Wednesday, January 13, 2016

YARN ALONG 2016 #2

"Life takes on a neat simplicity, too.
Time ceases to have any meaning.
When it's dark, you go to bed, and
when it is light again you get up,
and everything in between is just
in between. It's quite wonderful,

~ Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods

My knitting and my book
are the same as last week,
but with one minor change,
while I love the Cleardale Blanket
design I just was not enjoying
knitting it. I have discovered that
life is too short to knit or read
books that don't bring you enjoy
so I frogged the blanket and
started over, this time knitting
a very simple four row repeat:

Seed stitch the first and last seven
stitches of each row, then...

Row 1: K2tog, yo    
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: SSK, YO, repeat,
Row 4: Knit

Once I have the blanket finished
I am going to block it HARD, then
I am going to kill the acrylic to
keep the lace pattern open.

I am thoroughly enjoying the
book, A Walk in the Woods,
it is laugh out loud funny.

Joining Ginny


  1. I have A Walk in the Woods on my very long list - maybe I'll have to move it up a few notches! Lovely photos.

    1. Also, just read your comment at Pom Pom's about turning old knitting needles into bracelets. That sounds intriguing. You should post some photos of them at next week's Yarn Along - I would love to see them, as I just can't picture what they would look like.

  2. I loved that book.....and watched the movie last week. The movie was really very so-so. Sadly, Robert Redford was simply too old to make it happen. :(

  3. nothing wrong with saying an easier pattern will fit in your daily life. I agree life is too short. I have NOT read that book and feel like I must :)

  4. You are right, life is too short for knits you don't enjoy and books that are dull. Thanks for recommending that book, I've been wondering about that one.

  5. I love your purple AND your basket (I have one just like it!) Enjoy the woods. The woods are so good.

  6. Starting over when your not happy sounds great! I have no idea what "killing" the acrylic is but it sounds very interesting!

  7. You are so right - life is too short to do things we really don't like. I'm glad you came to terms with a new pattern, which I think is going to look spectacular!

  8. That quote makes me want to read that book...adding it to my list :) Hope you are having a lovely week Tracey.

  9. Oh I've had that book on my list for YEARS!

  10. I wish I was a reader! But maybe I will read that one since I really wanted to go see the movie and didn't get to when it was in the theatres. There are just some things you want to see on the big screen :) I'm working on the red yarn baby hats for donation. I got some yarn yesterday and started on it last night after we got through celebrating Mikaela's birthday :)

  11. I just accomplished the "something new" to learn today - killing acrylic! Glad you switched to knitting something that will make you happy. That's my theory too, since knitting is one of those few things I do JUST because I want to. ( for those wondering!)

  12. I'm sorry you had to start over, friend, but you are so right, why waste time knitting something you dislike? You capture some interesting pictures. What tree is that? I like how the fluffly, willowly things are hanging off of it.

    1. Hi Stepanie,
      This is an oak tree,the oldest one on my land. The fluffy things are Spanish moss.

  13. Love the quote and the idea of adding a quote of what we are reading to the posts. Will be doing that in the future. I completely agree with starting the blanket over! Thanks for the pictures of the trees, lovely!

  14. Good for you for doing what makes you happy. I've found that if I'm not digging a knitting project within the first day of knitting, I should probably just scratch it.

  15. Love the quote. :)
    Sorry about the frogging, but looks like you've found a good groove now which is good!
    A friend's son recently finished the Pacific Crest Trail and brought home a few hikers he met along the way. An interesting group these guys are! So many stories to tell, and we've enjoyed listening.

  16. Sounds like you have a great plan for your blanket. Can't wait to see it finished. And yes! Why read or knit something that you are not enjoying??!??

  17. Hi there, Happy New Year...sorry I'm a bit late! I've just been having a good catch up. As usual everything looks lovely in your world. We've got lots of budding and blossoming too,it's been so mild. But now there's frost and even snow forecast for tomorrow...I hope so...I can't wait to pick up my knitting needles again...hopefully this weekend.
    Have a good rest of the weekend.

  18. You are so right to frog the project when it's not enjoyable, sometimes it's so hard to do! I absolutely adore the photos of the woods - the trees look magical and mysterious!

  19. You are so right to start over on your blanket. Life is to short to work on something you are not enjoying. Glad the book is a good read. I haven't read it. I'll add it to the list.

  20. You are spot on, Tracey! Life is too short to knit on something you are not enjoying. Good for you!
    I always love it when you take us for a walk. Your beautiful pictures make it feel like I am there. Wish I was. :) xo