Sunday, November 1, 2015


You can tell who the strong
women are. They are the
ones you see building one
another up instead of tearing
each other down.

~ Pinterest

I flipped the calendar today,
November 1, although here
it's not very fallish. Our
temperature reached 81F
today and as I sit here typing
the rain is pounding on my
roof once again; I am ready
to stick a For Sale sign on
my land and move!

I finished the fingerless gloves
I have been working on, I
blocked them and had them
outside in the fresh air drying
only to discover that a dog thought
they were for her and chewed a
hole. After I calmed down I
saw that all was not lost, I cut
the damaged and dirty section
off and when it finishes drying
I will reknit the bottom part.
I was so touched by all the
virtual hugs and warm thoughts
sent my way when I posted the
photo on Instagram, thank you

I picked the mail up on Saturday
and found another package containing
socks for the homeless, along with
the most wonderful smelling soap.
There is still time to donate a pair
of socks if you forgot.

I was able to see photos of my grands
celebrating Halloween. Emerson is
Little Red Riding Hood and my daughter
Erin is the Grandmother [with her hair
sprayed grey she looks like me!].
Porter is the cutest little monkey, just
look at how he is holding his arm, hysterical!

I babysat a grand dog, Elsie while my son Peter
and his wife Shaylin celebrated their first wedding
anniversary. I can't believe it's been a year.

I hope you enjoyed a fun Halloween weekend
and are enjoying the 'extra' hour we had today.

Much love,

Joining Karen


  1. Hello there sweet Tracey :0) you sure do have a beautiful family dear lady... and what joy to visit once again... have a wonderful week! mari

  2. Oh boy, your dog is funny. I'm so sorry. I totally forgot about the socks. I need to put them in plain sight for me to remember to send them off this week. Love Emerson's costume. My baby was Little Red last year.

  3. Wow, Erin does look like you Tracey :) Love Emerson's costume, and Porter looks adorable. So sorry about your fingerless mitt, but glad all was not lost.

    My parents were certainly happy to see 80 degrees when they arrived down there today :)

    Have a wonderful week Tracey.

  4. That cobweb looks amazing. Are they real or halloween decoration? How lovely everyone looks. I hope the weather changes for you. It's still misty and mild here. Ahmad went outside last night and said it was like one of those old 1940's black and white murder movies set in London fog...
    Shame about the hole...naughty dog. Glad you've managed to sort them out..oh and you are instagram...I have got to get my self organised so I can join in too.
    Have a super rest of the week,

  5. Your daughter is beautiful...even with gray hair...she does look like her beautiful mama. Glad you were able to save the knitting project!

  6. Your daughter is beautiful...even with gray hair...she does look like her beautiful mama. Glad you were able to save the knitting project!

  7. Your daughter does look so much like you, as does Emerson! You have a beautiful family Tracey! I'm glad you were able to save the fingerless gloves, I would have been very upset too If that had happened to me.

  8. oh!! you've just increased your repair skills!!!! (this skill has come in handy for me more times than I care to think about.) Love all your trick or treat photos....Erin and Emerson look sooooo much like you!!!!! :) Hoping your week dries out quickly.

  9. Ha! i thought that was you with Emerson!
    your grandson is such a cutie!
    and sorry about the mitt, but glad it was an easy fit.
    have a great week!

  10. The quote at the top of your post is one of my favorites. : ) Your grandchildren are so adorable!! We've had very little rain here in New York since the beginning of the summer. The remnants of Hurricane Patricia came thru last week and it was definitely welcomed. Have a beautiful week ahead!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  11. It is amazing how our attitude to climate changes, when we become knitters. I always loved sun and heat, but my needles turned me the other way - I can truly enjoy right now crisp cold air and gloomy sky!

  12. I thought that was you with Emerson :-). Good save on the mitt!

  13. I totally thought it was you! And thought you flew to Germany without mentioning it to anyone!

  14. Oh Tracey - that is too bad about your gloves. You must have been furious! I probably say once a day, "These pets drive me bonkers!" However, mine aren't into chewing my knitting projects - just my daughter's toys.

  15. Oh, that naughty dog--I have one just like that. I have to be so careful not to leave my knitting where Presley can reach it. I'm glad that you will be able to repair the damage (can't wait to see them all finished!). Your daughter looks so much like you, and Emerson does, too. Happy Anniversary wishes to your son and daughter-in-love.

    I hope the rain stops soon.♥

  16. I love the quote at the beginning of your post. I only wish I knew more people who believed the same thing. I'm sorry about your gloves, what a naughty dog. Mine destroyed things all the time too and I never thought I'd miss him as much as I do now that he's gone, but I really do. I'm glad your family had a good Halloween. Your daughter looks just like you, and it's not just the gray hair. :)

  17. I love the picture of Emerson and your look-a-like daughter (she sure is a carbon copy of you !!!) Your dog looks like mine... except mine doesn't have an appetite for knitting (thank goodness). Have a good week

  18. i've been keeping up with you on fb and instagram as you'd know, but it's nice to be dong the blog rounds again. such a homely feel.
    glad you sorted those gloves out. cheeky dog!

  19. At first I thought Emerson was wearing your knitted hood, but then realized it was too long...hope we get to see a pic of her modeling for you soon. Being a grandmama is truly the joy of my life! Thanks so much for the kind words on my post, Tracey. It's obvious you feel the same way! :)

  20. I thought the same about your daughter, and E's costume is adorable!! I love Porter's as well, he is a cutie. I am so happy that Frodo does not nibble my knits I would just cry and cry :) However, Steph's Freddy loves to chew her needles and patterns so at least someone else in the world knows the grief!! Here's to an awesome week ahead. Happy anniversary to your newlyweds!!!

  21. Looking forward to seeing your saved mitt. :) Hope the sun comes out for you soon.

  22. Sorry to hear about all the rain you are having, as I know it can be disheartening. Hang in there love.
    Your daughter and E's costumes are fantastic.
    Sending you much love!