Wednesday, November 16, 2011


~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Linking with Ginny

I am still working ever
so slowly on my socks
and after finishing the
9 1/2 inches on one sock
I am very close to
finishing the other,
then it will be time to add
the heels. I have been
having a lot of yarn holding
help from a certain three
year old so these socks
are a joint project and one
of us wishes the other would
'please hurry so she can wear
them to sleep in'! :)
I was getting a little bit
tired with just going
round and round and after
seeing Ellen's great headband
I decided  to try one for
myself. I am thrilled
with how easy it is to
cable and have plans for
a lot more in my future.
I have had every female
that comes into my home
want a headband so I really
need to pick up the speed.
I found out over the
weekend that I have a
baby shower to attend
the beginning of December
so I have been doing a little
baby knitting too. I knit
Ginny's little hat. I still
need to block it, but isn't
it sweet?
I am reading:
White Truffles in Winter.
It is about the French chef,
Auguste Escoffier, and it
is super!  Descriptions of
food, life, love, it has it
all and I am enjoying
it so much. I am having to
make myself read slowly
or the book will end too
soon and it will be like
saying goodbye to an old

What have you been
up to this week?


  1. I love the colors in the socks, and Ginny's hat pattern is too sweet! I hope I get to knit it someday....

  2. I really love those sherbert coloured socks :) They look great!

  3. so cute tracey, you are lucky to have a little helper and i love that she's so excited for her new socks. your knitting looks wonderful! just beautiful, you reminded me that i didn't block my sweater yet either. :)

  4. Awwww..... maybe I can train my Westie to hold my yarn for me since she sits next to me when I knit. I have knit Ginny's sweet little hat, too and love it.

  5. Everything looks just beautiful Tracey, great work. Love all the colours. White Truffles in Winter sounds great. I would love to read it. Have a fabulous week ahead. Katie xxx

  6. What wonderful pictures, and projects. I love the yarn you are using for the socks!

  7. I am loving what you have been knitting. The headband is super sweet. Jacinta x

  8. The hat is beautiful, and the headband - lovely. Plus it reminds me that I have to get one knitted up very soon....

  9. Look at all that knitting! I swear you are an old hand at it now. Love the headband idea, maybe next year's Christmas presents.

  10. love the colors in your socks... all such beautiful knitting projects

  11. Love the sock yarn, it works perfectly with your first picture too ;)

    I love how much simpler cabling is than it looks, and your headband is gorgeous.

  12. My, My you have been busy!! Must be all that great help!! Love the headband idea and the baby hat is so sweet--I have a baby to knit for--may be just the thing! (Must read that book!!! Thanks for the recommendation!--just returned from Paris, and am wanting to prolong the trip just a bit and I think that book will do the trick!)

  13. The book sounds wonderful - I love reading a novel with vivid food descriptions, making it an integral part of the storyline. And those knitting pieces - my, you've been busy. The headband is especially nice. The yarn really accentuates the cables.

  14. Everything looks great! I really like the colors of the socks! I was wondering if you got the e-mail for the sock pattern and if it was helpful at all...

  15. Pretty knits - sweet little hat and love that smooshy gray yarn! And the book you're reading sounds very interesting. I love reading biographies (and food ;) -- must look for that one.

  16. You've been busy! I too love cabling! All the twisting falls in place as if by magic.

  17. I thought that looked like Ginny's hat. Your work is beautiful, and you must be so pleased with what you have gotten done!

  18. I just love those socks. And that hat. I think I may have to knit one or the other soon…maybe the socks, for Julia. As a Christmas gift, of course… xo

  19. That little hat is just the sweetest! Your pictures are beautiful.

  20. I am so guilty of reading slower so I don't have to say goodbye or move on! That hate is just about the cutest thing ever. Love it.
    thanks for visiting my site- I think my problems with bread rising stems from bad yeast (I really need to proof it first. I just never do), and not having a sufficient warm place for the bread to rise. Our home has been in the 50's- heater not working great! Can I warm the oven up, turn it off, and have the bread rise in there? Thanks for any advice or suggestion!

  21. oh yes, impatient little helpers...thankfully they're always cute too ;-)

  22. Every time I see that yarn I fall in love again with it. It's nice to know the recipient is anxious for the gift! :)

    Your little hat and headband are wonderful.

  23. you killed it on that cable! beautiful!
    love all those pics. such pretty work!

  24. Two words:beautiful and warm. I like it.

  25. Gorgeous knits Tracey...that headband looks amazing!!

  26. Your projects are are your photographs. I do love your photographs.
    I love books about love, life and food. I love food!
    My computer has a virus so I haven't been here all week, I have missed your posts.
    Much love

  27. Boy you have a lot happening there wow! They are all so pretty!