Tuesday, September 15, 2015


"You will never be able to 
  escape your heart. So it's
  better to listen to what it
  has to say."

~ Paul Coelho

A rainy day this past Saturday
and I knit a pretty hat. Today
I added a big, furry pompom
because I thought it would be

I knit a mitten to go with
my hat, and a now working
on it's partner.

I am knitting some socks,
simple socks in pretty fall
colors in some favorite yarn.

My bedtime reading is still
Tattoos on the Heart, an
amazingly touching book
and one that makes me want
to give back even more.

My lunchtime book is
The House I Grew Up In
 a book I've just started,
but so far am enjoying.

The Sock Donation's for
the homeless are starting
to come in making my
heart swell with happiness
each time I pick up the mail.
Thank you!

Joining Ginny


  1. Such a cute hat- I saw it on Pinterest and loved the pattern- so clever and with the furry Pom Pom. You have a BIG HEART Tracey and that is what I love about you!

  2. love the sock yarn you are using! so lovely!
    and the book sounds good. <3

  3. The furry pompom is perfect for the hat and the mittens look great! I ADORE the yarn you are using for the socks, the orange adds such a pretty pop of color. I've knit the socks for you and will try and get them in the mail this week. When I went to get the yarn, JoAnn's was almost out of sock yarn. :-( I had wanted something more neutral and maybe a darker color, but they had absolutely nothing on the shelves.

  4. love the pompom and it makes the hat!! my friend in real life loves pompoms and fringe which makes me smile! love your love of the needles, they look like they might make you knit a bit faster, right?

    happy knitting :)

  5. beautiful knits, wonderful words - as always, Tracey : ) XO

  6. Gorgeous hat and mittens, and I love the orange on the socks. So wonderful that the socks are arriving - what an amazing gift you are giving. I have both your books on my list.

  7. Beautiful knits Tracey!!! I have a pair of socks here to send to you, it's not too late is it? I'm going to email you right now! :-)

  8. very lovely knits! perfect for wintertime!

  9. I love the little pom pom :) Beautiful knits! Wishing you a lovely rest of week :)

  10. I love to see how you turn the yarn into such beautiful things. That pom pom on your hat is adorable and your fall socks are amazing!! Love the colors in them.
    How cool that you have a bedtime book and a lunchtime book.

  11. that pompom hat is so adorable!!! I have put a hold in the library for tattoos. Have a lovely day Tracey!!

  12. The pompom just makes that hat! So darling.

  13. So much yarn goodness in one post!!!

  14. Love your mitten with the stripe, it's perfect.

  15. Even if it doesn't feel like Fall you are making it so with all that cool weather knitting!

  16. i think you're grey hat with a furry pompom is super cute! The pompom was just the touch!

  17. Your knitting is gorgeous. I love the pompom, it's a perfect touch. I have been meaning to read The House We Grew Up In. Thank you for the reminder. I shall look for it next time I'm at the library. I hope you're having a good week.

  18. Love the stripe at the top of the mitten! Nice addition! and those colors are mine - so I like it doubly well!! I have The House We Grew Up in on my list....

    Linda in VA

  19. Ooh pretty hat and mittens, I fancy one of those fluffy pompoms! :)

  20. I love all of your projects and am especially glad you are getting a lot of socks for the homeless coming your way. That book Tattoos on the Heart is certainly one I want to read. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I love the hat and mitt. And that sock yarn is gorgeous. Happy knitting!

  22. Such skinny needles - aahh! Love those mittens Tracey - nice and simple, but such a pretty warm gray color. The pom pom hat is a hoot!

  23. I love, love that furry pom pom! Did you order that from somewhere or buy it from a craft store? Yay on socks coming in for donation. I'm still on the first but almost done.