Thursday, September 17, 2015


A good life is when
you assume nothing,
do more, need less,
smile often, dream big,
laugh a lot, and realize
how blessed you are.

The weather has been amazing
here, so much so that on my
morning walks I have needed
to wear long sleeves, and while
I know it won't last I am loving

A good friend came for a visit
and brought over the prettiest
pot of mums that I tried to
photograph, but  Flat Kevin kept
photo bombing my pictures.

Because of the cooler temperatures
I spent a lot of time this week in
the kitchen puttering around.
Cheesy grits, leftover oatmeal-
chocolate chip muffins[ well, these
were for Alex, I don't eat chocolate
chips, I just don't like the taste],chai tea,
vegetable fried rice. Heavier dishes
than I normally eat, but my body
seems to be craving them and I try to
listen to what my body needs,
when I do I feel better.

The pears are ripe and I am happy
to say the squirrels left me quite
a few. I have plans to put a few
jars away for a cold winter's day.

I pulled out the never ending blanket
and maybe this year will be the year
I finally cast off.

I was able to spend some time with three
of my guys which doesn't happen often
since they all work so much. They
always bring a smile to my face and
make laugh, just wish the rest of my
family could have been here too.

I talked with my daughter, and Emerson
on the phone. They are loving Germany
and are very happy so that makes my
mama [Olie] heart happy.

I don't have any plans for the weekend,
I will just have to wait to see what
the world brings.

Enjoy your days my friends!

Much love,


  1. Lovely flowers. Sounds like a perfect day to me - weekends with no plans, just pottering, are my favourite ones! Enjoy!

  2. You've had a week full of happy my friend :) We have the same wait and see plans for the weekend...I love those kind of weekends. Enjoy it Tracey. xo

  3. Oh, no chocolate chips for you Tracey? We actually don't use chocolate chips that much - we buy the Ghiardelli real chocolate chunks. Your knitting looks beautiful.

  4. Tracey your food always looks sooo good! I would be very happy in your kitchen. :-) Our plans for the weekend include the annual trail of tears motorcycle ride tomorrow. Our youngest is going away for the weekend, our oldest has plans with friends, so hubby and I get to enjoy a day together. Sunday morning we're going walking and the rest of the day will be wait and see... Have a great weekend!

  5. sounds so wonderful. and the food, oh my goodness, it looks so yummy. it has cooled here a bit. not enough for long sleeves, but enough that you actually want to go outside and stay outside. lol have a great weekend!

  6. I know this feeling when the cooler weather makes you happy :) My heart definitely warmed up to cooler temperatures when knitting came into my life! Have a great weekend!

  7. I love how Emerson calls you Olie. Is that another word for grandmother or was it derived from some kind of inspiration? My girls call my mum Bella and my dad Big Pop or Pop. The tween used to call him Pop Pop when she was small. I need to stock up on some long sleeves. It's so cold in the morning but I still run in a tank top which I need a few more. Is that a mums in the first pic? It looks like a youngin' that preened when you took a photo of it. I have yet to try grits. Is it like soupy coarse cornbread?

  8. It looks like you've had a very nice week. Your food all looks delcious and how nice to spend some time with three of your guys! I'm really happy for you. I can feel your happiness here too. I have similar yellow mums and now they will remind me of you. I hope you have a good weekend, Tracey.

  9. Don't you LOVE pears? They are very fall-ish.
    I sent socks today! They should be there Monday. They are so soft and cute. I hope someone in need feels loved when they receive them.

  10. Kevin made me smile!!! You are such a good cook...all your pictures are making me drool and want to cook. I just read my emails- I'm so glad the envelope made it to you!! xoxo

  11. Good life for sure. Despite flat Kevin's intentions to ruin your photos, the mums look beautiful. :)
    All the grub is making me drool. Especially the grits! It has been forever since I have had some and now you reminded me that I need to make some.
    Yay for time spent with your guys!

  12. how this post slipped by me I cannot explain but I'm glad you had flowers delivered to you by a dear friend and I agree completely that life is good :)