Wednesday, September 7, 2011


~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Joining with Ginny.
I am moving right along
with knitting my baby blanket,
but I also cast on another
Ladawan's Shawl. This time 
I am using Bamboo Ewe
in the color Beach Glass.
Don't you just adore the
names of yarns? I would love
the person who names
yarns in my next life ;)!
This will be one of two I hope
to knit as a Christmas gift.
For my reading this week
I am reading Auschwitz in
preparation for a school history
lesson. While it is very informative,
it is a book that leaves me
deeply saddened in the face
of such horror. This  is not
something I would just pick
up and read for pleasure, but
as a mom with a young man
interested in WWII, I find
myself reading out of my
comfort zone in order to carry
on discussions with him.
Thank you so much for all the
birthday wishes,  it was
a wonderful day and I am
looking forward to drawing
a name for the giveaway. xx
What have you been up to
this week?


  1. Beach glass is a beautiful colour and a beautiful name for that yarn.I can imagine how tough it must be to read that book on Auschwitz. What a truly horrific time in our history.

  2. That yarn colour is so pretty, and beach glass is the perfect name for it!

  3. Hope you make it through the book without too many tears. It must be a tough one to pick back up once you've put it down. The shawl looks beautiful. Please share a picture when its finished. Love your 'yarn along' posts.

  4. The yarn for your shawl is gorgeous! And can't wait to see your finished baby blanket. My dad is a WWII hobbyist....some become fascinated by that period in our history. It does sound like a heavy read but will probably stir some very interesting conversation between you and your son!

  5. I, too, enjoy the names for yarns. Some of them are just so scrumptious! Beach glass is very fitting name for the yarn you're working with (and I love the pieces of glass you have!).

  6. The color of the yarn is beautiful and so aptly named. Do you like working with that yarn? I have actually visited Auschwitz many years ago and it was heartbreaking, even after such a long time. I worked at an historical archive as a student and know quite a lot about this time, I even knew some people who survived the horror of the camps.

  7. Beach glass... yes, wonderful name for a yarn color.

    My poor son was not as blessed as yours. I have to be VERY careful what I watch or read when it comes to WWII. I really CAN'T handle it. Together we read and watched things like the Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. I have to follow someone who knew hope in the darkness. My son went on to study more on his own. I remember him bringing up subjects that I just slipped out on while he hashed it out with dad. He understands his mama. One of my daughters is just like me. The other one is hashing stuff out with her brother. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. I love the name and color of the yarn you are pretty.

    What a good mother you are reading a hard to read book so you can have good and truthful discussions with your son....


    A Knitters Notebook

    A Knitters Notebook

  9. When my husband and I were young, we visited Auschwitz. When we returned to our hotel, the owner of the small hotel where we were staying introduced himself and began speaking to us. He had lived through the whole ordeal and gave us the perspective through German was facinating to hear the guilt that he still felt, and how powerless they were to stop what was going on in front of their own eyes. We talked with him until dawn....a night I will never forget. I am going to read that book!

  10. You are a great mom! I would have a very difficult time reading outside my comfort zone. It was a very dark time in our world's history. Your blanket is looking pretty lovely!!

  11. my hubs is wwii obsessed, a true history buff. having been to auschwitz i can tell you it is was one of the most moving and emotionally draining days of my life.

    and the photo of that sea glass - so pretty! i've looked for it but never found it, apparently it isn't too common on beaches along the gulf coast :( i do think the color of that shawl is amazing!

  12. dear tracey,
    i love the name and color of that yarn, and i agree 100%, how fun would it be to have that job! your knitting looks lovely and how wise of you to get started on christmas.

    good luck with the book, i can imagine how difficult it is, but so very important to remember, and teach.

  13. Kudos to you for reading something outside of your comfort zone to help out your child.

    I worked with the Bamboo Ewe recently and just loved it. I made a hat with the Twilight colorway. It was the PERFECT shade of violet-blue.

  14. I LOVE reading about WWII, even with the evil that went on. I too feel sadness when I read about things that went on in Germany.

  15. ohhh. Teal sea glass. A rare treasure to find on the beach. What a lucky baby to get the blankie.

  16. I love when a color name matches the color. Sometimes I'm surprised or confused as to why something was named or titled a certain way. But this one matches. Such a lovely color.

  17. Tracey, not sure about mummifying a chicken. We've already tried an apple mummy and that sort of flopped and sort of worked if that makes any sense. Do you have resource for the mummified chicken? I might actually have it.

  18. Beautiful colors. Book must be very sad.
    Love to you.

  19. Gosh I love your knitting, knitting pics and the colors of yarn you use! Glad your birthday was a fun one!

  20. I admire your reading "choice". That would be a hard one.

    Pretty, pretty yarn! (Do you have a pattern chosen for your ear flap hats? - I might have a taker on my Christmas list...)

  21. Beautiful! I love the glass colour. Can't wait to see it when it's done!

  22. i am with you...naming yarn or naming paint...i could get behind either one! lol i have put down hard reading for good. at least for now. i spent a long time reading hard stuff going on in Africa. my nervous system couldn't take it any more. good luck with the book.


  23. Love the name and the color of your yarn. Yarn names are such fun. I recently read Unbroken about a pilot during WWII. It was a tough read, but I am glad I finished it. (Happy Belated Birthday!)

  24. Such a yummy color! I too would like to name yarn colors, what fun. Good luck with the book Tracy, sounds a bit daunting for sure, but so wonderful of you to take the time to read it.

  25. Cute shawl. I love sea glass and I love your sea glass coloured yarn. Beautiful!

  26. I love that shawl and just added it to my faves in Ravelry. Can't wait to see your finished one.

    I agree about the yarn names ... maybe we could invent an app that generates a name for knitters based on their personality or something that is taken from actual yarn names. Just thinking out loud ... :o)

    Stacy again from golden bird knits. Blogger is being naughty tonight.

  27. Lovely yarn - such a pretty name too. I have just ordered a yarn called Sailcloth - and lovely mid blue.
    I am afraid I cannot read anything about the holocaust - or other atrocities - it is just too much to bear. Hugs to you for doing this for your boy. xx

  28. That would be hard to read. Just the Book Thief was hard enough!! Love your shawl and I am glad you had such a wonderful birthday :).

  29. Oh, what dreams beach glass conjure ! ! !

    Oh, Tracey, what else? I'm knitting - so what's new, huh.
    Have started two projects from Wendy Knits Lace. My first pair of fingerless mitts, Poor Poet's mitt and Elizabeth's Cowl. I've finished the cowl.

    My reading just very light reading at the moment.

    Take care


  30. I love it when beautiful yarn has a beautiful name to go with it!

    That must be a hard read. Being German, I have read my fair share in school and beyond - it is always hard, and something words can never quite express.

  31. Very beautifully photographed glass and knitting project - I think I would buy yarn called Beach Glass just for its name (my last purchase was 'Wintersun' it's on my blog)

    I no longer have school aged children and my granddaughter is too young yet but I used to keep up with my children's reading. As well as keeping the communication channels clear I loved it.

    Has your son read the novels about WW2 by Michelle Magorrigan (Good nigh Mr Tom and Back Home)and Carrie's War by Nina Bawden. They are less gruesome but give a good account of teh war from the viewpoint of children and teenagers

  32. Beautiful color and I agree...I love the name! I haven't been able to read outside of my comfort zone in quite awhile. I stopped when I got pregnant and haven't really been able to go back to anything too upsetting since.