Sunday, June 12, 2016


Everything in life is art. What you do.
How you dress. The way you love
someone and how you talk. Your 
smile and your personality. The 
way you drink your tea. How you
decorate your home or party. Your
grocery list. The food you make.
How your writing looks. And the
way you feel.

~Helena Bonham Carter

Summer is in full swing and
while I can't wait for winter
I am enjoying all the fun that
comes with the warmer temperatures.
I've been spending quite a bit of
time harvesting food and then
putting it up. I made a blackberry cobbler
for my guys [I'm doing a cleanse
so none for me].

Next up was a batch of elderberry
flower cordial and trying out a
new salad dressing. I increased
the garlic and jalapeno, but it's
a keeper.

On my walk I discovered a
my patch of chantrelle mushrooms
was back, a treat from having
two tropical storms? A nice
surprise and they are being
enjoyed mixed with eggs.

Two of my son's and a daughter
in love surprised me last night
with a trip to Goodwill [I found
new throw pillows for the den]
and dinner out. THANK YOU!

There is always time for the beach
and cloud watching, especially when
the heat index is over 100 degrees F!
With all the humidity I have given
up trying to control my hair, even the
flat iron isn't helping, so poofy it is,
at least until cooler weather.

What is going on in your world?


  1. I love the quote that begins the post, and the blackberries (and cobbler!), your beautiful kids, the beach, your knitting, and you hair--I think it looks gorgeous with its natural wave (personally, I wouldn't wear it any other way). I'm growing my short hair out to shoulder length and looking forward to seeing my waves come out again. : )

    What's going on in my world? Nothing very good. Amy (my 18 year old) just came home from the hospital (again). My brother-in-law had a heart attack this week, and my washing machine broke. I seriously asked my kids if someone broke a mirror in the past couple of years. LOL (if I didn't laugh I would be a sobbing mess).

    I love visiting with you here, Tracey. Enjoy your summer days.♥

  2. I want some! I want some! I am trying to keep my peepers open at the moment. We got back home from the city late and my body can't sleep in anymore. I did have a terrific power walk for three miles and buzzed the husband's noggin. Runnin' laundry and just chillaxin'.

  3. I'm not sure I could stick to a cleanse with that yummy cobbler in the house. You are a stronger woman than I am. I have a wicked sweet tooth. Thank goodness for walking the dog around the neighborhood. Maybe someday I'll trade the neighborhood view for one with an ocean.

  4. Look at those blackberries!!!! I live with poofy hair all summer too Tracey :) You are beautiful my friend.

    Have a wonderful start to your week.

  5. As usual - you are hot and we are chilly. Even in June it's still too cold to sit on the deck with my coffee in the morning. I gave up on my hair long ago - I'm not fighting the curls. I just put some product in so it doesn't get too frizzy and let it go. I love that picture of you!

  6. You look stunning Tracey! It sounds like all is well and your life is good. :-) We are gearing up for my sister's visit this Sunday. I'm a lucky gal, first my mom and now my sister will be here soon. So happy. :-)

  7. I am amazed at your willpower with the cobbler....and I love your hair all curly and wavy. I think we get a little crazy on how we should look and how we look to others. totally different!! I've been enjoying 'summer' and am enjoying my nice attitude. We will wait patiently for winter together :)

  8. Blackberry cobbler looks way too good!!! You have quiet a will power to say no to that!! I am happy your days are full of things you love!

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