huge!

  27. The Knitting Life List sounds like it might be like a Knitter's Bucket List book...LOL Wouldn't that be a fun book? I'm knitting hats, hats, hats myself and am seeing the end in sight. I'll check into that book!

  28. Okay, if 13 feel like baseball bats, you wouldn't like 17 at all! That's what I've been using, and I do admit, they are a bit thick :). Btw, I meant to ask you about Craft it forward... is that still on? I have made my things to send, but still need to get addresses from everyone. I haven't heard anything either but just wondered... :).

  29. I'm nearly done with my Christmas knitting as does feel so good, doesn't it. Looks like you've got some beautiful colors in there.

    Thanks for visiting the World of Wiedz.

  30. You do some beautiful work Tracey and boy oh boy you photograph it well. I've been up to a lot of late night Christmas crafting in general.

  31. Tracey, you are amazing. I have knitted two scarves and have two on the go. Plan to knit a hat or two...not sure I will have time!
    Much love.

  32. It seems many of us are secretly knitting gifts these days. :) I've been knitting quite a few hats myself for gifts. Haven't gotten to a scarf yet though. Lovely photos. :)