Sunday, November 8, 2015


"Some say I'm too sensitive,
but truth is I just feel too much.
Every word, every action, and
every energy goes straight to
my heart." 


How is everything in your world?
Here life is good, although I am
having trouble keeping up with
the days, they seem to fly by and
before I know it another one has

This past week has mostly
been rainy and very warm.
Yesterday it was in the 80's
and I was very tempted to turn
on the a/c and now today it is
only 57F and raining again.

I have been embracing all things
woolie. I knit another hoodie cowl,
tried my hand at woolie tattooing
a pair of fingerless gloves and one
night when I couldn't sleep I knit
a hat and topped it with a giant

UPS stopped by and delivered
a package, beautiful socks to
for the homeless and the prettiest
yarn for me, Thank You Donna
for such an unexpected surprise.

I had book club the other day and
when I was walking up the drive
I discovered a purple mushroom.
Purple! I have never seen a purple
mushroom before and yesterday
when I checked on it I discovered
it was all grown up.

I had a little sleep over with the
always sweet Porter. He has
discovered his toes and loves
being read to,Brown Bear, Brown Bear,
What do you see? seem to be a big

Now it's quiet. I have a pot of
15-bean soup on the stove,
a huge salad to eat,  later my
Alex and I are going to watch
this, and of course there will
more knitting.

Joining up with Karen


  1. Your needles have been very productive! Great looking projects! Love the German socks you got from Donna!

  2. Lovely pictures as always, Tracey, and Porter is so sweet. James and I are watching Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves xx

  3. That quote is me too. Your bean soup sounds interesting. I didn't know there were that many varieties of bean. You and your son will like that movie; I haven't seen it and my girls found it scary but adults loved it I heard. The knits are sopt on. The cowl hood looks cozy and warm and the beanie too. Porter is darling. I remember that stage where toes had to go into the mouth.

  4. Wow so many finished projects, all of them beautiful. How wonderful to spend time with Porter, he is adorable. Love the quote, it is me too :)

    Have a lovely start to your week my friend. xo

  5. I coveted your stork scissors, and ordered a pair for myself from Amazon ... couldnt wait for Christmas! 😁 Your soup sounds delicious!

  6. Yay for sleepovers with the little guy. I love babies when they discover their toes. :)

  7. Yay for sleepovers with the little guy. I love babies when they discover their toes. :)

  8. How fun, Tracey! As you know, I just had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my two darling much fun!! :) Glad you finally got some chilly weather, my friend!

  9. what a great week you've had!! Love the tattooed mitts...and that cowl!! How cozy! Now, we just need some snow flurries, right?

  10. I love the fingerless mitts. The are gorgeous! I should try that, but I'm not sure if sewing on anything would be easy for me! Were you able to wear woolens on your 57 degree day?

  11. yay to a Porter sleep over!!! Love the way your week was and that cowl/hood is so very cute.

  12. that purple mushroom is gorgeous !!! Have you been able to identify it yet? You have been busy...your knits are beautiful and inspiring. Have a great week Tracey

  13. You sure pack a lot into your days Tracey! We only get one life, so best make the most of it!

  14. Your so welcome for the socks and yarn :-) I love how spend quality time with your grandbabies. What great memories they will have of their Omma! Have a great week Tracey.

  15. Your photos are so wonderful, Tracy. I love them all, but the third one utterly captivates me. I've never seen a purple mushroom before either--that's pretty cool. Your mitts came out sooooo lovely. What a great idea to "tattoo" them; I love the motif. Your hood and hat are lovely, too, as are the colorful striped socks Donna sent for your project. Porter is just getting sweeter and sweeter, if that's possible. My kids and I watched that movie not so long ago.

  16. Wow! You are knitting away! So many wonderful projects!

  17. Looks like a great weekend! I've enjoyed seeing your knitting photos in my IG stream :)