Wednesday, July 27, 2011


~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Linking with Ginny.

I know I'm breaking the
rules by posting more
than one picture, but
I am here alone and just
can't get a decent shot
of the wrap I finished
[well, except for weaving
in a few ends and blocking].
I love this pattern. My
edge does not have the
points that are shown
in the original pattern
pictures and I'm not sure
why since all my numbers
came out, but that's okay
because I still like it.

I am still reading
The Girl Who Played With Fire
and while it is a little
[a lot] disturbing, it
does hold my attention.

What have you been up
to this week?


  1. That is such a beautiful wrap. Well done,I hope you plan to model it so we can see how it looks on.

  2. Congrats on finishing your wrap -- hope you model it soon!

  3. Love the first picture! It looks like a beautiful wrap.

  4. I also used more than one picture this week. Actually, I was lucky to stop at two! I love your wrap. You'll have to post a picture of you wearing it! I could imagine the book is a little disturbing. I haven't read the book, but watched the movie and found it pretty full on. Jacinta

  5. Oh your knitting is so gorgeous and I love the shots. Of course I have broken the one-pic rule several times.
    I love what you are making!

  6. Looking back through your posts, Tracey! What a great summer you guys are having. Us too. Not really ready to slow down, but need to. You have gotten so much knitting done! Way to go!
    Tracey, Hansenhootenanny

  7. It's beautiful!! And I never would have gotten the proper effect with just one photo!

    Still waiting to hear if you trimmed chicken wings. I now have 2 escapees! :) How's Beatrix? Is she laying well?


  8. Oh no! We're only allowed one shot??? Wow! You're a speedy knitter. Seems like it was just last week that you started it. LOVE that yarn and the ruffles :-)

  9. Wow, you did that so quickly! It looks great - and I'm glad you're an occasional rule breaker. ;)

  10. So lovely. Such a cool grey. I'm using a different pattern and I, too, am ending up with curled edges. In my case, however, I think I may have messed it up earlier in the process. I'm so-so about the yarn so I don't really want to rip it out and start over.

  11. Tracey,

    I answered your question about my little promise book in todays

    Your wrap is beautiful and your knitting looks perfect!!!

    Keep us in your prayers,


    a Knitters Notebook

  12. It's wonderful! And I never follow the one pic rule... so there!

  13. The wrap looks amazing, so beautiful.
    There is no rule book, is there? I don't think I've ever stuck to one photo... oops...

  14. Gorgeous wrap!! And love the gray :)! I have barely worked on my hat and am still reading Pride and Prejudice. Trying to mix in a little of nothing here and there :).

  15. there are no such rules about just posting one picture ;-) i love the way you captured the light in that first photo. the wrap looks great!

  16. beautiful Tracy. We need a picture of you in it!

  17. it's so beautiful! i love the color too. did you try blocking it? that would pull the points out if you wanted them.

  18. Tracey this is beautiful! And I agree, we do need a photo of you wearing it!
    (the one picture thing isn't really a rule! I am all for lots of pictures!!!)

  19. Oh I hadn't realised it was only 1 photo we should include. I like to see all the pics it really shows all your hard work on such a gorgeous piece of knitwear.

  20. I nearly always post more than one picture... Oops. :)
    I love your shrug. It is so pretty and delicate.
    The colour is perfect.

  21. Your wrap is beautiful!!! Love the color!