Sunday, June 19, 2016


This was a wonderful weekend.
I've never seen this one before.

 [Those ears!]

It's been a fabulous weekend here
and my heart is so happy.

Friday evening we had a terrible
storm.. rain, wind and even a bit
of hail, but my power only went
off for about 15 minutes and then
all was calm; others were not
as lucky, but now I think all is

Saturday I spent time doing
some house loving and then
spent had time at the local
thrift store browsing. [I found
a belt], got the food shopping
out of the way and picked up
sandwiches to eat at home.
I've been binge watching
Nurse Jackie and knitting away
on Christmas socks, staying up
way past my bedtime, but it's
summer time right? :)

Sunday we rode inland to
visit our son and his wife,
collect firewood and play
with the marsh tacky and
the donkey's. I had a blast
learning to drive the little cart,
and while I had decided not
to bring home anything
else I had to take care of I
really think I need a donkey
or two.

Another son and his wife came
for dinner and we celebrated
the man who makes our family
whole. Now I'm off to savor
the last of this weekend with
some more knitting and a little

Joining Karen


  1. I'm binge watching Nurse Jackie too! It's sooo good! Great photos!

  2. What an absolutely wonderful weekend. Have a great week Tracey.

  3. you need that little cart to go with your donkey, don't forget!

  4. The donkeys - so adorable. That sounds like a pretty good weekend. I'm glad you're liking Nurse Jackie. I got lots of good knitting done during that show!

  5. I am so happy you are happy :) And I need a couple of donkeys too, please (those ears - sooo cute)!

  6. What a lovely weekend you had with your men. Are the donkey and horses kept for fun or are they put to work on the land? You looked like a pro handling the donkey and cart. All you need is a lacy, midi dress with a fascinator and Mary Janes.

  7. I adore the photo of you in the cart with the donkey! you look so very happy :) and pretty too! Happy father's day to your Mike!!

  8. These sort of weekends do make the heart happy! How wonderful.
    I adore you on the cart- your can literally see your heart singing.
    That sweet donkey...i'm in love!