Thursday, April 16, 2015


"I do believe in an everyday
sort of magic;
the inexplicable connectedness
we sometimes experience with
places, people, works of art
and the like; the eerie appropriateness
of moments of synchronicity;
the whispered voice,
the hidden presence,
when we think we're alone."

~ Charles de Lint


It has been a happy week,
nothing out of the ordinary,
no major events or happenings,
just everyday living and connecting
with my world.

I've done lessons, both his and mine.
Smelled woolie yarn fumes as I've
knit probably more than I should.
Can there be such a thing?
Connected with friends, old and new.
Eaten very 'clean', only raw vegetables,
protein smoothies mixed with almond
milk and my morning cup of Bulletproof
Broke and turned on the A/C to sleep
one night only to pull a quilt on the bed
the following night when the temperature
drop over twenty degrees.
Smelled the sea air and watched birds
dance as waves crashed on shore.

Now to see what the weekend holds.
Have a great one my friends.



  1. a beach i'm counting the days!!!! :) have a lovely weekend, friend!

  2. You surely are having a wonderful time with your new camera :-D Enjoy your weekend sweet lady ;0) mari

  3. A lovely description of your week. I was wondering where you might be headed with that rusted out spot. Wow... photo #3 is incredible. You have such a good eye for these things.
    Are you getting as excited as I am for Monday?

  4. Your photos are so pretty and serene. It has been a crazy hectic week here and the weekend will not be much better. A three day class for our oldest and me, a laundry room tiling project that started out small and now looks much bigger. A leaking water heater - need I say more... :-( Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  5. Oh to smell the sea are blessed my friend. Your pictures are gorgeous as always. xo

  6. Have a wonderful weekend Tracey.

  7. these ordinary days are the best. Love that you turned the ac on only to have to turn it off once again. spring is so fickle. I wish I could inhale some sea air!!

  8. can't ask for a better week than that !!! love your photos...I would love to get my toes in that sand!!! We just discovered the Homeland there will be some marathon watching in the weekend forecast for me.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful week and the makings of an even more wonderful weekend!

  10. We'll be at the Oregon coast in mid-May, and seeing your pics makes me want to go now. :)

  11. ...sounds perfect...I love the peephole photos...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  12. Good for you for eating well - not so much myself here. Hoping the kombucha offsets the espresso shortbread cookies!

  13. Adore the shots through the peephole.....have a great weekend!

  14. Lovely photos. Ordinary life is the very best.

  15. Beautiful pictures of the sea! Happy moments are always worth treasuring. :)

  16. What a neat view to look through that rusty hole. Have a lovely weekend. Mine is starting off well.

  17. You always inspire me to connect more. More with nature, my craft, and life in general. Glad to hear that you had such a lovely week. Adore the peek through the rusty wall!

  18. Your pictures are breath taking Tracey!