Sunday, January 17, 2016


She loved the sea..

She liked the sharp
salty smell of the air,
and the vastness
of the horizons
bounded only by a vault
of azure sky above,

it made her feel small,
but free as well.

~ George R.R. Martin

So many ups and downs these
last few days, but then I guess
that is life right?

There has been rain, and sun,
time at home, and time spent
going to the eye doctor's, at
first just for my annual check
up and then to check for a deeper

As many of you know I have
Graves Disease, something I
was diagnosed with in my early
20's.  Along with all the issues this
disease brings, it now looks like
I have glaucoma. Sigh. I am just
thankful I have a great doctor
and we will stay on top of this.
And this next week my new glasses
will be in so that is exciting.

I have spent the last few days
knitting away, I am almost done
with the wee blanket and today
after the rain moved out My Mike
and I took a drive to the shore, my
happy place, where we walked for
hours. My favorite scene was
discovering a palmetto tree decorated
with bits of nature. Oh, and the birds,
I love watching the sea birds.

Dinner was leftover lasagna that I
made last night and in just a bit
I am going to sit down with my
knitting and watch The Martian
with my family.

I hope your weekend have been filled
with love and joy and you are ready
for a great week ahead.

Joining Karen


  1. So glad you made it to the beach- the video made my day that much brighter!!!

  2. I don't know how warm it was at the beach actually, but it sure was warmer looking than it was at my house!! Our temps peaked at 40 and started dropping in the afternoon down to the teens by night fall. It's not expected to get above 28 today. No snow for us, but I think Memphis got some last night or at least the radar looked like they would. Take care of yourself cousin! Take care of your eyes, my prayers are with you! HUGS!

  3. lovely beach photos, sigh. I am praying for your eyes and I am so very happy you have a very good eye doctor. That is the most important thing, all will be well then!!

  4. i am so so so sorry to hear about the new eye challenges you face. good important. glad you were able to spend some beach time...soothing to the soul, i know.

  5. Sending good thoughts your way. Unexpected news from doctors is never easy. *hugs*

  6. I'm glad there is a beautiful beach nearby for you to get away to after getting some eye health bad news. I'm sorry you have another health condition to deal with. For your hyperthyroidism the doctor hasn't wanted to remove your thyroid. My mum had that years ago. After the medication not working anymore they completely removed it. The lavender blanket is coming along wonderfully. I really like its stitch pattern. Is that coral growing on a the stump? How trippy. Do palmetto trees grow a fruit or anything?

  7. I am sorry to hear about your eye troubles. :-( Glad to hear you have a great doctor though. Your photos are gorgeous as always. If I lived in your area, I would be at the beach every chance I'd get, too.

  8. Wow Tracey - that sunny beach is so different from my Winter world right now. Not enough snow to actually do anything fun, but just a dusting is enough to really (finally) look like winter. I am sorry to hear about your eyes - though I am sure you will look lovely in new stylish glasses!

  9. Beautiful beach photos Tracey. Sorry to hear about your eyes, but happy you have a good doctor. Have a lovely start to your week.

  10. Ups and downs--that about sums up life, doesn't it? My favorite days are the ones in which nothing much happens (except maybe a little knitting, a nice walk, and mild conversation with family). I am so sorry about your eyes, Tracey, that really stinks. It sounds like you've got a good doctor who will stay on top of things. I will keep you in my prayers. ♥

  11. Oh sweet lady, the ups and downs sure do make life interesting :). I so enjoy seeing the beauty of the ocean in your photos ... Thank you for that. I'm sorry about this new development... Prayers are with you that you will be alright with the new glasses.

  12. Whenever I have to go to the doctor I'm so thankful to be in a country with such good doctors available to us. I may have to travel a bit to get to some of the experts, but again I'm so thankful that I can do that. I hope things with your eyes can be stabilized and improved. (I don't know much about glaucoma- it's not currently on the list of things I'm at high risk for.) Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful beach pictures. I miss the beach. Positive energy and thoughts to help you deal with everything that your body throws at you and some extra to let you do the things you want.

  13. I'm sorry about your new diagnosis, Tracey. I hope your doctor will keep your eyes healthy for a long time. I'm glad he keeps up on your testing. I loved seeing your beach photos, it looks like a beautiful day there. I hope you're having a good week so far.

  14. Oh, I love the sea, too. SO MUCH.
    I hope your doctor reassures you. Treatment early is key, I think.
    Your knitting looks lovely, as always!

  15. Love your photographs!
    As always, they are FANTASTIC ! ! !

    Thinking Positive Thoughts regarding your eye issues.
    New glasses are always fun. Just got new ones myself not too long ago.
    They make a Statement :^)


  16. I'm very sorry about your eye diagnosis. I hope by being aware of the issue you can keep your eyes healthy for a very long time. Your photos of the beach and birds are wonderful. We watched The Martian. It made me want to never go anyplace without duct tape.