Monday, February 28, 2011

My Bee's

"That buzzing-noise means something.
 If there's a buzzing noise,
 somebody's making a buzzing-noise,
 and the only reason for making a
 buzzing-noise that I know of is
 because you're a bee...
 And the only reason for being a
 bee that I know of is making honey...
 And the only reason for making honey
 is so I can eat it."

~Winnie the Pooh

I had hoped to have my
beehive set up this year.
I have been reading
several books and the
Mr. grew up with hives
in the yard. I was all
set to begin raising
bees and collecting
my own honey.

Last month I realized
I needed to wait a little
longer before this
dream could happen.

This weekend I
discovered that I have
bees....hundreds of them.
I am not disturbing
the hive, but I did
take a few pictures
of the bees as they were
enjoying my rosemary bush.

It won't be long before
I can make honey caramel
with honey from my land. xx


  1. Whoa, not certain I'd even think about doing bees n honey.

  2. The kids and I do not like bees-at all.
    Your pictures are great, though.

  3. Beautiful pictures, and I love the quotes and poems you pick :). We have neighbors not too far from here with orange groves that harvest honey and my garden is fortunate enough to get some visitors from their hives. It would be wonderful to have your own I think, we need more of them :).