Sunday, September 13, 2015


Life is a series
of thousands of
tiny miracles.
Notice them.

~ Fight for Life

How was your weekend? Mine was
quite peaceful.

Besides the normal chores of
home loving, making sure the
pantry is full, and preparing
meals, I was able to walk and
enjoy my world, and what a
beautiful world it is. After
the rain moved on it took
with it the heat and humidity
making me realize fall really
isn't too far off.

I knit a hat and cast on a matching
pair of mittens while the rain
fell and I watched old movies.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
To Kill a Mockingbird

I had a grand dog here for the
weekend, such a happy dog too.

I received a photo of Emerson
wearing her Olie knit hat that
I sent.

I saw a photo of Porter with
a wonderful sparkle in his eye.

Today is Grandparent's Day and
I am thrilled to be part of that group.

Happy week my friends!

Joining Karen


  1. Yea for old movies and darling grandchildren! BTW socks are on the way to you - will reach you about Wednesday! Thanks for letting your blogging friends help out with this great project!

  2. AWwwww sounds like the perfect weekend! Thanks for sharing! I enjoy seeing pictures of the Grands!

  3. what great pix of your grandbabies. <3 sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  4. Cute children!
    I like the handsome granddog, too!
    It sounds like you had a VERY peaceful weekend! Bliss!

  5. I like how you refer to home keeping as "home loving". It has such a nice ring to it! Your grand babies are so cute! The hat you made for Emerson and the gray hat are awesome!

  6. The grandbabies look adorable - as always! I love rainy days when I can sit and watch movies. That's one thing I am looking forward to this winter - an excuse to sit inside and watch TV when it's too cold to be outside! Psycho is one of my favorites as well.

  7. happy grandparents day grandma!!! your weekend sounds so serenely lovely...

  8. Happy Grandparents' Day, Tracey! It looks like you had a lovely weekend. I enjoyed seeing Emerson and Porter in this post, such sweeties. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  9. Happy Grandparents day! Miss C spent the day with her papa!

  10. Great photo of that little frog Tracey. Peaceful weekends are just as good as the exciting ones.

  11. I am glad you had a peaceful weekend Tracey, those are the best. Beautiful photos of Emerson and Porter, such cuties. Have a lovely week.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. The pics of your grandchildren are adorable.

  13. Oh your grands are grand :) I love P's smile there! Looks like E loves her hat and I bet she is counting the days to see you. Love that you snapped that frog :)

  14. What a lovely weekend you had! I love the picture of the spider web - it looks so fragile!

  15. Love the froggy pictures- and your grandchildren are so beautiful- your heart must be full :)

  16. I love the sparkle in Emerson's and Porter's eyes.