Thursday, July 28, 2011


''Home grown tomatoes,
 home grown tomtoes,
 what would life be without
 home grown tomatoes.
Only two things that money can't buy
That's true love and
and home grown tomatoes."
    ~John Denver 
If I could only grow one vegetable
in my garden it would be the tomato.
I do not EVER buy them from the market,
so when they come in season it
is a really big event.

in the green house and then set
out the plants in the garden when
they were hardy enough. This is
the second year we have grown
Siberian's and I really do like the
texture and the flavor for eating.
For canning we use Roma's which
have more 'meat' to them. 

We have been eating a lot of
tomatoes fresh and the rest we
have been turning into sauce
for pasta, pizza or into soup
to eat with a sandwich.
The Roma's are pressure cooked
and stored for winter use.

just a little to work for our
family. I chop the basil and
add it fresh to the cooked
tomato and garlic mixture
along with a little kosher
salt, then blend everything
with an immersion blender.
For soup, I exchange fresh
dill for the basil and add
a little butter and yogurt.
The tomato plants are just
about done and will be
pulled this weekend.
The count down begins
until next year!

What are you growing?


  1. Thanks for the link! We just picked our first tomatoes yesterday :) I cannot believe your tomatoes are done!!

  2. The tomato plants are just about done and will be pulled this weekend? I'm with Swanski~ only I just found our first green tomatoes! Crazy, crazy season we've been having in our neck of the woods...

    *yes, we will be clipping wings. I just needed a veteran to tell me it was O.K. I told you we are novice chicken people, never even had them as kids!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. I am just now picking cherry tomatoes, and just a handful at a time. Unfortunately, most of my plants died, so I have no tomatoes to can. My son was able to pick up some Romas for a bargain, (25 pounds for eleven dollars!) so I do have my supply of homemade marinara sauce safely in the freezer!

  4. OH my your tomatoes are DIVINE!!! I am bookmarking the tomato sauce recipe--thank you!!!

  5. Oh - I definitely agree about the tomatoes...yours look lovely!...ours are not ripe yet...we planted heirloom Rutgers...

  6. yum! and i agree, if i could only plant one thing, it would definitely be tomatoes!

  7. Your photos are gorgeous! We use Red Siberians. They are wonderful and very tasty. So do you use your canned tomatoes in winter? What do you do for tomatoes for salads in winter? I may have to give up the market ones too as it just makes more sense.

  8. Yum yum yum! Tomatoes! Thanks for the link -- if we have enough this year, I want to can them for winter.

  9. And to think as you pull yours out we are starting ours. As you say. There's nothing quite like the taste of a home grown tomato. We look forward to ours.

  10. oh yum! I can't wait for ours to get to this stage.

  11. I love that quote - so very true!
    Looks like you (and Daddy's Little Girl) are in tomato heaven!

  12. I'm growing
    hungry for home-grown tomatoes, gal
    what with you tempting us with all these juicy pic.
    Love the croc feet.

  13. oh my goodness these look delicious! We are not having the best of luck with our tomatoes this year. I think the problem was a not-so-great- start. We definitely need a greenhouse! I'm going to check out those Siberian's.

  14. ps. I love that John Denver quote. How apropos.